Check out the music importing option of MGSV in the menu screen

Some people may remember that Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes gives you the option to import music into the game. You will then be able to play this music on your Walkman (and there was also going to be a feature where custom music would play on the helicopter). Today Kojima posted a picture of this feature on the menu screen.


“I installed my favorite OST of “Pacific Rim” in the walkman that “GZ Snake” has and played the game with this song.”

As you can see this is the Xbox 360 version of the game. We can see some other options as well: Play Records, Trial Records, Backstory (maybe for those that are new to the series), Manual and Options.


“My current gen env for “GZ” gamecheck. PS3, 360, Tablet, router, AQUOS, headset, checksheet, PacificRimOST, Madomagi snack.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Mercury Rising

    Wonder how that will work on the PS4 seeing as how you cannot import any music onto the system.

    • S.

      PS4 will have .mp3 support in a future firmware update.

    • pablossjui

      maybe with cds?

  • Janeo

    Ok Kojima really seems to love pacific rim so first thing I am doing tomorrow watching that movie

    • Nekkedsnake

      Pacific Rim was a cool movie. Big robots against Big monsters. When I watched it I couldn’t help but think that if there ever were to be a live action MGS movie it’d have the look and feel of PR. I imagined Metal Gear Rex looking and moving like one of those giant Jaegers. I even wrote about it for fun, haha.

      • Janeo

        I read your peice pretty cool it made me think that Sam Jackson to play sigint if they use him at all in the film.

        • Nekkedsnake

          Ooh Sam Jackson as Sigint. Nice! Then in later movies as Donald Anderson!

          • William of Orange

            Are you kidding me, samuel would steal the show with his over reacting perfomance. Dont get me wrong, he is a great actor and is especially good in pulp fiction but even if he tries to play a more serious role, it still feels like he’s about to get angry. If were talking about a live action movie (which i personally dislike), it should be denzel washington: same built, same type of voice and sounds serious in all of his performances.

          • Nekkedsnake

            Haha I can hear SJ in the Fox Hound gunship saying “I’m tired of Naked motherfckin Snake on this motherfckin plane!”

          • William of Orange

            Haha, yeah that would be priceless!
            I always enjoyed Samuel’s performances, but seeing him as donald Anderson? Probably not.
            That british sounding African-american in PR however sounds like a good choice, but meryl should be AA too (it’s 1:40 in the morning, so forgive me).

          • Nekkedsnake

            ya that british dude (Idris Elba) is awesome. he has great presence on screen. He might make a good Sigint for sure. It’d just be fun to see some good actors in an MGS movie.

            Then again, I do have my reservations about a live action MGS movie. It might just be more logical to do a CGI Anime MGS movie instead. That may be a more viable solution. If the live action Street Fighter movie that came out in the 90s is any indication, CGI just might be the way to go. I’m actually surprised that Kojima hasn’t made any as of yet.

          • William of Orange

            He’s scared about the reception, and especially for critics who don’t play video games and have no idea what the plot of mgs 1is. I meant that Edris Alba could be the colonel in the Live Action movie.That’s why I referred to Meryl. And I prefer a CGI adaptation, just adds to the experience, I mean, have you ever seen Resident Evil:Degeneration? It might have had a mediocre plot, with mediocre performances but the movie is awsome because it sticks to its roots.

          • NegaScott128

            I do agree it would be more faithful if it was CGI, but I think that it’s far more likely it will be live-action. There’s a stigma around CGI movies, that they’re always for kids and not for adults. If they want to get it in theaters (which they should, because MGS deserves to be bigger than it is), then they have to go with live-action so people will take it seriously.

          • William of Orange

            Fair point, but there is a American saying: there’s always a first time for everything. But you’re probably right.

          • NegaScott128

            The stigma probably won’t go away anytime soon. One movie based on a video game won’t change it. Plus, it’ll be a much easier sell to movie studios if it’s live-action.

          • William of Orange

            Like I said: you’re probably right. I just don’t think that I would fall in love with the story again or getting downright nostalgic if you see a actor portraying snake as he stands in front of a green screen that visualizes the heliport. If you would make a movie with the fox engine,however, it would be a spectacle to watch.

          • Nekkedsnake

            yep i have both degeneration and damnation. great stuff. ill even throw appleseed cgi and ghost in the shell 2.0 in the mix of anime style perfect for mgs. i def agree that the success of those cgi movies is rooted in sticking to their original story. anime would make more sense IMO. but if kojima were to ever do live action he needs to prepare for the crap hollywood will put it thru. it’ll be hollywoods take and kojima may bow out. sure he’s talked to avi arad from Marvel but nothing profound. i guess if theres anyone kojima should work with it should be guillermo del toro of pacific rim. they’ve become good friends and del toro can do giant robots. and he calls em JAEGERS haha. i bet if del toro does an mgs movie he’d put cyborg ninja in it and make him look awesome on screen. and he could do mgs story justice. he’s had experience with comic characters with both Hellboy movies.

          • William of Orange

            I’ve seen both Hellboy movies (i personally prefer HB 1), so yeah, he could be a good choice. You know who would be an excellent choice for the role of naked snake in a mgs 3 live actipn movie: David Hayter, seriously, he looks almost identical to big boss in mgs V. let him do some workouts in the gym and tadaa, Naked Snake.
            I think that damnnation wasn’t as good as degeneration. I thought leon was a member of the Secret Service, not the CIA.
            And it felt relatively short compared to degeneration. Degeneration felt like the good ol’ days(especially since Veronica is in it).

          • William of Orange

            Although i must say that the most recent movie starring sam that I watched in theaters is Django unchained and Quinten Tarantino is known for creating rather “interesting” characters. So maybe I should watch the avengers or something, as you mentioned in your blog.

        • chiffmonkey

          Tim Roth as Ocelot!

    • William of Orange

      You should, it’s probably thé blockbuster of the year.

      • William of Orange

        And while your at it. You should see the great escape too. I watched it yesterday and it contains a scene that kojima copie-pasted into mgs 3.

        • Fredy Carius

          What scene, exactly?
          (I’ve watched this movie last sunday, but i don’t play mgs3 for years)

          • William of Orange

            Motorcycles, just motorcycles.

  • Ricardo Oe


  • Kj Kim


  • Markos

    Wow, fist image of current gen!! Snake, what took you so long??

  • Cyberlum

    It’s little things like this that make mgs games so awesome and innovative. Neat!

  • Wolfdog

    Interesting indeed… But why did he write “GZ Snake”? Is the Snake in TPP different then? Why specify?

  • o1striker

    Gotta put in some CCR.

  • PrinceHeir

    i’m glad more games are adding these feature.

    love this feature in Tekken Tag 2, since i love to put various video game music there like Hokuto no Ken’s Rage 2 🙂

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