Kojima Productions on Metal Gear Solid V: There’s a significant difference between normal and hard

During the latest podcast, Kojima Productions staff members once again talked about Metal Gear Solid V’s difficulty, or rather its perceived lack thereof.

“Some people are still worried about, you know, will this be challenging enough? Because they’ve seen some of the gameplay videos, and think it looks a little bit easy.” Sean Eyestone said. “Keep in mind these videos were shot in normal mode. There is a significant difference between normal difficulty and hard difficulty.”

“At its core, it’s still a stealth game.” Jorge Mendoza assured. “So you have all these options, but going through the game trigger happy will make the game so much more difficult.”


Level designer Jordan Amaro, who was a guest at this episode, said he played the game on hard mode with Reflex Mode turned off, and was surprised by the difficulty. He feels it’s important people know this game not something that has nothing to do with Metal Gear anymore. “The DNA hasn’t changed.” he assured. “It’s still the Metal Gear that everyone knows.”

Also, according to the staff, turning off all optional assistance like Reflex Mode and the marking system, while playing on hard mode will be quite a challenge, especially if you want to complete everything.

Source: Kojima Productions Alert 9

  • Janeo

    Did people really think the game was going to easy just because boss wouldn’t die in those gameplay videos. I won’t play with reflex mode yet but I haven’t decided if I will play with the tagging mode on or off yet, so how is everyone else playing

    • Nyxus

      First playthrough I will just use the options and play on normal, and I’ll see how that goes.

      • Cyberlum

        Me too, I would rather play on normal and use those features at the last resort. I think people underestimate the hard difficulty since mgs5 is kinda the first open world third person stealth game, and avoiding from getting spotted from all the directions since you can’t be in total control when enemies are all around you might be going to be tough even for seasoned mgs players.

        • Janeo

          I agree but I have always played the games on hard so I’m not going to stop now, if I keep dying it just means more play time for me so I am happy. I could die 100 times on the same boss and still be having in metal gear

      • flying_fox

        Same here. For the first playthrough, I’d like to discover every new gameplay element and judge for myself. Especially the marking system, which looks great and forces the player to do a lot of recon before moving forward (and I like that ^^).

        Anyway, I’ll end up playing GZ for a long, long time, and repeating every mission 20 times, so there will be plenty of opportunities for Hard mode. ^^

  • Golgari

    My first playthrough will be without reflex mode and without marking system. That’s for sure.
    It’s not because I hate these features. In fact I like them. I want to have some serious challenge with the “Hard mode” at launch. Can’t wait.

    • Janeo

      Yeah I am definently not playing with reflex mode, I don’t think its a bad feature it’s just not for me. I think I will start off not using the marking system to see how it is but I kind of like the idea of having all guys marked so i can explore the base a bit

    • Ilja Y.

      same here. i want to feel the thrill like back in the day in my first play through MGS2

    • Kaniebas

      I have not played a single MGS on normal or easy. Never used the Soliton Radar. That’s how the games should be played if you want complete immersion.

      • Nyxus

        I’m not that good at the games so that would probably result in frustration for me, which doesn’t help me in terms of immersion (in fact it hinders it). So I guess it differs per person.

        • Kaniebas

          That’s a fair argument ;). I just like my games a bit more challenging!
          Edit: You do seem a very hardcore fan though! Cheers

          • Nyxus

            I am, but I’m mainly in it for the story. 🙂 I do like the gameplay though.

      • Janeo

        I do the same no Rader hardest difficulty possible you wouldn’t believe how hard it was for me to raven on extreme mgs1 took me so long. Did you ever finish mgs2 on extreme I could never get pass the rays but I am working on finishing that before Christmas

  • PrinceHeir

    i always play the series on Hard since games nowadays aren’t that challenging aside a few games.

    though i’ll probably play normal in JRPG games since i don’t really want to spend alot of time grinding and would prefer to be immersed with the story and world.

    i’ll toggle off the reflex, but not the target mark. it seems it’s very useful to keep track the enemies in an open big area. plus it’s in Peace Walker so i don’t mind using it once in awhile.

    though i think they should modify the target system by not allowing to see enemies through walls since you can see their cone of vision and where they are facing,

    i’m hype for this, i’m already preordering the JPN version as well as the Metal Gear Rising Special Edition next week after finals so hell yeah ^^

  • DK

    As for the title, that’s what she said. 🙂

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  • Lord Stoma

    Uh… hard mode… and where do I find this in game?

    I installed a hard mod yes, never found a hard mode.

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