‘Fox Edition’ PlayStation 4 confirmed

A special edition PlayStation 4 system was teased by Kojima earlier this week, and now it’s official. A ‘Fox Edition’ PlayStation 4 bundle will be launched alongside the game in Japan.





Since the system is made by Sony, not by Konami, the people at Kojima Productions can’t say whether it will come to the west as well, or remain Japan only.

To see more information, head over to the Japanese Sony online store

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Janeo

    He is just rubbing it in our faces now just so mean

  • MrVux007

    no offense guys….but i can do this same thing at home with paint and stickers

    • crimsonfox

      Can you send me a sticker then…

  • Ricardo Oe

    I,like it…

  • Machine Gun Kid

    Kojima after mgs4 came out, and i quote “Metal gear solid has a bigger fan base in america than in japan” you wouldent think so with all of the cool metal gear related items exclusive to japan only so far.

    • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

      well yea kojima said that but sony and konami are too stupid to believe him or realize that or are just assholes.

  • crimsonfox

    Awwwwww man…

    I want it 🙁 … I want it soooo bad. I feel like a stupid little kid ggaaahhh

  • Guest

    You kno what would be really cool? if the fox logo and the words stayd lit up whenever you had the ps4 on

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Ok i deleted this above comment because i posted it twice by mistake but it was posted anyway under guest lol

  • Machine Gun Kid

    You kno what would be really cool? if the fox logo and the words lit up when you had the ps4 on

    • crimsonfox

      Oh man, Now that’s an idea. They better do it with the diamond dogs edition when the Phantom Pain comes out.

      • Machine Gun Kid

        That would own so hard, ps4 with the diamond dogs logo, yes

        • crimsonfox

          I would own it so hard I would receive a restraining order from it.

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    And ofcourse this is Japan Only.. Son of a *faints*..

  • PrinceHeir

    that’s a clever way to put the logo on the hardware ^^

  • Nekkedsnake

    i just don’t get why this wouldn’t be sold in NA. i mean, doesn’t Sony WANT to make money? i’d definitely get THIS version of the PS4 if it made it state side…

  • flying_fox

    Beautiful ! But expensive.

    • Machine Gun Kid

      How much is it?

    • whatinthe

      No it’s not, it’s 46,980 yen or $460 USD, so basically the same price for the console and the game

      • flying_fox

        But the game costs less than 3,000 yens in Japan, even on PS4.

        … And yes, it will definitely be expensive to import it! 😉

  • Canofo

    Meh whatever, more good stuff for Japan as always

  • whatinthe

    I was so mad when I read “launched alongside the game IN JAPAN”. I was going to buy a PS4 then I hear this Edition comes out. Sony really launch it in NA as a limited edition or so because I would’ve bought it in an instant.

  • whatinthe

    I also feel they should’ve put “The Phantom Pain” instead of “Ground Zeroes” just for the sake of it being the main game even though its for Ground Zeroes’ release. It’s like releasing a MGS3 version of the PS2 that says “Metal Gear Solid 3: Virtuous Mission”. But who knows, there may be a Phantom Pain Edition, after all you can remove the PS4 frame and replace it with another one.

    • Nyxus

      I was thinking about that and if you ask me it would have been better if they left out the title completely. Just the FOX logo.

      • whatinthe

        Even better

  • Nick Garner

    I’m about to make my own here in 5 mins or so.

    • You’re making a custom PS4?

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