Kojima: It probably was a mistake to reveal Quiet

Earlier this year there was some controversy when Hideo Kojima published the full character model of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s female sniper Quiet. Kojima later stated there is going to be a reason for the way Quiet looks, and the character’s actress Stephanie Joosten said the same thing.

Still, looking back, Kojima feels it probably wasn’t a good idea to show this character out of context. In an interview with IGN (published today, but recorded back in September after the Tokyo Game Show), Kojima once again emphasizes there are reasons for her appearance, that will become clear once you play the game. The reason to show the full model was to help cosplayers out.

When I create a new character I try to make sure they’re not something we’ve seen so far, whether it’s their physical appearance or their background, or their abilities. I try to make sure I’m doing something new, not repeating something that’s already in the series.

At this point though, just looking at the design of the character and having concerns is pointless. The character only comes to life when she’s presented within the story.

Once you see how she fits into the story, you will understand why she looks the way she does. Without any of this background I can certainly understand why there are concerns. I will say there’s a reason she looks the way she does and wears those clothes. And it’s all a part of the game, learning those reasons one by one.


I was actually surprised to learn that there are so many female Metal Gear fans, and I’m very happy to hear that. I can tell them though, that they are probably mistaken as to why the character looks this way. I only ask them for their patience until they can see how she interacts in the game. 

First off, she shows up in the desert and she’s almost naked. That’s impossible and would never happen. So right then I want the player to ask themselves: ‘Why is this character almost naked in the middle of the desert?’ From there you have this impression, and then you start to understand the reasons behind it. That’s where the deception of the character comes from.

We’re not a game company that would just show a hot girl without reason.

Seems like we’ll have to wait a bit more before we can really judge this character.

Source: IGNMGS.be

  • JC Shin

    not sure why people give so much shit about quiets appearance. eva had half of her boobs showing.

  • Paul

    I love the last line of Kojimas Statement. “We`re not a game company that would just show a hot girl without reason”. It sounds almost like a Simpsons Quote…

    But besides that, I like the way Kojima talks about the character. Actually I was a little bit concerned myself, because since MGS 4 I had the feeling that Kojima slowly replaces his strong female characters with their distinct looks (like The Boss, Mei Ling or Olga) with a bunch of super models (even Naomi looked like one in 4). So, it is good to hear that he thought everything through and is not creating a character simply for fan service.

    • Janeo

      They all looked like super models but they all had terrific back story we learnt so much about all the characters, we got better back story then you do even in any tv series. I think people overreacted a lot about this I mean didn’t they look at kojimas other female characters like the boss and Eva before accusing him of being womanizing or what ever they were saying. Anyway I have never seen a better female character then the boss anywhere not anywhere at all.

      • William of Orange

        About the B&B Corp, were their backstories really thàt good?
        Their background stories nor their motivation weren’t as intriguing as let we say Meryl or Naomi. And yeah, meryl had a rough time too, but she made the best out of it and that is what makes Meryl such a strong character. I just didn’t feel sorry for them, they show up,kill some dudes,show their emotion and they’re gone. The only B&B member that really interested me was laughing octopus, because she interacted a lot more then CW,PM,RR.

        • Nyxus

          I think they’re supposed to be dehumanized characters, almost representations of victims, but not real people anymore. Besides, MGS4 already needed to focus on a lot of existing characters, it was really their story that was being wrapped up.

          • William of Orange

            Yeah, it’s not like I think that their presence in mgs 4 was unnecessary. They fit in, but to me, it wasn’t really touching.
            But since you’re heading in that direction (wrapping up stories), i’d say that Vamp and Fortune were interesting (and solidus, but he’s the final boss, so I exclude him from this personal preference comment). Their relationship is unique and Fortune’s background is finely established, because she played a reasonable big part in mgs 2 and Vamp was interesting, because you didn’t know much about the guy (aside from his sexuality and his tragic past) and how he copes with his immortality.

        • Janeo

          There story’s weren’t as interesting as other characters but it was nice to have them in any other game they wouldn’t have even tried to explain why they are what they are.

