Kotobukiya Metal Gear RAY comes out in April 2014, new photos

Is the 3A Metal Gear RAY a little too expensive for you? Here is a cheaper alternative: the Kotobukiya Metal Gear RAY. This figure has been made under the supervision of Yoji Shinkawa, and is set for release in April 2014. It comes with figures of Old Snake, Liquid-Ocelot and three FROG-soldiers. The scale of the RAY is 1/100, with a total length of about 21 centimeters (a little over 8″). The price is ¥ 8,400 (about $80 and €60).

Kojima took some pictures of the model kit.


“Adjusting the coloring of RAY plastic model releasing from KOTOBUKIYA. Looking neat.”


“This is THE Plastic Model.”

Here are some images from the official site:








For more information on this figure, as well as more pictures, visit the official Kotobukiya website.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter, Kotobukiya, MGS.be

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