Snake’s character model, now versus then

During Metal Gear’s existence, beginning in 1987, game development went through tremendous technological advancements. Kojima posted a picture that compares the faces of what Snake looked back in 1998, when he appeared as a 3D character model for the first time, and what he looks like today.


“This morning Johnny gave presentation to our freshmen in Kojima Productions. “Game development now and then”.”

In another Tweet related to the subject Kojima said:

“There’d been 2 big heaps in terms of technical expression of pic, when 3D polygon arrived in consumer game & when normal vector map arrived.”

Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation was the first game where Kojima made use of polygons.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Golgari

    Another interesting image. Snake can be injured even in the helicopter and that is great.

  • Fredy Carius

    is this Solid Snake with an eye-patch?
    I mean, will we see a modern rendered Solid Snake in Deja Vu mission!?

    • Nyxus

      I think it’s just the Big Boss character model, but he looks younger because his beard isn’t as full and he has no scars.

      • Fredy Carius

        My bad, I always think that BB’s eyes are green

        • The[]doR

          So did I.
          I think they change it from green to blue to show us the graphic evolution on the Solid Snake’s face. But the eye-patch…

          • Nyxus

            Big Boss has always had blue eyes, at least since MGS3. Volgin also says he wants The Boss to cut out his eyes, because he’s ‘doesn’t like those blue eyes of his’.

        • ObsessedGeorge

          “Cut out his eyes. I don’t like those blues eyes of his.” – Volgin

      • Golgari

        Yeah. He looks like a younger version of BB. What if.. we can play young Big Boss.. Before MGS3 with flashbacks? That would be something. 😀

  • Cobra Commander

    Is it just me, or does that look like the Governor from the Walking Dead?

    • César H. Sandoval

      More like, he looks like Snake haha.


    Perhaps this indicate the looming of the MGS1 remake Mr.Kojima mentioned a while back.

    • Fredy Carius

      Please be it!

    • crimsonfox

      Hopefully after the Phantom Pain we see Solid Snake parachuting into Outer Heaven. Then Big Boss over the radio say “Big Boss speaking operation intrude N313” BOOM!

      End of Phantom Pain, set up for “Metal Gear” remake DOUBLE BOOM!!

      • SOLIDEST

        Now that would be sweet.

      • BigBossWantsYou

        You mean swimming into Outer Heaven?

        • crimsonfox

          In “Metal gear” he parachutes.
          In “Metal gear solid” he swims.

          • Jonny2x4

            He only parachutes in the NES version.
            He swims in the MSX2 version.

          • crimsonfox

            Oh snap, I played it on NES I didn’t know that. Now I know. we were both right 🙂

          • BigBossWantsYou

            The MSX version is the canon version (Kojima made it). Kojima hates the NES version (which he didn’t make)

          • crimsonfox

            I need to watch the game on YouTube then. Then reevaluate my life , I thought I knew more than I really do :/

          • Jonny2x4

            Don’t you have a PS3 or 360? They’re included in the HD Edition of MGS3.

          • crimsonfox

            I have both, No discrimanation here. I have the HD collections but haven’t played the MSX one’s. I legit thought I had the whole thing down. I know what im doing this weekend. Thanks guys.

      • Hirouakan

        Oh god, many times i visualized in my mind such cutscene. Double mind blow if voiced by Hayter.

  • markos

    With sightly less light reflexions, BB would certainly look human. Also, I wish kojipro could use better mocap techniques, like in the NVIDIA tech demo.


    my god, you guys are always so fucking late with the news…

    • Nyxus

      Uh, thank you? It was tweeted a few hours earlier.

    • crimsonfox

      Talk about being late… This was posted yesterday.

  • William of Orange

    He looks like a young Russell Crowe

  • Revenge of Anonymous

    Shave the beard so we can make an actual comparison here. The eyepatch and lack of headband already make it an entirely different character.

    • Nyxus

      But you can compare the amount of detail and realism between both models, which I think is the point here.

      • Revenge of Anonymous

        I’m sure. But the comparison would have been better had they pit two of the same characters instead of two entirely different ones.

        • Nyxus

          Yeah, but I guess they already had this one available (with some minor adjustments maybe), so it wouldn’t be as much work. And they’re clones, after all.

          • Revenge of Anonymous

            I suppose

  • Josue Quintana

    OMG looks like DH…. with straight hair

  • PrinceHeir

    hopefully it’s one of the costume swaps you could play as like in Metal Gear Rising ^^

    looks great as hell!! they definitely might include this in the deja vu mission.

  • Ilja Y.

    I really hope MGSV will have a similiar emotional impact on me like back then in MGS 1-4

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