Cover revealed for the Japanese Metal Gear Solid 3 novel

Kojima revealed the cover for the new Metal Gear Solid 3 novel, set for release on January 25 of 2014.

If it seems familiar to you, that might be because this is the same art that was used for the cover of Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D on Nintendo 3DS.


The book will cost 798 yen, and is available here.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Joe

    Snake’s head is quite small in proportion to his whole body.

  • PrinceHeir

    yup same thing as the 3DS cover.

    btw how was the 3DS game? i haven’t played it yet, but i do know they allowed you to crouch walk on that game. though i also heard that the loading times are terrible in that game :

    • Nyxus

      I haven’t played it but from what I understand it’s not the best version of the game. Something about a bad framerate during cutscenes. But it had some neat options such as taking photos with the 3DS camera and using them as a camouflage pattern.

      • PrinceHeir

        oh yeah i remember that!!

        that’s probably one of the most unique things in the game.

        though i wonder why Kojima stop supporting Nintendo games? i think it’s because it kinda ends up getting half ass or at least not making it properly.

        Twin Snakes is awesome, but it needed to stick a little more to the original style, Snake Eater 3D is a mess, Metal Gear Solid GBC is godlike, but it’s not made by him(Shinta Nojiri;AC!D), and only the Snake cameo in Super Smash Bros Brawl where he truly made some effort on making it happen.

        oh well i don’t mind him going to the PS/Xbox route for MGS, but i think Nintendo need some love as well ^^

        • Nyxus

          One of the problems Nintendo is having with many third party developers is that their console is so different. You can’t easily port games to the Wii U, and for Wii it was the same scenario. So I think the main reason is that their games and Nintendo’s system isn’t really a fit.

          By the way, the Boktai games for Game Boy Advance were really awesome if you ask me (Lunar Knights for the DS was good as well, but not as good I think).

          • PrinceHeir


            add to that that you indies aren’t even accepted in Japan, digital has limitation on how big a game is, account system has just been implemented just now, but shows no signs on how to transfer your paid content, region lock content, weak hardware, lack of 3rd party support.

            i’m surprised Nintendo is still alive in this day and age. i guess their first party IP are really saving them all these years(Pokemon, Zelda, Animal Crossing)

            ohh that’s the sunlight thingy on the gameboy? i can’t seem to get it to work on the emulator back then.

            Kojima was really genius in incorporating 4th wall mechanics 🙂

            the game reminds me of Zelda with a twist. man we need more of these games!

          • Nyxus

            Yeah, it’s sort of an action RPG where you play as a vampire hunter and you use real sunlight to battle them and solve puzzles. It’s quite unique.

            Nintendo has survived because they still make awesome games that you can’t get on any other system, as long as that’s the case I think they will be okay.

      • Shalashaska

        I heard something about being able to walk while crouching and shooting over-the-shoulder like most of today’s MGS games. If that’s true, that’d be like the only reason people would enjoy it over the HD re-releases.

        • Nekkedsnake

          i actually have MGS3D. it plays OK for what it is. control wise it’s got the same setup as Peace Walker on PSP. it’s got OTS shooting, crouch walking, take pics of literally anything to use as camo which i find neat. as much as i love Snake Eater tho, the 3ds suffers from terrible frame rate issues. also, it’s pretty difficult to see enemies when real far away because they look like friggin pixels, hahah. i played it but haven’t beat it yet. I just finally got up to fighting Boss. it’s gonna be a bitch cuz of the clunky-ish controls. i actually really like Peace Walker better than MGS3DS because PW was MADE for handheld. I really just got MGS3DS cuz i mean, it’s MGS3 IN MY POCKET!

          • William of Orange

            Unless you play the game with the pro controller attachment. Seriously, Nintendo released the 2ds and they still didn’t manage to add a second thumb stick on it.

    • William of Orange

      I played the demo with the pro-controller attachment. I personally think that It’s the best version of mgs 3. PW/mgs4 control scheme, beautiful 3d effects, photo camouflage. I seriously considered to purchase this game, but I bought the hd collection.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I don’t like that cover. His face looks like a monkey. Really mediocre work.

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