Kojima shows off MGSV Ground Zeroes on PlayStation Vita via Remote Play

Looks like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will support Remote Play. This means you’ll be able to stream the game from your console to the handheld and play on this system. Kojima showed some photos of this functionality in action.


“GZ on Vita today.”


“So great graphic!”


“Playing on VITA.”


“This is not “TRANSFARRING” but remote play. By using PS4 as family cloud environment, you can play it outside. Finally!”


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • NegaScott128

    “So great graphic!” is my new favorite phrase.

  • William of Orange

    Awsome, looks like Kojima really putted some effort into this!

  • Nekkedsnake

    loving this. funny cuz i don’t have a vita [yet] but i have the MGS HD collection waiting for the day i actually have one. GZ remote play is icing on the cake. i can sneak into camp omega on the toilet!

    • William of Orange

      I own a wii u and I usually prefer originality above 1080p bullshit (PlayStation Move ugh ugh), but this is awesome! I’m so jealous at the moment!

  • Jonny2x4

    Chico’s real name is Ricardo for those who care.

    • Super Anonymous II


  • PrinceHeir

    godly stuff ^^

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