The Phantom Pain will have a different interface than Ground Zeroes

While the structure of the game will be the same (with The Phantom Pain being much larger in scale), The Phantom Pain will have a different user interface than Ground Zeroes. This was revealed by Kojima in an summarized interview with Famitsu, translated by Siliconera.


This difference in interface probably has to do with the fact that Ground Zeroes is a prologue, so there are some limitations in place in order to let the player get used to the new open world nature of the game. As said before this open world will be very large once the player steps into the Phantom Pain part of the game.

Kojima once again did not want to specify a release date for the game, in stead he said that we’ll have to wait ‘just a little longer’.

Source: Siliconera

  • NegaScott128

    Interesting… This’ll probably be explained as the iDroid getting updated over the 9 years Boss has been in a coma. I believe it was on 1.something as of the TGS demos…

  • Markos

    Different interfaces = Different games..

    • Markos

      I mean, separate games!!

  • Hirouakan

    Probably he means the menu layout and the HUD. Pay atention on the ground zeroes weapon roulette, theres a Militaries san frontieres logo on each square. I doubt it’ll be in Phantom Pain since motherbase was distroyed.

    • Nyxus

      Good point. Kojima also said the weapons will be consistent with the time period. So maybe TPP and GZ will have (slightly) different weapons as well.

  • wtf is going on?
    is Phantom Pain the same game as Ground Zeroes or a completely different game?
    why the hell are they called MGS5 if it’s a different game?

    bloody Quiet, go train and become a real soldier!>:/

    • Nyxus

      GZ is the prologue leading up to TPP. Both together make up MGSV. How they will be distributed hasn’t been announced yet.

  • Ricardo Oe

    I think we have nothing for this year.
    Too slowly…
    Whata !!!

  • PrinceHeir


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