This is the MGS Ground Zeroes Metallic Big Boss figure from the JP limited edition, and its packaging

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is coming out in a little over two months in Japan, and the people at Play Arts are finishing up the Metallic Big Boss action figure that comes with the limited edition. Here is a photo of the final product, that is now going into mass production.


And here a picture showing what the packaging box will look like.


Japan is getting two limited editions for the game, the one sold at Konami Style comes with this action figure.

Update: Another tweet by Matsusuka:


“Close-up pic. We adopted a flexible resin on the chest to ensure a more natural look and a wider range of motion.”

Source: Hidemi Matsusuka Twitter

  • iSolidus

    This must come to Europe.

  • flying_fox

    The figure is great, the packaging is AMAZING, I can’t wait!!

    My guess is that the metallic version will remain exclusive to Konamistyle Japan, but the regular figure will be available everywhere at the same time as the game.

  • BigBossWantsYou

    What if the reason Kojima still calls Big Boss “Snake” is that’s who he becomes if he doesn’t accept the baptism?

    • César H. Sandoval

      He’ll become Big Boss for sure at the end of the Phantom Pain, he can’t escape that fate.

      • William of Orange

        He did, do you remember the “fake” ending in pw?

        • Janeo

          I always thought that was the ending I kept doing extra ops after I finished but never got anywhere with them so I didn’t realise there was another ending until I got the hd collection.

          • William of Orange

            I was aware of it. A few years ago, a classmate told me about it and told me it was nearly impossible to beat zeke, let alone developing it. I bought the hd collection and it took me a while ( almost a year after the release) to figure out how to recover parts from the mechs. I used to destroy all the parts and eventually found out that you need to do the complete opposite. I don’t know, back then it made a lot more sense to me.

    • Jonny2x4

      It’s just for marketing purpose. Snake is pretty synonymous as the protagonist of the series, regardless of whether it’s Solid Snake or Naked Snake (or whatever codename they go depending on the game), just like how the Zelda series has a different Link depending on the game.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Yeah, as long as he’s playable, he will always be some form of “Snake”.

    • flying_fox

      Hehe, I can totally imagine a parody like that, called “Metal Gear Infinite”. ^^

  • crimsonfox

    All these Japan exclusives are really beginning to piss me off. The Diamond Dogs Jacket, The special editions, the figures. Bah!

    • PrinceHeir

      lol what did you expect? Japan is the home of MGS.

      blame the US/EU Konami for not being able to keep up with the releases.

      • crimsonfox

        But America is the home of Big Boss 🙁

        What about the U.S. fans US/EU Konami? WHAT ABOUT US!

        • William of Orange

          But Normandy is the home of Ocelot :-/

    • flying_fox

      It’s always been like that… Though recently, concerning Western LE’s, Rising raised the bar a little.

  • PrinceHeir


    i’m deciding if i should get this or the normal edition on play asia.

    time will tell though ^^

  • Kaniebas

    I want this.

  • Rob Machado

    Is there a collectors edition for US???

    • flying_fox

      I find it strange that we’ve heard nothing so far concerning an American or European LE.

      I guess it’s not easy to make a more expensive version of a game which, in a way, relies on its “cheaper price” to sell (marketing-wise).

      Though it’s apparently not a problem in Japan! ^^

  • Shalashaska

    I never care for this stuff usually.

    But damn wouldn’t I love that on my shelf next to a few of my other cool things. (Aka Vash the Stampede doll and Pikachu piñata.)

  • Zero

    I really thought konami learnt from the past years and started a new marketing strategy since MGSV by targeting more the western audience but No way though,
    Japan is still their main market when it comes to MGS and all the good stuff stays Japan exclusive. My only hope is since MGO is in Developement in the USA, they focus more on the west.

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