Shinkawa art decorates the cover of MGS Peace Walker novel

The Japanese limited edition of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes comes with a novelization of Peace Walker, illustrated by Yoji Shinkawa. Kojima posted a picture on his Twitter of the binding, again decorated by one of Shinkawa’s artworks. According to Kojima, this is a color sample, so it might still change.


“PW novelized book bundled w GZ LE (Jpn only) A special binding design by Yoji’s supervision.This one is color sample.”

To get an idea of the artwork included in this book, go here.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Cartmangus

    They’re crazy for not letting this man make the cover for GZ

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, it’s a shame. Still hoping The Phantom Pain will have a Shinkawa cover, or at least a sleeve.

      • His works grace special editions now, so at least hes still doing box art work.

        • Nyxus

          True, his artwork on the Japanese CE for Ground Zeroes is very nice.

          • Ive seen some people do some clever editing and make their own Shinkawa art versions of boxart covers. some are pretty nice.

    • Jonny2x4

      His art is on the Premium Package edition.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Same as MGS4, the limited edition had that cool drawing of Solid and Liquid.

    • César H. Sandoval

      But my realism!

  • William of Orange

    Now that’s what I call cover art!

  • PrinceHeir

    freaking godly!

  • Shalashaska

    I want this. So bad. I like, wouldn’t even need to be in english – I’d have it just to look at.

  • Hasaki Solidest

    The elite artist strikes again, man they need to let us buy this here in the US as well.

  • Nekkedsnake

    holy crap now THAT is an AWESOME COVER!!!

  • Nekkedsnake

    when will this even be available in the states??

    • William of Orange

      It will not be released in the west. It’s included in the mgs v:gz PS4 bundle.

  • Janeo

    It looks amazing. I have been wondering what do people here think about those body double theory’s going around

    • William of Orange

      Why, janeo? I personally think that it’s ridiculous.

      • Janeo

        Same here I’m asking because got into an argument with a guy here the other day who said I was closed minded because I am certain we will play as the real big boss so just been wondering if much people actually believe the theory because to me it seems pointless and just plain stupid it makes no sense to do it

        • William of Orange

          Yeah, it’s too far fetched. You’re probably talking about the decoy octopus and the gray fox body double theory, aren’t you? Maybe gray fox makes an appearance in TTP, but I highly doubt that. But I came up with theory myself and it’s a bit far fetched too, but have you noticed that Kaz and Chico look a lot like eachother? What if Kaz dies in TTP and Big Boss gives Chico a opportunity to flee this madness and changes his name to McDonnell Miller and spends the rest of his life in comfort and peace as a cqc and survival instructor? I mean,liquid easily passed himself off as Miller and they looked like eachother.But even this theory sounds ridiculous, so we should drop the subject and we’ll see what TTP is all about when it gets released.

          • Janeo

            Well it’s more possible then the body double but I have a feeling Chico is going to die in ground zeroes. It’s all about revenge and the player is going to want revenge after the base we put so many hours into is destroyed and the soldiers we recruited are all dead but it would also make sense to kill a kid that we met in peace walker and grew attached to over the course of the game I think it would just be the icing on the cake and every player will feel angry enough to buy phantom pain to take revenge

          • William of Orange

            So you’re saying that chico dies in GZ? Sounds plausible, but still. I think that we should stop speculating about this and play mgs GZ first.

          • Janeo

            I agree and I can’t wait I’m gonna replay big bosses three games just before ground zeroes comes so march is going to be a very fun month

          • William of Orange

            You mean mgs3,po and pw? It should be easy, especially if you maxed out mother base in PW.

        • Guest

          You don’t believe in the body double theory but then gain what do you
          think about the: “What about him?!” in the hospital, that’s clearly a
          hint of a 3rd person involved and no it’s not kojima that’s for sure…

  • Batzi

    really hope we get this novel eventually! They are already getting the Snake Eater novel and now this. Man the West and the rest of the world are always behind japanese gamers.

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