Kojima: People tell me what influenced them to become creators was not MGS, but Snatcher

On his Twitter, Kojima talked a bit about game development and his experiences working in the industry.

“”SNATCHER”s release in 1988, PC88 was on Nov, MSX2 ver was on Dec. The setting “Neo-Kobe” was having Christmas I bet players felt that too.”

According to Kojima, people tell him it wasn’t Metal Gear that inspired them to become a creator, but Snatcher, an Blade Runner like adventure game by Kojima from 1988.

“Game creators, film directors, manga/novel writers in age of 30-40s tell me “what influenced to become creator was not MGS but SNATCHER”. I remember Project Itoh had said that kind of thing too.”

‘Project Itoh’ refers to Satoshi Itō, a science fiction writer who was responsible for Metal Gear Solid 4’s novelization, among other things.

So far a sequel to Snatcher doesn’t exist, but a while back Kojima produced a radio drama serving as a prequel in collaboration with Suda51, called ‘Sdatcher’.


Kojima continued talking about creating an environment where you can be both productive and creative.

“Until “POLICENAUTS”, I was only a director that I didn’t need to look after the sales or schedules but instead being absorbed in writing codes w few staff as creating ind movie. Blood’s deep that way, but resulted unfinished SNATCHER & HD mistake.”

“Japan got only few clever producers who understand talent, take risks & support. You gotta produce by oneself an ideal creative environment.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

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