Short clip of Robin Atkin Downes (Kaz) in voice recording session

Robin Atkin Downes, voice actor for Kaz, posted a short and rather strange clip of a recording session for Metal Gear Solid V. You can hear Downes’ voice, followed by the voice of voice over director Kris Zimmerman (in the upper left corner), possibly giving him instructions on how to deliver the phrase.

It could be an actual line from the game, or they could just be joking around. Nevertheless, interesting to see the recording studio from the perspective of the voice actor.

Source: Robin Atkin Downes Instagram,

  • Ricardo Oe

    blá blá bla…

  • Paul

    So, Kris Zimmerman IS involved! That`s good news! There were rumors, that Kojima would do the VO himself, after the english Intro of “Ground Zeroes” was shown. Many fans believed that the voice acting was underwhelming (and probably very disappointed with Sutherlands’ Voice, I include myself into that group).

    Good to know, that Zimmerman is still around!

    • Nekkedsnake

      The only VO I felt was really underwhelming was that of Skull Face’s. James Horan is actually a cool VA, voicing Wheeljack in Transformers Prime, but his performance does NOT fit Skull Face’s villainous look and feel. I thought he’d sound more menacing, perhaps more maniacal, sorta like Zadornov, voiced by Steve Blum (consequently the voice of Starscream in Transformers Prime). I really do hope James Horan can tweak his performance to sound more akin to his character because, as of now, he sounds like some sort of politician or something. Not going for it.

      • Nyxus

        Skull Face’s voice was unexpected. But to be fair we don’t really know what kind of character he will be, maybe he is just a calm, calculating character and has therefor such a way of talking.

        • Cartmangus

          Voice doesn’t really even fit that though, he sounds like a generic cheesy bad guy, which isn’t necessarily terrible, but it doesn’t really fit this game. I’m real happy with Troy Baker though and Robin Atkin is fantastic, but Kiefer is completely underwhelming, the delivery of his lines in that English GZ trailer is just bad

          So flat and absolutely no charisma, all I hear is a bored Jack Bauer. I would’ve been so much happier if they cast pretty much anyone else as the role of Big Boss. This is the one thing that’s sort of tainted the games for me, I’m hoping I can overlook it or that it won’t be as bad as it seems currently, I’d be really happy if I was able to accept Kiefer as a good choice to do the voice of BB but from what I’ve seen so far I can’t say that will be the case, and even if he did a good job, replacing one iconic voice and putting in place another iconic and super recognizable voice… not a great idea if you ask me

          • Nyxus

            I want to hear more from Kieferland first, all we have heard so far is a briefing and maybe two lines from The Phantom Pain.

            Also, I’ve never seen 24, so I don’t have the Jack Bauer association myself. So I guess that works in my advantage in this case.

          • marco

            I think that kiefer as big boss will be great, just look at any change they made in batman movies, except clooney one they all turn out to be great, and if u like mgs and till now u trusted kojima, why now lose hope?

          • marco

            and Nyxus, i have been following u for years now, keep up the good work.

          • Nyxus


        • Nekkedsnake

          makes sense. tho you can be calm yet calculating with a stronger vocal presence. zadornov. the fear. mantis. vamp. all have distinct vocal presence that fits their character and demeanor. james horan’s skull face still needs a little more work to be convincing.

          • Nyxus

            Yeah, I hope it turns out to be good! I’m intrigued about the character I must say.

    • Nyxus

      I never thought it was underwhelming, Troy Baker sounded great, very much like Ocelot in the way he speaks, and Kaz in the intro of the E3 trailer was awesome.

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