Game Informer’s Ground Zeroes impressions: ‘Best gameplay in the series’ and ‘the biggest step forward’

Two editors of Game Informer, who got to play a demo of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes at Kojima Productions, posted a video with their impressions on the website. Most of the information was already written down in the Game Informer preview, but there is also some new stuff, and the journalists seem really enthusiastic.

According to the journalists (Tim Turi and Dan Ryckert), Ground Zeroes represents the best gameplay in the series so far, and the biggest step forward. ‘It plays really, really well.’

One of the journalists compared Ground Zeroes to the MGS2 Tanker demo, in the sense that it really invites you to keep replaying it and play around, trying out different things.

Some more details emerged as well. For example, you can take out the power in the base, resulting in cameras and lights switching off, after which Snake can sneak in. One of the journalists tried an aggressive approach involving a truck, but was chased down by a tank as a result.


They were really impressed by the AI, describing a situation in which a guard was looking for Snake, climbed into a watch tower to use the search light, and when spotting Snake called out to his comrades.

One of the journalists once again stated that the PS4 version looks somewhat better, mentioning Snake’s hair as one of the things that stood out for him. But the Xbox One version was said to look great as well. They didn’t see the last generation versions of the game.

They saw credits after about 1,5 hour. ‘People are going to complain’. But they said that just slapping a specific play time on it doesn’t do the game justice. They said it’s a lot of fun to replay.

They also emphasized that they would like people to focus on the quality of the game and not just the playtime, because there’s more to a game than just that.

Furthermore they noted the game ‘does a fantastic job of making you super excited for The Phantom Pain’. Part of this had to do with the ending, something they were really impressed with. They even called it one of the most shocking moments in Metal Gear, and that’s saying something. The ending made them understand why Big Boss is so grim after what happened. In relation to this, they also said once again that Kiefer Sutherland did a great job voicing Snake.


The journalists concluded by saying they were now extremely excited for The Phantom Pain, one of them even calling it his number 1 most anticipated game, and they both agreed that this is the most excited they’ve been about a Metal Gear game in a long time. ‘It’s an awesome game. It’s so fun to play it.’

It’s worth watching the video for yourself and see the enthusiasm this game has generated.

Source: Game Informer

  • Risev

    The ending being one of the most shocking moments in Metal Gear histoy….. Let the theories begin!!

    • Golgari

      Chico dies from the hands of Big Boss.

      Yes. I said it here first.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        Kaz and Big Boss send Chico the traitor in exile, Solidus finds and adopts Chico, changes his name into Jack, (Raiden) Chico, now havin a new fatherly figure, dyies his hair white, and is given the name The White Devil. He swears for revenge. He kidnaps Kaz, tortures him and rips his arm and leg, which awards him the title Jack The Ripper. Big Boss rescues Kaz from his imprisonment in Afganistan and fights Chico/Jack/Raiden, he uses the famous firespray and burns alive Chico. Big Boss returns happily to Mother Base to celebrate with Kaz and Paz, with the latter ending up with Big Boss in a cardboard box after party. The presumed dead Chico, now with a deformed face, is awarded with the title Skullface, soon finds out that his love, Paz, went with Big Boss, and swears revenge again. He kidnaps Paz and his body double, and locks them in a cage inside a prison camp in the nothern tip of Cuba. Big Boss is informed about the kidnappings and heads for Camp Omega, to rescue Chico and Paz. Skullface with his body double in the cage, saying that “The Trojan Horse is in”, boards the helicopter to leave the scene. Big Boss has just arrived… GROUND ZEROES… DAN DA-DA-DAN!!!

        That’s a true MGS scenario right there people. I said it here first!

        • Janeo

          How is Chico a traitor

          • Nyxus

            I think he was joking. 😛

          • Janeo

            Ok then I have just gotten use hearing such crazy theories that I can’t tell if people are joking anymore or not

          • ObsessedGeorge

            I’m just joking man. 😛
            lf your read it carefully, how can Kaz lose his limbs in Afganistan and then go back to the Ground Zeroes events, right? There are some plot holes here and there. 😀

          • Janeo

            Yeah but it’s just hard to tell because some theories just ignore any plot holes I mean someone on here the other day was calling me ignorant and closed minded for not considering that you play as a body double to big boss so I just don’t know if someone is joking anymore or not

          • ObsessedGeorge

            Skullface says “how’s it feel to play the traitor?”.

    • Mark

      What if Chico and Paz survived in MGS GZ and fell in love during Big Boss’s coma and got marry and had a child named Jack ( aka Raiden)

      • Mark

        never mind Paz is to old for Chico

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    … I have a Theory based on this article. I bet Kaz kills Paz then shoots Snake then Chico shoots Kaz a stray shot hits the pilot they crash only Kaz, Snake and Ishmael survive. What’s your “Shock End Theory”.

    • RoderickThe13

      In the intro Skullface mentions a troyan horse. I think they’ll make us believe that the troyan horse is Paz and the explosive that was extracted during the surgery; but it’s actually gonna be Chico (in the intro he connects the walkman to his chest, so maybe he has received some kind of mechanical enhancement). He’ll cause an explosion that leaves Big Boss in a coma.

    • Janeo

      Why would kaz shoot snake we already know he doesn’t because in the e3 phantom pain trailer big boss saves kaz

  • Cartmangus

    Surveillance cameras are back then? That’s great, I’ve missed them, lol. Excited to see how things end, shits gonna get pretty grizzly, Big Boss and Kaz have just lost everything and then they’re involved in some kind of incident where BB loses an arm and Kaz possibly a leg, although that may be in TPP due to torture or something. Also I hate how they just casually spoiled what happened after the credits.

  • Cartmangus

    Also I’m happy to see the camo index go. A more logical system in place is nicer, I was never really a fan of staring at a number to see how safe I am. I wonder if that will play into TPP where more outfits are available, I bet it is, again you just apply logic I would assume, using jungle camo for a desert should just naturally make you more visible than if you used desert stripe

  • Fredy Carius

    That’s what i wanted to hear! An experience as fun to replay as the Tanker chapter

  • Golgari

    Exciting new info. Liked the moment when they talked about interactivity and AI.

  • Jessie Davis

    Snake!!!!!! O, sorry Big Boss!!!!!! I have never been more excited to get in a box

  • Ricardo Oe

    Chico here ; Chico that…
    blá blá bla…

  • Ricardo Oe

    the real name Chico ; in my country is :

  • Josue Quintana

    Microsoft Boys Crits and spoiling
    because Kojima says PS4 is Better

  • PrinceHeir

    ehh will judge it for myself.

    most of these journalists(no offense) really don’t understand how the series works and will just a new entry is the best ever.

    happened with Hitman Absolution(still a good game), Splinter Cell Blacklist(same thing) etc

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