Want physical versions of MGS Ground Zeroes in the west? Sign this petition and Konami might listen

Earlier this month Konami announced their distribution plans for MGSV’s prologue Ground Zeroes. While Japan is getting several editions on most platforms (except Xbox One, for now), for the west only a digital release was announced for the next gen consoles.

However, someone has started a petition in an effort to convince Konami to bring the retail versions to the west.


While these petitions don’t always seem to be effective, this one just may be. The advice to start this petition came from Nazih Fares, currently in charge of PR & Marketing Plans for MGSV:GZ and MGSV:TPP. If Konami sees there’s enough interest for it, changes are we will get retail versions in the west after all. Here are Fares’ Tweets:

To view the petition itself, go here.

Source: Nazih Fares Twitter, via At7Addak

  • Nekkedsnake

    Signed! Though I’d be expecting these similar bundles to make the rounds Stateside as well as other regions.

  • Cyberlum

    Now it’s time for “Bring MGS5 to PC” petition!

  • Nelson Franco

    Come to Paraguay!!!!!

  • William of Orange

    I’m still convinced that konami already gave the green light for retail editions, but I must say that I misjudged the influence of that petition site.
    ( I signed, so you better make it happen konami!)

  • William of Orange

    How much will it cost? €/$500?

    • Nyxus

      I hope not, it’s just the game and an action figure. 😛

      • William of Orange

        Wijsneus! 🙂

  • PrinceHeir

    with the recent announcement of Lightning Returns FFXIII having dual audio.

    i really hope MGSV does include one. i mean there’s no reason not to include it anymore with all the storage and power the consoles have now.

    and if lip synchs are different, why not just add in the JPN lip synch as well and toggle with it(though lip synching it’s not really a issue me at all tbh)

    oh well i do hope the physical editions come here ^^

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, although with FF it’s available as separate download, and it isn’t on the disc, right? And I believe that after a few months it will cost money, which is pretty lame.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah it is dl which is free, but it’ll have a price after 2 weeks.

        at least they didn’t do it like Nintendo does where some games’s dlc section are only accessible through the game itself(Fire Emblem Awakening)

        so you could just dl it the day it releases and put it on your download list and buy the game whenever you want without having to pay for the DLC.

        ahh the beauty of Sony PSN ^^

        yeah shame we still have to pay for it after a few weeks, but i would really have that option instead of not having it at all, especially on JRPG games.

        • Nyxus

          True, at least the possibility is there.

        • William of Orange

          Nintendo? Hahaha, look at wii sports club and wii u karaoke!
          It’s downright painful to see that Nintendo’s services on both the 3ds and wii u aren’t nearly as advanced as the current services that Microsoft and Sony offers. I mean, they’ve announced that it will become possible to use YouTube on the 3ds!

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