Lots of new information on MGSV Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain

For their March issue, Game Informer visited Kojima Productions in Japan, played Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and interviewed Kojima.


Here is a summary of the most important bits of information on Ground Zeroes:

  • Binoculars are more useful than before thanks to the marking feature, which can also be switched off through the menu.
  • Guard patrols are much wider and more unpredictable than in previous games.
  • Line of sight is ‘especially impressive’, allowing players to aim through narrow jail cell bars and the like.
  • Inventory is now accessible through the d-pad. Tapping the button once switches weapons and items quickly, while holding it opens the entire collection of weapons in that class.
  • When spotted, the on screen indicator fills with color as the enemy becomes more suspicious.
  • The second screen app lets players use their tablet or phone as a map, and can also be used to listen to audio files and view mission info, providing a tactical advantage.
  • The countdown when spotted is gone, now the player has to listen to the enemies’ radio conversations to know when the coast is clear.
  • According to Game Informer, the slow motion mechanic (Reflex Mode) will be useful even for long time fans, and ‘feels more like a nice bonus than an easy crutch’. It can only be successfully pulled off if Snake’s gun is loaded and there aren’t any obstacles in the way.
  • When interrogating a soldier in choke hold, any information he tells on ammo or secret passages will automatically be marked on the map. Snake also collects the soldier’s ammo by doing this.
  • Controlling vehicles such as jeeps and tanks ‘is a blast’.
  • Adjusting to the voice of Snake takes some time, but according to Game Informer Sutherland does a wonderful job and adds a layer of emotion, having ‘the chops to convey the soldier’s shaky grip on his dramatic life’.
  • Game Informer beat the story mission in under two hours, and Konami says testers could speed run it in 5 minutes. How long it takes to complete the story mission and explore the camp is up to the player, but the extra missions add some replay value to the game.
  • The extra daytime missions show off ‘how impressive the Fox Engine looks when fully lit’, with the PS4 version being the most beautiful.
  • Collecting the XOF patches Skull Face throws out of the helicopter will unlock the Deja / Jamais Vu missions.
  • The Deja Vu mission changes Camp Omega into a landscape reminiscent of Shadow Moses, including the music, lighting and even Miller doing impersonations over the CODEC. Beating it will unlock the polygonal Solid Snake skin.
  • In the Jamais Vu mission player control Raiden defeating Snatchers. He won’t have a sword but he is faster than Snake.
  • While consumers might feel shortchanged by this new distribution method, Konami’s reason for doing this is to ‘prolong engagement of the next iteration of the series’.
  • Game Informer concludes that with Ground Zeroes providing a ‘tantalizing taste of the beloved stealth franchise’s next evolution’, fans have ‘a lot to look forward to’.


And here is some new information on Metal Gear Solid V’s main portion, The Phantom Pain:

  • When asked about Big Boss’s coma, Kojima replied: ‘There’s only once he’s in a coma, and to explain that you need to play toward the end of The Phantom Pain. There it will come together. You’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s what happened!”
  • In The Phantom Pain, Kojima want to depict that you never come back from war unscratched. His characters losing limbs is one example.
  • The Afghanistan level shows ‘incredible draw distance’.
  • Creatures are present in the landscape, such as sheep and goats, and they all look very realistic.
  • The Phantom Pain is not one big world, but rather a collection of different areas, in different parts of the world.
  • Not every area in The Phantom Pain will have many enemies, so the player won’t have the constant stress that he feels playing Ground Zeroes.
  • At the end of Ground Zeroes an underground nuclear testing facility, abandoned by South Africa in 1977 is mentioned, likely the new location of Mother Base (Outer Heaven).
  • Unlike in Ground Zeroes, in The Phantom Pain you can recruit soldiers by Fulton Recovery.
  • Bases will be more interactive than before. You can walk around your own base and do different things. In addition, you can also visit other people’s bases online.
  • As stated before, progress made in Ground Zeroes is transferred to The Phantom Pain, giving people who played the prologue a ‘clear advantage’.

Source: Game Informer March 2014 Issue

  • Machine Gun Kid

    “You can walk around in your own base or visit other peoples bases online”=Nawwice. Fulton recovery, for the win!!!

