MGSV info from Game Informer, main story of Ground Zeroes is about 2 hours long

The latest issue of Game Informer has a 20-page special dedicated to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. A forum user on NeoGAF read through the story and summarized some of the info. Here is what he wrote (there is also some story info in the dark grey text, block to read but be warned for possible spoilers):

“The main campaign is 2 hours long, it could be speed run in 5 minutes.

GI says they tried some extra missions but not all, did not mention how many there are but said they all take place in the same base. 

Gameplay sounds like a blast but you pretty much know all the info from watching the gameplay demonstrations. You have to find all hidden XOF patches to access the console exclusive mission. A little more on GZ, it uses an pad app where you can use a pad to be your classic radar. In the game you can access it through a menu but it is real time on the pad.

They spoiled the entire story, what little there is.

Now MGSV, it takes place 9 years after GZ while Boss was in a coma. It starts with the trailer we saw at the hospital when its attacked by “Those who dont exist” which includes a fire version of Volgin, Psycho Mantis and more. Ocelot saves him and the game takes off from there. Boss ditches the name Snake and finally likes to be called Big Boss. Kojima altered his look to signify Boss’ new attitude so he has a robotic arm and the shrapnel which becomes a horn sticking out of head.

For those wondering how Les Enfants Terribles fits in with the timeline he says it will all make sense at the end of the game.

The game area is 200 times larger than the GZ base. Gigantic open areas to explore which with many small bases, houses, farms, etc to check out. Some spots are guarded some are not. You can choose to get into fights or avoid them. It wont be one giant open world but many different large maps because you travel around the world.

Kojima says the games will play alike but in TPP its not constant danger like in GZ, you can choose to escape a base if you are seen in TPP for instance. The base building from PW is back, now there is a new base (probably Outer Heaven) and you rescue people with the fulton recovery just like in PW.

The bases will be more interactive, everyone will have their own and you will be able to hop online and visit a friends base if you want. If you rescue more hostages in GZ they will be transferred to TPP. Says players who play TPP will be at a clear advantage for TPP than those who don’t.”

Some interesting new info, though the length of Ground Zeroes may be disappointing to many people. Keep in mind though, they didn’t complete the entire game in two hours.

Source: NeoGAF

  • Janeo

    I knew it would be short but I was hoping for at least 3 hours. I guess
    If the main mission is two hours the side missions can be at least one
    hour so I’m fine with the length it is just a prologue after all. I will most
    Likely be replaying every mission multiple times so I’m still very much
    looking forward to this

  • Shalashaska

    Speed run in FIVE MINUTES? Jaysus, I was kind of hoping the two hours was a bit of a speedy run.

    Kind of losing faith in GZ – definitely just going to spend $20 on a digital PS3 copy, might not even re-purchase for PS4 when I get one. I don’t mean to sound whiny – this whole time I’ve stuck up for Ground Zeroes, and even now I still plan on buying, where as some people are cancelling pre-orders.

    I think if retail was also $20, people wouldn’t even complain. (Next-gen being $30, respectively.) Whatever it is that makes buying retail $10 more, hopefully is worth it, because I couldn’t justify it.

    • Hellrasinbrasin

      Let those Faux Gear followers leave as all that means is more units for the TRUE fans of the series.

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    …Does it really matter? I mean we knew that Ground Zeroes was a microcosm of The Phantom Pain in terms of story and level design so what ever the actual length of Ground Zeroes ends up being played on Normal or Hard will be known by all on the 18th/20th of March.

    • Nyxus

      Yeah it is somewhat disappointing but I know I’ll be having fun anyway. The Phantom Pain is the real deal.

  • Golgari

    I’m still buying PS4 physical copy but 2 hours of the main mission is not what I wanted but expected this…
    The biggest problem and fear I had for a Metal gear fanbase/community is that you can read at Neogaf this right now: ” I hope the reviews are brutal for that game.”

    and I’m afraid that this will be the case and I said long time ago that Kojima should not release GZ separately for 30$-40$ or separately at all until the final version of the game. It hurts Kojima Productions/Kojima pretty much because of a bad press that KojiPro does not deserve to be honest.

    I hope that reviewers won’t destroy this game because 2 hours is just a main mission. Not a full game for f sake.

    • Hellrasinbrasin

      … Are you kidding me every single business that reviews games is gonna tare this game apart because KONAMI marketed this as 2 Seperate Games under the MGS V Banner. So if you read their press release about Kojima Productions MGS V Project then come March 18/20th 2014 you’re going to expect a full game. WRONG!!! Its just a super-sized edition of The Tanker Chapter/Virtuous Mission not that I’m complaining its just that a few hundred others ‘might’.

      • Golgari

        You are correct. Not saying that you are wrong. I just hope that reviewers will not tare this game apart. I hope that there will be justice lol. 2 hours is a main mission and not the full game. You can finish Skyrim that is 50-100 hours game in 2 hours in theory if you are going just for the main mission.

        • Hellrasinbrasin

          Slightly off topic but KONAMI and GI related while they berated GZ for having a main story that was blown through in 2 hours they tore Lords of Shadow 2 apart for addressing everything they said was wrong with the 1st game. I’m just at the point were I see a critics article I just ignore it.

          • Nyxus

            Actually GI doesn’t seem to be negative about the game, they say fans have ‘a lot to look forward to’.

          • joethulhu

            Game Informer’s reviews are largely biased anyway. Critics can be good as a guide for what is good or bad about a game, but reviews (especially GI’s) should always be taken with a grain of salt. Plus, they always say positive things about a game in the previews. Most likely they’ll either hate it by the time they write their actual review because it didn’t have enough content, or think it was the greatest game ever made. It doesn’t go halfway for major releases that aren’t made by Nintendo.

