Metal Gear Solid V: Slow motion mechanic can be switched off

The slow motion mode that activates when spotted in Metal Gear Solid V can be switched off. When this mechanic was shown in a gameplay demo at TGS earlier this year, it caused some controversy, so hearing that it can be switched off should be a relief to some fans of the series. This, and some other interesting bits of information concerning the game has been revealed in a gameplay demo released today. This is video shows the English version of the game (running on PlayStation 4), with commentary by MGSV co-producer Sean Eyestone:

– In the menu we can see that you will be able choose between normal and hard difficulty (maybe more will be added).

– Bullet drop: if the reticule colors white in stead of red, the player is out of range, and either has to compensate for the bullet drop by aiming higher, or get closer to the enemy.

– Slow motion when spotted is called ‘reflex mode’. Players can switch this off through the options.

– Vehicles can be destroyed by enemies.

Check out the video for yourself below.

Source: PlayStation Youtube Channel

  • Cartmangus

    I thought this was already confirmed by Kojima a while ago? Good news nonetheless, not a fan of this feature. Bullet drop is a fantastic addition, specially when it comes to the tranquilizer, it needs some serious nerfing and this is a good way to balance it out, they should make it even tougher to use when playing on Hard

  • NegaScott128

    Good to see that this is confirmed. The only other problem some people have now is the tagging, which I suppose you can always just not use.

    • Nyxus

      And it was also in Peace Walker.

      • Nekkedsnake


        Exactly. I guess some fans didn’t really play PW. But Yes, tagging was already implemented in PW and was really useful, but wasn’t mandatory. And actually, I forgot it was even there for a time so I didn’t really use it That much. So for those who are complaining of the tagging feature, um, just Don’t use it as it’s not forced upon you, unlike the Reflex Mode which you say can be toggled.

        • Anon G

          You guys don’t seem to understand the issue. It’s not that we care that it’s there. We obviously won’t be using it if we don’t want to.

          It’s the fact that it replaced the radar. In a goddamn open-world game.

          • Nekkedsnake

            It’s called iDroid. After tagging enemies it lets you see exactly where enemies are on its map, despite not having a radar in an open world. The Boss always told Jack to get with the times. We all have to get with the times, it’s a new MGS game and little things get changed. We just have to deal with it. And it’s not like we have a choice in the matter.

          • Nyxus

            Maybe it’s not really an issue. Why was the radar okay, that lets you see exact enemy positions and their field of vision, but this is such a big deal?

          • Anon G

            Are you seriously implying that seeing enemies through walls is less casual then looking at their locations on a map?

          • Nyxus

            Less ‘casual’? I’m just saying what I’m saying: the radar lets you see enemy positions and their field of vision.

          • Anon G

            And I’m just saying what I’m saying. The tagging system literally lets you see your enemies through any walls.

            You’re the one arguing semantics here, so don’t be surprised when I present logic.

          • Nyxus

            And the radar lets you see who’s behind a wall as well.

    • Joseph

      I’d say they should give a limited amount of tags, say like 3 or 4 tags every 5 minutes or so

      • EyeHaveYou

        and then naturally you could like upgrade it to more tags. sounds good

      • flying_fox

        Aw come on guys, that tagging system is not the end of the (open) world. 🙂

        Once we find ourselves infiltrating camp Omega on our own, I think we’ll understand.

        The video makes it seem easy, but of course it won’t be that simple. We will probably have to do a lot of recon before moving forward. That seems to be the way this game was designed, with a heavy emphasis on recon (“you’re going to get quite familiar with those binoculars as you plan your next move”).

        Have another look at the TGS gameplay video. In such an open environment, in broad daylight, with no camo index… You sure you will be able to go through the mission undetected if you play this game without tagging enemies?

        You could, but then, you’d have to rely heavily on the “reflex mode”. Because if an untagged enemy sees you around a corner… Well, apparently, the alert is triggered immediately. And if a whole patrol sees you, the reflex mode may not even save you.

        Sooner or later, as the mission goes on, you will have to keep track of many enemies, including vehicle patrols, who may pop up in your back any moment. Not to mention that without tagging, it looks like you won’t be able to see which enemies have been put to sleep, knocked out, etc.

        Trust Kojima, he knows what he’s doing. And this is definitely not a “casual” game! 🙂

  • William of Orange

    This demo isn’t exactly new. They dubbed it, that’s all. But I’m curious about the deja vu mission, is it full length? How big is the scale of that island? Are they going to redub the mission with kiefer as snake? It feels like the snake tales from mgs 2 (Confidential Legacy, to be precisely).

    • Tetsuo

      Yeah you can hear Kiefer in trailer saying
      “surveillance camera?” 🙂

      • William of Orange

        Really? I didn’t hear that, so thanks!

        • Nekkedsnake

          while interrogating the informant, Snake says “SPIT IT OUT!”

          • William of Orange

            Snake uses that line in the tgs demo as well.
            But I didn’t hear him say: hm, a surveillance camera? I

          • DarkWarden

            Yeah in extended trailer of Déjà Vu mission. You can also hear remade music from MGS1 in background. So cool! Its a shame they couldn’t get Hayter at least for this mission it feels wrong hearing Kiefer saying that line 🙁

          • William of Orange

            I feel you. But over the course of the mgs v ‘hype’ campaign, kiefer voices snake with brief sentences like: I’m hear to get you out,kept you waiting, something about the location advantages from camp omega, etc., etc., while Ishmael (guy wrapped up in bandages who is clearly voiced by Sutherland) seems to have a dialogue with snake that sounds “natural”. Either snake really changed and doesn’t speak very often or snake does get voiced by hayter. (still a fanboy that clinches on the theory that hayter voices snake in mgs v)

    • NegaScott128

      Seems like it’s just Camp Omega again, just with snow. And a couple FOXHOUND flags here and there. The enemies also look like the Genome Soldiers, but likely have the same AI as the regular enemies. It would be cool if they ported over the old MGS1 maps as well as the models, but whatever.

      • William of Orange

        I know what you mean, but if they are still planning to do a mgs movie, than they should do it in CGI (Fox engine, of course)

  • PrinceHeir

    i want the life health bars back

    other than that i like what i see.

    there’s nothing wrong with tagging enemies. in a open world game like this it’s definitely gonna be hard to track all of your enemies at once.

    one thing i would like to change while tagging is that you shouldn’t see the enemies through walls. just the mark itself like in Splinter Cell. since you won’t know which direction the enemy is facing which adds a bit more challenge to the game.

    man for someone like me who loves to look at every nook and cranny, it’ll take me awhile to finish just one mission.

    • Cartmangus

      I would’ve preferred the health bars too, doesn’t really feel like your standard regen health belongs in a stealth game

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