    • Cartmangus

      That’s actually pretty cool I must say. I wonder how deep the “customization” will run, I’m sure it’s something akin to PW where the more resources and people you gather the grander the base gets n shit. Gonna feel pretty awesome walking around a massive base. Now all we need is that Foxhound coat as an unlockable outfit and we’ll be living the Big Boss dream

  • Batzi

    Getting the NA & JP versions day 1. Can’t wait!

  • Cyberlum

    It’s a shame MGS3 survival system won’t make a return, from the looks of it you won’t be able to consume animals and vegetation either. Also their distribution method reasoning didn’t make much sense to me.

    • Makeshiftnh

      I understand it, but I doubt it’ll be nearly big enough to hold me over. It kinda makes me worry about how big TPP will actually be…

    • Batzi

      Cyberlum, Kojima did tease the survival system not long ago. He said that it might make a return in The Phantom Pain.

      • William of Orange


      • Cyberlum

        Sucks that you got banned – you were fighting a good fight.

        • Nyxus

          Banned where?

          • Batzi

            Neogaf. Ban will be lifted on the 18th. The reason for the ban: Being defensive throughout all my comments. Basically I have no rights to express my personal opinion and I didn’t even offend anyone,

          • Hellrasinbrasin

            Certain forums are like that Skull Knight for one will Temp ban/ Perma Ban you just the same for having a difference of opinion.

          • Nyxus

            Well at least it’s temporarily. I can’t even get an account there. 😛

          • Hellrasinbrasin

            Oh I know. Try figuring out what E-Mail service they allow.

          • Nyxus

            I have tried a few things, including the email address from this site, but no…

          • Batzi

            @Hellrasinbrasin: It was a difference of opinion and I got banned for that. No swearing no racism no nothing.

            @Nyxus: Try a .edu email address if you have.

          • Nyxus

            Don’t have one unfortunately.

    • Golgari

      MGS3 Survival system does not make any sense for this game but Kojima teased that there will be a gameplay implementation with animals.

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    Take my money KONAMI take it all… Just Give us MORE MORE MORE!!!

  • Kj Kim

    thanks for information

  • William of Orange

    William of Orange, 17 days ago:
    It would be sweet if snake equips his idroid when you’re scrolling the map on your tablet.

    Nyxus ,17 days ago:
    Yeah, you would see him using it in real time, making the same gestures as you do. I don’t know if that is the case but it would be nice indeed.

    William of Orange, 17 days ago:
    Maybe a submenu that allows you to customize your weapons or a menu to listen to audio files.

    ” The second screen app lets players use their tablet or phone as a map, and can also be used to listen to audio files and view mission info, providing a tactical advantage.”

    Told ya so!

  • Cartmangus

    5 minutes to speedrun? Lol, that must make the GZ mission literally as straight forward as putting Chico and Paz in a helicopter and done then I’m guessing? Well, there will still be a lot of replay value to be had in fucking around in Camp Omega, Feels like they could’ve added a little more depth to the campaign than that though.

    TPP is sounding good, I hope the Fulton Recovery system is changed though, it’s conventient but with the realism they’re going for it’s gonna be awkward having people fly up through roofs inside building interiors, lol. Just in general really I feel like the fulton recovery system trivializes the guard posts a little bit, even more so than the tranquilizer, I hope it is more limited this time around.

    Are you planning on posting scans from the magazine or would that get you in trouble? I wanna see more in game shots and I think they said something about posting more Shinkawa art too

    • Golgari

      I’m sure that Fulton Recovery won’t be inside building interiors like in Peace Walker. Peace Walker Fulton Recovery inside building was more of a handheld issue really. A comic relief at best.

  • XIFF-5

    A lot of info, Nice!

  • Cartmangus

    Just got done reading the article, happy to hear about Snake being called Big Boss in TPP, a bit contradictory with the whole Punished Snake thing from the E3 trailer though but this is more recent news so I’m guessing that’s what they’re going for http://i.imgur.com/3fw2Owp.jpg

    • Toni Ymeri

      Where did you find this picture? What website is it from?

