Another Price Drop for the MGS HD Limited Edition (PAL)

UK retailer has lowered the price of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition even further. Now you can get the PlayStation 3 version for £49,95, and the Xbox 360 version for £39,95. This is respectively 20 and 30 pounds cheaper than their original launch price (about £70).

The Limited Edition comes with the game itself, a steelbook, an artbook and a t-shirt. For photos of the package and the contents, go here.


  • Frank

    The way the ship them is horrible!! I have ordered two and they arrived in shambles… Ive heard of many others the same!!

    • Nyxus

      That’s true, sadly. Although some people do get them in an actual box with protective air bags, which helps a lot.

    • crazysammy

      This might sound crazy but I ordered 1 and it was destroyed.  I ordered 2 and they have to ship it different because of the package size and it was perfect.  Sounds silly but order 2 and sell one on ebay!  At this price you would make a profit!

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