New Metal Gear Solid V artworks appear in Japanese magazine

The Japanese magazine MdN Design & Graphic has published an article about Yoji Shinkawa and his character design. Some artworks from Metal Gear Solid V are shown, old ones but also some that had not been published yet.



The close up of Big Boss smoking a cigar on the left page is new, as well as the artworks on the far right side of the other page.

Source: Kojima Productions Japanese Twitter, MdN, via

  • PrinceHeir

    freaking badass 😀

    Big Boss is really showing his age. in fact he looks older here compared to MGS4 for some reason 😛

    • Nyxus

      He looks certainly more messed up. ‘Punished’.

    • Rozuken

      it might be because the big boss in mgs4 was made using skin tissues from liquid and solidus

      • Nyxus

        Yeah, kind of like an extreme face lift.

  • Cartmangus

    I hope they release a ton of more artwork from Mr Shinkawa, that man is a god

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, I hope they release another book with his work like they did for previous games.

      • Cartmangus

        Yeah, and I don’t know if it’s just me but it felt like leading up to release with MGS4 we saw way less artwork from Shinkawa than we did from past games, I hope that isn’t the case here

        • Nyxus

          Not sure about that. But most concept art is just created for development purposes (some also for promotional purposes though). But at least MGS4 got a nice art book with a lot of Shinkawa art in it.

  • Golgari

    I need a higher resolution of this masterpiece or you know…


    I hope that we will see a box version of MGSV:Ground Zeroes with sexy Shinkawa’s works.

  • Nekkedsnake

    I’ve always appreciated concept art a bit more than the finished product. I enjoy seeing the process, or journey, a character takes before becoming the established look for any movie, book, or game. While Punished Snake looks good on the Fox Engine, Shinkawa’s concept art/rendition is just way more badass. I’d call it Badass Snake!

  • Nekkedsnake

    Also, having seen this concept art of Snake, it reminded me of Matthew Mcconaughey for some reason in Reign Of Fire. It’d be kinda neat to see a version of Snake with a bald head and crazy beard hahah.

    • aspy

      He’s not bald, his hair is tied back.

      • Nekkedsnake

        aspy, I never said he was bald. i was just making a statement of what boss would look like with a bald head and a beard. Hence my sentence “It’d be kinda neat to see a version of Snake with a bald head and crazy beard hahah.”

  • ferrodriguez10

    I’m not a big fan of the horns he has and the mechanical arm. It kind of ruined the character for me. It bugs me that he has that and can move it like a normal hand and kills the sense of realism in the character if that makes sense. I honestly really wish he didn’t have those two things..oh and the pony tail..gotta have the Snake Mullet he’s famous for.

    • Nekkedsnake

      I feel you on the arm thing. Not sure why Kojima had to do that to Big Boss, but then again the ratio in realism in any MGS game is 50/50 at best. in MGS4 Big Boss was made up of parts from Solidus, Liquid, and whoever else. A lot of shit in MGS is really fantastical for sure. And while I was at first underwhelmed by the arm and horn thing, I’m looking forward to what Boss can actually do with it.

      • Golgari

        Nothing fantastical in it. Big Boss was made up from parts because Liquid was a perfect clone of Big Boss.

        Snake’s arm is a good memory for Zadornov’s arm and it’s probaby a Zadornov’s engineered arm because well… Snake lost it obviously.

        • Nekkedsnake

          so being the MGS version of Frankenstein isn’t fantastical to you? Big Boss was put together from Solidus’ cadaver and Liquid’s arm. Oh and Nanomachines.

          • Golgari

            What nanomachines has to do with it? He was put together as a decoy because Solidus was a perfect clone that could emulate Big Boss DNA. He was dead but was supported by ventricular assist devices. Theoretically it is possible. It’s not Frankenstein because the body was already dead but to make body function is not something from fantasy.

            Do you know that you can for example support life of a dead cat for almost a year? Just as the small example.

            and we are talking about MGS4 where technology is superior to our technology. There are mechs on the battlefield and very clever one’s.

          • ferrodriguez10

            Haha you two have some very good points. I was just trying to share what I disliked about how Kojima changed the character lol. I know that technology is superior in the game series and all. But see I grew up playing the very 1st game, and 2nd, and 3rd too of course. And what I always loved about the series was that besides having a little of “fantasy” it still had this realism to it. This plausability or however you say it. Snake was just an ordinary man with a nearly impossible task and he would pull through, so I think that was something one could sort of relate to. But now with all this robot arm and a debry that perforated his head and all just takes away from it in my opinion. This is just my opinion, if you disagree I completely respect that too, we are all different.

            I just wish Kojima would have instead of having had Snake have a random 9 year coma that just seemed to not even fit on the timeline to be honest. He all of a sudden throws that in there to fast forward almost a decade. I wish he would have made the game go through those 9 years and you would get to see how Big Boss changes and many of the things he had to do through that time that made him change and better explain and show why he became the villain, instead of just a 9 year coma. But oh well it is time I just accept it and see what Kojima has in hands for us.

            Sorry for the long reply lol.

          • Hampton

            Actually, Frankenstein wasn’t the name of the monster… But hey.

      • Hampton

        Why would it ruin the character? He lost his arm. It’s not like he just randomly has a robotic arm.

        People hate change.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3


  • flying_fox
    • Nyxus

      Yes, made a post about it. 🙂

  • Big Boss .45

    has anyone translated the japanese text on this art?

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