  • poopy


  • barthelfatness .

    prob gonna buy the physical copy of the GI issue. i’m obsessed like that

    • Rob Machado

      Same here.

  • CrazyGuy207

    Didn’t they say the physical Next-Gen copies get something special? Did they ever say what?

  • MGS Zombie!

    With all this stuff to do, why are people bitching about this game being beaten in under 2 hours?! Seriously, kids today are retarded. This game is at the top of my list.

  • kon

    hoping for some type of MGO

    • whatinthe

      For Ground Zeroes? Oh no, that’s being saved for The Phantom Pain. Besides, I’m sure it’s still in development.

  • Neco The Sergal

    “When asked about Big Boss’s coma, Kojima replied: ‘There’s only once he’s in a coma, and to explain that you need to play toward the end of The Phantom Pain. There it will come together. You’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s what happened!”

    Wouldn’t this technically mean that BB never was in a coma ‘Before’ Peacewalker? And this is what would technically break the plot of the series consistency? As it was meant to be that BB got his genes extracted via the Les Enfants Terribles project in 1972 where he was in a Coma. 1974 is when Peacewalker happened, him finding out about what Zero was doing was why he branched away and left Foxhound.

    Kojima then is basically telling us, his Coma in 1972 never happened and it’s being tweaked to After Peacewalker, which is why Big Boss has no idea about the Clones unlike Kaz, who knows it by being an insider and thinks of them as a contingency plan for ’emergencies’.

    • Nyxus

      Actually, the fact that Big Boss was in a coma when he was cloned is a translation error in the English script. It was never stated he was at a coma at that time in the original Japanese script.

      • Neco The Sergal

        Oh? Really? Though did Big Boss still leave due to knowing about Les Enfants Terribles? What made it so Big Boss split with Zero, even though within Peacewalker, it feels as if he’s clueless to the whole thing.

        • Nyxus

          Check this out: http://thesnakesoup.org/myth-articles/myth-big-boss-was-in-a-coma-when-he-was-cloned

          But yes, according to what EVA tells Solid Snake in MGS4, LET was the final straw for Big Boss.

          • Neco The Sergal

            Hrmm…so, to what extend does BB know about ‘LET’? That simply Zero took some of his own blood for cloning and/or emergency purposes? Or does he know what the project was entirely about?

          • Nyxus

            They never really went into detail how it happened, but I guess MGSV will address this, since the Les Enfants Terribles project will play an important role in that game.

          • Neco The Sergal

            That’s what I’m hoping. It felt like it didn’t give enough or really, anything at all during Peacewalker, it was entirely on Big Boss separating and finding purpose and trying to establish his dream-base for PMC’s…..but, all things involving like, the entire MGS Universe seems very very distanced in comparison to the rest of the series excluding the ‘Ending’ where things finally hit a shitter. I was thinking there’d be some flashbacks or some sort, but I was taking it that thats what PP will do.

          • PrinceHeir

            this is why i don’t trust translations back then.

            the older Final Fantasy games have tons of errors, especially FFVIII and FFX.

            heck it’s still happening right now with Bravely Default US/EU version where the dialogue is being censored(along with the clothes) to make it more lighter even though the game was supposed to be dark in the first place.

            that’s why when Big Boss was cloned before Peace Walker doesn’t make any sense. it supposed to happen when he’s injured in Ground Zero and 10 years later the twins(or triplets if you want to put Solidus there) were born.

            that would have made much more sense make the other events finally retconed after all these years.

  • Janeo

    I’m seeing a lot of people on sites like ign complaining about the length I just really hope people don’t let the length stop them from buying this game

    • Akiba

      that’s why the achievements on GZ is a lot, the ultimate nostalgia being collecting patch to play jamais vu bonus game. plus, as stated above, progress made in Ground Zeroes is transferred to The Phantom Pain, giving people who played the prologue a ‘clear advantage’. but, if you want a real challenge by being disadvantaged, just completed the story mode only, or don’t buy GZ.

      • Janeo

        I’m getting this for sure I know will get so much play time out of it I’m just saying people have to look past the length of the main game and realise there is so much more to do here

  • Ricardo Oe

    Never see this in others games…
    Very cool…

  • PrinceHeir

    very hype for this 😀

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