Ground Zeroes will make clear why revenge is the main theme in MGSV

In an interview with Famitsu, Kojima explained why he feels the Ground Zeroes prologue for Metal Gear Solid V is needed.

According to Kojima, the prologue serves two goals: laying down the foundation for Snake’s story in this game as well as the overall theme of revenge, and getting the player used to the open world structure.

“GZ takes place in 1975, a year after Peace Walker, and the main game takes place in 1984, nine years later. Something bad happens at the end of GZ, and then you continue into the main game.

Unless you play GZ, you won’t understand why retaliation is one of MGS5’s main themes. It really is the ‘ground zero’ of Snake’s story.”


Kojima also mentioned some of the limitations put in place in the prologue.

“We’ll limit the amount available to you at first and set a static time and weather pattern. So you’ll get to play this open-world, highly free MGS in those conditions.”

So, time won’t pass and the weather won’t change dynamically in Ground Zeroes, as opposed to The Phantom Pain.

Source: Polygon

  • William of Orange

    The theme and the story of mgs 5 looks really promising. Having pure hate for one to an other and being ready to use al sorts of methods and resources to destroy your nemesis (thus becoming a war criminal and a “demon” ) sounds awsome. But I think this means that metal gear 1 and 2 for the msx(2) will become non-canon. Because a plot twist like big boss being the leader of outer heaven but also snake’s commanding officer, would sound stupid.

    • Nyxus

      I’m not too sure about that. Outer Heaven is an important part of the saga, I doubt they would retcon it just like that. Also, it’s still years after the events of MGSV, so Big Boss could have changed (he’s also very different in MGS4).

      Besides, we haven’t seen yet how he acts in MGSV, he could be more calm and collected than we might assume. From the trailer it seems to me like Kaz is the one who is filled with rage and Big Boss is more bitter (which is consistent with his statement that ever since he killed The Boss he ‘was already dead’).

      • William of Orange

        My thoughts about kaz being the one who is really pissed off at cipher and big boss just follows allong were exactly the same. But BB didn’t sound bitter in pw or po. Let we just say that the boss’s death didn’t had the same direct impact on big boss, than it would have on solid snake when he faces big boss for the last time in mg 2. Because snake immediately retires(again) and start a new life in Alaska.

        • Nyxus

          Actually I would say Big Boss did sound bitter in Peace Walker.

          “She betrayed me, Kaz. In the end, she put down her gun. And when she did… she rejected her entire life up to that point… including me.”

          But yeah, it’s something that changed his life and lead to different choices he made, such as abandoning America, creating The Patriots and eventually Outer Heaven,

          • William of Orange

            I don’t want to call big boss a blinded fool or the ending narration where Eva tells snake in mgs 3 she did this, because that was the mission she was given, wasn’t told to him. And big boss recieves a package from eva in pw. She tells him about the boss entire struggle to obtain the philosophers legacy. So he would know that the boss did it for her country.she would have “putted down her gun” if she would be “disloyal” and wouldn’t take a part in the snake eater operation.

          • Nyxus

            I think Big Boss knows why she did it, but he doesn’t accept it (not until MGS4 at least). She chose to follow her orders no matter what, she chose the mission and sacrificed everything else for it, including her comrades (The Cobras) and including Big Boss.

          • William of Orange

            Never saw it like that before, so thanks. That “fake” ending in pw really frustrated me. But that doesn’t explain why kaz would assist solid snake to destroy outer heaven in mg 2. So that would be another reason that kojima should do a remake of the original mg series

          • William of Orange

            Come to think of it. According to big boss in mgs4, the boss’s true vision about the world was that we should respect each other differences, and to “let the world be as it already was”.
            (i could be wrong. I haven’t played the game for half a year, and I don’t own a ps3)

          • Nyxus

            Yes, he finally understands ‘it’s not about changing the world, it’s about keeping the world the way it is’. The Boss believed that because politics change with the time, soldiers can only believe in the mission and in a way play along with the chess game of world politics. That’s why she was so focused on loyalty and on completing the missions she was given.

          • Nyxus

            Yeah, I’m guessing in this game Big Boss and Kaz will have a fall out of some sorts (similar to Zero and Big Boss), and he sides with Solid Snake (and as such, with Zero) during the events of Outer Heaven.

          • William of Orange

            In the mgs v e3 trailer, there is a small segment that shows big boss (heavily scarred, because of the destruction of msf) and presumably kaz with a beret. By the looks of his facial expression, big boss seems to be bothered by the person and walks away. This could be a cutscene were they start to disagree with each other and slowly, their friendship starts to fall apart

          • Nyxus
          • William of Orange

            If you choose this image,you would be right

          • William of Orange

            Lol, my phone didn’t show your picture until I refreshed the internet page

          • Nyxus

            Well, that’s exactly the image I chose, as you can see. 😉

          • William of Orange

            But about this other article you recently published. Does it mean we will be playing mgs v entirely as big boss ? I mean, you can recruit scouts to plan your operations from all sorts of angles. But does this mean you can’t play as a Daimond Dogs soldier?

          • Nyxus

            I don’t expect it, but who knows.

          • William of Orange

            I played pw for the majority with snake, but playing as a OP msf soldier was nice. It’s just that games like splinter cell and probably mgs stars a main character being both the leader of a organisation and the main field operator. It would be a welcome change by for example, exploring Afghanistan as a Daimond Dog Soldier or as ocelot. (probably won’t happen,but still)

  • Ilja Y.

    Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain will be distributed as one game, right?

    • William of Orange

      Still not confirmed, sadly

  • flying_fox

    “Unless you play GZ (…)”.

    OK, that’s it, GZ and TPP will be 2 separate games.

    Why else would Kojima give us this kind of salesman speech, basically saying that GZ is optional, but essential? You know, the same thing you hear when the car seller offers you additional options. “It’s optional, sure. But hey, it’s absolutely essential in order to enjoy the full experience.”

    If GZ was included on TPP’s disc, why on earth would Kojima make it “skippable”, since it’s so essential to the rest of the story?

    I know MGS2’s Tanker can be skipped but it’s not the same thing. It was meant to be skipped by inexperienced players.

    Here, Kojima definitely wants us to play that prologue, but implies that there’s a possibility to miss it, to choose not to play it. Or more exactly, not to buy it.

    • William of Orange

      You might be right, but the possibility that it would be on one disc (or two, idk) is because of the mgs 2 argument you gave in your comment

  • William of Orange

    I exactly think you can play as quiet in gz, since she will be the main heroine (read: not the main protagonist). And gz is more “linear” than tpp. The beginning of the e3 trailler also shows us quiet being tortured with stun rods on her throat, inside a facility.The last assumption might be too far fetched, since this looks like something Ocelot would order.
    And she might be a teenager in 1975. (too young)

  • Anonymoose

    the more i hear the less im excited

  • PrinceHeir

    definitely interested to see how this plays out ^^

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