Kojima Productions on Metal Gear Solid V: It’s not as easy as it looks

Some people are worried about the difficulty level of Metal Gear Solid V, because in the gameplay videos released so far, the game looks rather easy. However, looks can be deceiving.

During the latest Kojima Productions podcast, the hosts explained that in (most of) these videos, it was the lead level designer himself who was playing.

There is no such things as an ‘autolock headshot’ mechanic in the game. Each headshot that you see in the video is being aimed properly. The reason it may look easy is because it’s the game’s lead level designer playing. He is really good, and of course he knows how the game works.

One thing that makes headshots more challenging is the added bullet drop. “Each weapon has a certain effective range, and that’s indicated by the reticule on the screen.” host Sean Eyestone explained. “If you’re out of range then that reticule will actually appear white, which means you have to compensate for the drop of the bullet by matching the notches on the reticule. It kind of simulates an iron-sight where you have to compensate for the range.” This effect will be different for each gun. “Of course lower powered weapons like the tranq gun are more susceptible to bullet drop and you’ll notice [it] a lot more.” Eyestone added. Sniper rifles will have a much better range, obviously.

What it comes down to is that the game won’t be as easy as it may appear. We’ll only know how challenging it is once we’re actually playing it.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 007

  • flying_fox

    See ? That’s what I was saying earlier today. 🙂 Tagging and reflex mode don’t necessarily make the game easy. Especially in harder difficulty modes, I guess.

  • PadraigB

    I think there might be a mistake here, I was listening to the podcast and they didn’t say there would be no auto-aim, just no auto-hs target finder.

    • Nyxus

      But didn’t they say all the targeting you see is done by hand? It’s true that they don’t use the term auto aim, but I thought that is what they meant.

      • PadraigB

        Yes, they did say all the aiming in the demo was free aim, but I assume they were stating that there wasn’t a target finder like GTA aiming.

        • Nyxus

          I’ll remove the auto aim from the post just to be sure.

          • Janeo

            Hey nyxus just thought I would let you know the official synopsis of ground zeroes is up on the konami website it’s mostly things we already know but a few new details like Chico goes to the base to try and rescue Paz first but gets captured which forces big boss to go on the mission

          • Nyxus

            I know, I made a post about that a few days ago: http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=10396

            But thanks for letting me know anyway!

          • Janeo

            Didn’t realise you got to it so quickly

  • EyeHaveYou

    I like the bullet drop thing. I like it

    • flying_fox

      Yep, they finally nerfed the tranquilizer gun (among other guns, probably).

      Which actually makes the game harder.

  • William of Orange

    Eh, whatever. The gameplay trailers displayed enemies on the lowest difficulty,as stated by kojima. The reflex mechanic seems to be usefull. Tagging enemies is more of a rule in open world games than just a mechanic. However, it was possible to develop the soliton radar system in PW.So even if you’re not a fan of the tagging mechanism, it’s still plausible that you can toggle the SRS on.

    • Nekkedsnake

      True. what dev is going to play on the hardest setting when the purpose is to demo the game mechanics and explain to players how everything works? ppl will just have to BUY the game and PLAY it themselves geez. and for those who don’t remember, mgs3 didn’t have a soliton radar, yet it was highly playable. the sonar doesn’t count. neither does the surround indicator in PO/PW/

      also, another thing i dont get is, some ppl complain how easy MGSV appears, but then they complain about lack of radar. well doesn’t lack of radar up the stakes, thereby negating Ease Of Play? goodness, some ppl complain even when its not out yet.

      playing PW, i didn’t even use radar OR tag. at least in MGSV lack of radar will make the game more realistic.

      • William of Orange

        Yep, mgs 3 was probably the most ‘realistic’, although it was linear. I didn’t use the SRS in PW either, due to the extremely linear level design, but I think that ppl complaining about the lack of challenge, should play the game without all those new features. I mean, don’t make a big deal out of something that is easy to solve by yourself.

      • flying_fox

        I agree, but I think people complain about tagging mostly because it enables the player to “see through walls”.

        Yet, in order to see an enemy “through walls”, first you need to tag him! And it can only be done if you have seen the enemy with your “normal vision”.

        So it’s really NOT like Splinter Cell or The Last of Us: you cannot see enemies through walls before you’ve actually spotted them with your own skills.

        • William of Orange

          You mean the nvg in splinter cell?

          • flying_fox

            No, the sonar goggles in Conviction and Blacklist.

          • William of Orange

            Okay, I just remembered that sc:chaos theory only had the nvg function. My bad.

  • Jonny2x4

    No offense, but are all these multiple posts really necessary? They’re just different pieces of information given from the same KP Alert podcast. Why not just make one long post linking to the same podcast.

    • Nyxus

      I think that just gets cluttered, this is more clear. I always take the interesting bits and try to put them together. Otherwise you get one big wall of text without a clear subject or focus. I think this is for the better.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    “On Monday next wk, “Déjà-Vu Mission”‘s further detailed trailer on our
    official site. This one can be easier to understand & even funnier.”

    I just checked the site and it’s not there. Maybe they’ll have it up by tomorrow.

    • Nyxus

      I was waiting for it as well. But yeah, hopefully tomorrow then.

  • Janeo

    I guess some fans are a little scared that this game won’t be good which is why they are trying to find anything wrong with it, of course the person who helps create the game will be good and they aren’t going to try things on the hardest difficulty. As for the auto aim you can blame ign I saw a gameplay analysis where they started talking about auto aim and comparing the game to everything else it was bad.

  • Tetsuo

    I dunno… im not convinced the last video they released with Eyestone,still looks easy on normal settings, you can see this especially in moment when BB is taking 2 guys at once,are they blind or what lol

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh i’ll aim for myself, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a aim assist option like in Peace Walker.

    the weapon reticle was clunky so the aim assist was really helpful.

    plus i played it on a more stealthy approached since i’m not a gun blazing guy(i still do lethal kills once in awhile)

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