Konami Style Store in Japan prepares for the release of MGSV: Ground Zeroes

The release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is still two months away, but the Konami Style Store in Tokyo is already preparing its visitors for it by displaying lots of promotional material for the upcoming title. Pamphlets of the game are available now, and you can also pre-order your copy at the store.



Here are some photos of the pamphlets and pre-order boxes:











Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be out on March 20th in Japan and Europe, and on March 18th in the United States.

Source: Kojima Productions Japan Twitter, MGS.be

  • Revenge of Anonymous

    This is the version I’m importing. I won’t have to suffer hearing Sutherland’s shitty voice.

    • Nyxus

      I’m going to play the game first and see if it’s actually shitty.

      • Batzi


      • Batzi


      • Neco The Sergal


        I’m still a bit on the train on whether or not the Decoy Octopus theory is on the mark or not….it would make sense in my mind. At the same time I’m experienced enough to know that even the best of theories cannot be held responsible as what ‘Will’ be what happens when it comes to great directors/developers. I find it, no matter how many guesses are made, they always seem to choose a path or story that no one predicted and that it’s even greater than perceived in depth.

        Cause the conspiracies for MGS5 are as gigantic as conspiracy theorists are to 9/11 or the Watergate scandal…rofl.

        • Janeo

          Come on you can’t buy into any theories about boss not being big boss I saw those pythonselkan videos it just seems they really wanna play as grey fox. It’s definently big boss no question just get excited about stepping into the shoes of big boss again while having kaz over the radio telling you how much he wants to kill cipher.

          • Neco The Sergal

            The problem I have with your response is, you’re not even open-minded to ANY POSSIBILITY you expect what you’re told you’ll get, with no shred of curiosity even though Kojima always leaves secrets around like as is told, no one knew we’d be playing Raiden in MGS2 til we played it. No one knew it was Big Boss in MGS3 because he Looked like Solid Snake and we weren’t told it were a sequel, yada yada.

            Don’t be closed minded to the possibilities, never tell anyone that something will happen as if you’ve been to the future and are absolutely telling me what is going to happen, that’s either arrogance in groundless confidence, or confidence in ignorance :l

            And on a side note, I wasn’t going to reference the Grey Fox theory because that one Does sound dumber, but I still have a gut feeling that Decoy Octopus has to be a character. He died before being a Boss in any way in MGS1, he was an interesting character that had a story, a past, a description, an identity and he had died…..His job was to be the Master of Disguise and so, what better job than to be told by the Patriots to study Big Boss?

          • BigBossWantsYou

            With your way of thinking. Snake might as well be a fish. The whole Raiden thing in MGS2 was done because of the games theme which was MEME, and how society is affected, tricked, or controlled by them. This game deals with the misunderstanding between RACE and how it could lead to REVENGE

          • BigBossWantsYou

            Forget my comment. I was in a rush and didn’t fully read yours

          • Neco The Sergal


          • BigBossWantsYou

            I love you

          • Janeo

            Ok so I’m closed minded because i say we are playing as big boss. Ok so with these theories people think you play as boss in ground zeroes then switch phantom pain but Kojima already confirmed that you play as the same character in both parts even if he didn’t confirm it I wouldn’t believe it for a second you can’t say I’m closed minded for being completely sure we will be playing as the same character we have played three times before especially when it has been confirmed.

          • Neco The Sergal

            “Ok so I’m closed minded because i say we are playing as big boss.”


            :l and show me where he ‘Confirmed’ what you speak of, even so Yes, we play ‘Snake’ as a character-label/name. That doesn’t mean we’re playing The Big Boss.

            How are you even allowed to tell me he confirmed something and then say ‘even if he didn’t’ as if there’s a chance that you’re making that completely up? lol. Yes I can say you’re closed-minded for acting like you can be absolutely sure. That is essentially one of the manners that people can become closed-minded. You know, CLOSED UP, Closed-minded, tunnel-vision, you see one path, you think its the absolute path and there is NO ALTERNATIVES, PERIOD. Meaning? Closed. Not Open, open is to accept the potential that any path may have until we can make absolute sure for certain that predictions/theories or the path we expect IS WHAT WE WILL GET.

            This is called Logical thinking. Never be so sure of yourself especially when its Kojima we’re talking about -_-

          • Janeo

            He said it in a gametrailers interview after gdc said we will be playing as the same character in ground zeroes and phantom pain while making a joke about not playing as Raiden and that we can play rising for that. You can see me as closed minded that’s fine but I just look at the facts there is nothing that says we won’t be big boss, but to be fair no one can know what is happening until we get our hands on the game so I will keep believing we play as big boss and you can follow your theories which I will admit is a whole lot of fun but just not for me

          • Janeo

            I don’t know what your problem is all I’m saying is we will be playing big boss am I not allowed to believe that. Yes I am certain we are playing as big boss others can be certain it’s a body double it doesn’t matter you can’t call someone closed minded because that but I’m done with this now we are both metal gear fans so lets just both anticipate this amazing game in our own way.

          • Neco The Sergal

            You’re allowed to believe it. Just as I’m allowed to call it naive, which I think it is, and gave you reasons why, because it’s not open-minded. I already explained that quite a good amount. Your certainties and how you make yourself sound so sure of yourself is borderline arrogant in my mind. Whether it matters if someone accepts whether or not they’re closed-minded can be argued quite a lot, being in denial of ones own flaw is pretty sad.

            All I’m saying is be open-minded to actual changes or twists and chances of being wrong, to be absolute in yourself when you’re not the one making the game just leaves little to no imagination and only irrational stuck-up traits which disgust me. Never, Ever be sure of yourself unless you can be 100% certain and there is NO. WAY. You can be 100% certain of anything in the MGS Universe unless it’s been laid in stone OR, You’re Hideo Kojima. Since this is about a game that isn’t out yet nor have you even played it yet and you aren’t Hideo Kojima, for you to act so confident in yourself is just, again, closed-minded and arrogant :/ There doesn’t need to be any further explaining.

          • Janeo

            Playing as big boss has been set in stone did you not see the e3 trailer it is big boss it’s pretty silly to say its not. I have an open mind about everything else in the game but one thing that I’m sure of is that we play as big boss if by some miracle it turns out not to be him I will come back to this comment section and admit I should of had an open mind. But there is a difference to having a closed mind and and believing something pretty obvious if you think that’s a flaw good for you

    • PrinceHeir

      i’m importing the game as well, but not because i don’t like Sutherland’s voice.

      i just prefer Akio-san as Snake for the whole series ^^

      can’t wait for this!!

  • César H. Sandoval

    Can’t wait!!

  • Nekkedsnake

    i’m slightly curious as to why the 360 version has a purple box…

    • Shalashaska

      Doesn’t purple mean it’s a kinect game?

      inb4 Kojima lied to us all, MGSV is just a PlayStation Move.Kinect game.

      • NegaScott128

        Maybe it’s just all they had? I mean, none of the Xbox consoles have been popular in Japan. Maybe they only had purple cases for the display?

  • BigBossWantsYou

    Just pre-ordered Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for PlayStation 4!!! Now all i need is a PlayStation 4!!! Anybody got $140?

  • flying_fox

    Damn… I need to go live in Japan. ^^

  • PrinceHeir

    wow just finished my winter class yesterday 🙂

    feels like a awhile since i cam to the site ^^

    definitely importing this along with Rising Special Edition that has all the DLC including the Solid Snake sword and costumes!!

  • Viki

    where can i get the translation from the box stuff?

    • Nyxus

      Don’t know, I can’t read Japanese…

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