          • William of Orange

            True, I agree about that.

  • Nekkedsnake

    “At this point though, just looking at the design of the character and having concerns is pointless. The character only comes to life when she’s presented within the story.”

    All Kojima needs to really say is “Dudes chill. STFU and play the game. Otherwise GTFO.”

    Kojima’s always had his reasons for those specific character designs. Why don’t all the doubters and skeptics just wait till the game comes out, PLAY IT, then they can understand why characters look the way they look? That dev from 343 Studios who was quoted as saying that “Quiet looks disgusting” should be bitch slapped. Cortana from HALO is practically NAKED! All she’s got on is fucking body paint and pasties. Hypocritical assholes, seriously.


    • Janeo

      I haven’t played halo 4 so do you find out why she looks like this in that game, I’m guessing no because halo hardly has any story well at least the ones I have played didn’t

      • William of Orange

        Nope, you find out about the origins of mankind and their struggle to defeat the forerunner race and why the humans aren’t as advanced as the covenant. The game recieved mixed reactions and I personally think that studio 343 doesn’t fully capture the magic of halo and they’re trying to hard to exploit the halo universe. then again, the guys behind 343 are looking pretty dedicated and maybe they balance some isseus in halo 5

        • Janeo

          I have only played halo 2 and 3 they are pretty good games but I think they have the potential to be much better and I guess it doesn’t help that the studio that made them gave up the franchise

  • William of Orange

    Quiet will be an outsider in mgs V, similar to sniper wolf, who saw the battlefield through her scope at a safe distance (as an adult). She sees the terrible actions of both big boss and Zero, but she seems to be working for Zero. So I hope quiet becomes a playable character, so that we can see that big boss is just as terrifying if not more terrifying than Zero.

    • Janeo

      That would be very cool but I wouldn’t wanna play as her for to long though so how would it work. Could have her fight big boss but that would be to hard because no one beats big boss.

      • William of Orange

        Solid Snake beats the crap out of BB!
        I see what you mean, did you btw played kid icarus:uprising?
        If not, then here’s the deal: pitt is pretty tough and extremely powerful, thus obliterating Medusa’s army. But then, pitt’s spirit gets sealed inside
        a ring and it takes a long time before someone finds the ring and wear it around their finger. The first person who wears the ring is a young girl that playfully walks to a destroyed city and you know who caused the destruction? Some creature that possesses pitt’s body!
        (note: it’s been like half a year since the last time that I played uprising, so it might be a little bit inaccurate, but I think you get the point)

        • Janeo

          I have wanted to get that for a while but have never gotten around to it. I get what you are saying so we could play as quiet and go through a village that big boss and his troops have destroyed or something like that right

          • William of Orange

            Sort of, but you got the idea.

  • Anon G

    That wasn’t the only mistake you’ve made, you sellout.

  • PrinceHeir

    i agree.

    he should have saved it and let the players discover it themselves.

    i miss the old MGS trailers where they only show levels and gameplay and not bosses or story.

    that’s why i tend to avoid the newer trailers nowadays, too many spoilers.

    • Nyxus

      I’m not too worried, Kojima said he wants to mislead the public with his trailers.

  • Ami

    It’s always easy for people to say that “It’s no big deal!”” It’s not supposed to be realistic. Stop whining.” Well, Quiet doesn’t look like your old middle school teacher does she?! >:(

    Dude… even my dad thinks that her outfit is a bit whack (my whole family plays Metal Gear. Even mom!) lol. But whatever. I’ve come to kinda expect this from not only Metal Gear, but most video games. I blink a few times, and remind myself that dudes make games. It doesn’t mean everything is fan service, but I still have to remember that.

    Whatever. I don’t know if Quiet is a good guy, a bad guy, important, loud, or batshit insane. I gotta wait and see if his design choices are legit or if his explanation is a loada bunk. All I know is she looks like my 7th Grade creative writing teacher. Which is just freaking weird.

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