Beautiful new MGSV screens show photorealism

Four new Metal Gear Solid V screens have been released, showing the photorealism of the graphics.

MGSV Phantom Pain Screen

MGSV Phantom Pain Screen 2

MGSV Phantom Pain Screen 3


Source: 4Gamer

  • flying_fox

    Yes but Kojima just tweeted that once you put a character in this photo-realistic environment, the realism seems to disappear. I think he’s too hard with himself. 🙂 Always the perfectionist.

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, I made a post about that. And I fully agree with the perfectionist part. Oh well, better than being lazy, better for us at least. 😉

  • Ilja Y.

    damn, propably i will end up buying a playstation 4 only for MGSV, like I bought a PS3 just for MGS4.

  • PrinceHeir

    great stuff 😀

  • MrVux007

    so can someone clarify is this current ten or next ten …..? or kojima didn’t mention anything about that yet?

    • Nyxus

      I’m not sure because the source is in Japanese, but I don’t think they said anything about that.

  • Jack Slater

    If I could, I would ask only one question to Mr. Kojima.
    I hope if he reads it, he will be correct and will make a announcement, one day.

    ‘Mr. Kojima, a few months ago, you stated there were almost no differences between the ps4 and xbox one, both having the same power, and would deliver the same graphics that time, specs were rumours, speculations, about which one is the most powerful. I tried to believe in what you said, and thought both versions would look 99% the same.

    Now, a mere 2 weeks before the ps4 is out, no more time to rumours.we know the specs, we know the truth. And the truth isn’t something virtual, but rather visible.

    On paper, the ps4 had at least 50% more power, much easier to code on, and I’m sure the final amd drivers, that should be released these next months, should allow devs to access the hardware the way it was designed for. Devs will finally be able to access 20-40-80% of all the features and architecture on the ps4, better access the memory, better dispatching commands, calculations, distributing jobs more efficiently between the gpu, CPU, the pool of ram, etc, like designed by Marc Cerny.
    That was on paper. But know, we know it’s not just fanboyism or wind, we actually see the power differences on the games themselves.
    A call of duty ghosts on ps4 is displaying 225% more pixels than the xbox one version. And when we see pictures of both games side by side, not only the resolution is different, but also we see many new and better textures, clouds,shadows,etc, on the ps4, that are absent on the xbox one. Worse, when we zoom in, the xbox one graphics, like a power cable or electricity pylon , has lots of aliasing.

    Why I say this? Because there’s clearly, undoubtedly, much more power available on the ps4 than on the Xbox one.
    Mr. Kojima, we know you are a perfectionist, and we know next metal great on next gen will be and look amazing. The light engine is absolutely fantastic.
    I wish you could answer to this.

    Will you use the evident extra power on the ps4, so that version has better and crispier textures, a better anti aliasing processing, better shadows, higher polygon count on characters and buildings and NPCs, etc etc, since you have much more power at your disposal , or will you just look for parity, in order to not offend anybody , manufacturer, publisher,etc, and you will make it so both versions look exactly the same, instead of using the extra power on the ps4, as seen as call of duty ghosts game, where the ps4 is using 225% more power than the xbox one version?

    Will you optimize and max out each system,without looking for parity on graphics, resolution, framerate, even if that means that a version may look 2 times better than the other version?

    I loved mgs4, and will buy next mgs game day one. But now that I,we all, know the ps4 is much more powerful, and can display much better looking games at a higher resolution, there is simply no excuse for you, Mr. kojima, to not use that extra power, and not make your game look much better on one system than the other one.

    Please, do it for the game and gamers. Make your game to please buyers and fans, instead of making it for pleasing this or that company, just because they had powerful argum$nts to ask you for parity on graphics.

    Hope you will read this, and reply, somewhere, one day. Thanks.’

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