Kojima updates: Metal Gear Solid V Russian Menu Screen and Shinkawa at work

Here are two interesting photos Kojima posted today. First, a picture of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes’ menu screen in Russian language.


The audio of the game won’t be in Russian, only the menus and subtitles.

Secondly, a photo of Yoji Shinkawa working on a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker artwork (possibly meant for the PW novelization that will be included into MGS Premium Package in Japan).


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Cartmangus

    I would really love it if the Japanese version came with English subtitles, I’ve always been curious to play these games in japanese and I’d totally get the jp version if they did this, not cause “fuck kiefer” or anything like that, I just really would like to play a Metaru Gia game in japanese at some point but as far as I know no earlier titles have come with english subtitles so that makes things less ideal

  • Golgari

    Awesome. This is historical moment for Russian Metal Gear fans. I know that fans asked Kojima about localization but for some reason it was never delivered in the past. That’s why Hideo Kojima showed it’s support with this new screenshot.

    Yaay. Still, I’m going to play this in english with english subtitles. 😀

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff Kojima!!

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