        • Janeo

          I also have a feeling reviewers are just going to focus on the two hour campaign but this is metal gear I don’t think a metal gear game has ever gotten a bad review and even if it does just because of the length metal gear has a huge fan base so bad reviews won’t stop fans from buying it. I’m getting it no matter what and I think it’s smart for people who have never played metal gear to give this a try, if they like then they have time to get familiar with the series before phantom pain I just hope the length doesn’t stop that

    • César H. Sandoval

      At least we can be sure that if this gets low reviews, they will discount GZ soon and they wont ever try to do this kind of stuff (selling the game in overpriced parts) again when we get another Metal gear after V.

  • flying_fox

    We know nothing about the conditions in which the journalist played. For all we know, he may have skipped cutscenes, rushed through all areas, followed the main path without exploring camp Omega, etc. And obviously, a big part of the GZ experience lies in those subops and extraops, in which he barely scratched the surface.

    Still planning to spend at least 20h+ on GZ, and no two-bit journalist will change my mind now.

    • Golgari

      I’m sure they didn’t skipped cutscenes because GI spoiled the entire story of GZ but they probably skipped 50%-70% of sub-missions.
      Yeah, I agree with you. I’m going to spend on this game a lot too.

      • flying_fox

        Right, they probably didn’t skip the cutscenes (I, for one, am glad I skipped their spoilers).

    • Janeo

      I agree this game can be played in multiple ways so there is a lot of experimenting to do plus there will be side ops challenges I think so this is just going to make the wait for phantom pain even more unbearable. This doesn’t have co op but I have a feeling phantom pain will and if it does I will be getting two copies just so I can play through with my brother he isn’t a metal gear fan but I have been trying to get him into the series, so if phantom pain does have co op I will get him to play through ground zeroes ground zeroes and if he likes it I will pick up two copies so ground zeroes will have a lot of use in my house.

  • Batzi

    Getting it day 1.

    • Nyxus

      Same here.

    • Hellrasinbrasin

      Same here I’ll be buying extra copies of MGS V GZ for both Playstation Systems.

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    This is what a real stealth game looks like, This is what it feels like, and this is what it sounds like.

  • whatinthe

    Thank you Nyxus for graying out the spoiler for the story. Even if it is an extremely short game/story and that I can guess what will happen, I still want to see how it plays out

    • Hellrasinbrasin

      Them GI Journalists love playing Old Mc Spoiler.

    • Nyxus

      Yeah, I’m trying to avoid spoilers myself. Better to be safe than sorry.

  • Rob Machado

    Ehh o well I’m still buying it! It’s Metal Gear!

  • bushin

    I’m so excited for this. In terms of the story and even if it is short let’s not forget the new gameplay mechanics it’ll be a challenge! we all knew it wouldn’t be the longest game. But it’s more then enough to hold me over till TTP. And its gonna have plenty of replay value!

  • Cyberlum
    Bad move, Konami, this will surely backfire at them

  • William of Orange

    Interesting, it seems like history is about to repeat itself and I’m not talking about Gz’s review ratings.

    • Janeo

      So what are you talking about then

      • William of Orange

        Do you remember the mgs 2 media debacle? Mgs 2 is to this date the bestselling installment in the mgs franchise.
        the demo looked impressive (tanker incident) and people who hadn’t played mgs 1 yet were hyped as hell, because they missed out on a amazing experience and now they finally got the chance to play the sequel. After its release,however, a majority of the people and some critics complained about the complexity of the story, so a lot of people dropped out of the saga after mgs 2.
        MGS V looks amazing, sounds ambitious, etc. So this will likely become the new bestselling installment in the franchise. But I expect a lot of newcomers to complain about the complexity of the story and thus dropping out once again. So that’s why I believe that history is about to repeat itself.

        • Janeo

          Well as long as people play the other big boss games at least read up on them they should be fine, I have a feeling this game is going to bring lots of new fans to the series so hopefully it isn’t as complex as mgs2, I loved mgs2 though

          • William of Orange

            I can pretty much guarantee you that nearly everyone on this fansite loved mgs 2. Maybe you are right and I’m being a bit of a “dramaqueen”.

          • Janeo

            I’m not saying I didn’t like the complexity of mgs2 I loved it actually I’m just hoping people aren’t turned away by a story that actually makes you think because we know this game will sell really well but I’m hoping it does even better then expected because from what I have seen so far it really deserves it unfortunately I dint think it will reach gta5 sales even though in my opinion it looks very superior

          • William of Orange

            Mgs 2 sold seven million copies. Mgs4 sold five million copies (impressive, since it means that 5 million households owns a ps3). AC 2 sold 9 million copies, AC3 sold 12 millions copies, so I estimate that mgs V sells around 10-13 million copies. GTA V and the average COD game contains a brand-new story, That’s basically the only reason why mgs V wouldn’t sell just as much copies as they did. Btw, about that previous comment I made, you misinterpreted it

  • MrVux007

    Kojima did say that re-playability will play a major role in GZ!

    • César H. Sandoval

      I can replay PW for hours, so I don’t doubt it at all.

      Here’s to hoping they make some free DLC missions in the future to keep it alive.

  • BigBossWantsYou

    That wasn’t much of a spoiler

  • Ricardo Oe


  • Ricardo Oe

    This is great…

  • PrinceHeir

    gah this sucks.

  • Ilja Y.

    cant wait. only 1 month left

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