Comparison shots for Ground Zeroes, PS4 version 1080p, XB1 version 720p

The official Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes site has been updated with information and screenshots comparing the four different versions of the game.

The framerate and resolution for each version have also been confirmed. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version both run at 30 frames per seconds in (upscaled) 720p. The Xbox One version runs at 60 frames per seconds in 720p. The PlayStation 4 version runs at 60 frames per seconds in 1080p.

Here are the comparison screens:

The Night Mission Scene (PS3 & PS4)


PlayStation 3


PlayStation 4

The Night Mission Scene (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)


Xbox 360


Xbox One

The Daytime Mission Scene (PS3 & PS4)


PlayStation 3


PlayStation 4

The Daytime Mission Scene (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)


Xbox 360


Xbox One

The table containing information on resolution and frame rate:


A comparison trailer is also on the way.

Source: MGSV GZ Official Site

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    Wow, even the current gen version of the game looks absolutely stunning!

    • William of Orange

      Yeah,sort of. I mean, you barely notice the difference between the ps3 version and the ps4 version during the night-time. During daytime,however, they’re two worlds apart.

      • Cartmangus

        I wouldn’t say barely, lol. Did you look at them in full screen?

        • Danny (Soundwave)

          Yeah, they really differ from eachother and I can definitely see the differences in the nighttime shots. That’s no surprise since the PS4 is much more powerful than the PS3, but for a current gen game this definitely looks amazing. I applaud to Kojima-san for (I think) maximizing the ability of the current gens.

        • William of Orange

          I haven’t seen the pictures in full screen, yet!
          Yeah, I can definitely tell the difference between the ps3 version and the ps4 version with your pictures.

      • fearitself

        hahahah are you fucking blind? the diffrence between night version is barely noticable, hell the lighting seems be a bit more realistic, on PS3 than PS4 (though that could be just the timing of the shots), while the day-time looks like utter shit. the whole thing is blurred and ugly, just look at the sky, Snake’s outfit or the fences,try reading the signs on it, yeah you can’t. There ‘s just so much more clarity and sharpness to the PS4 version.

  • Janeo

    Ok I am more then happy with the ps3 it looks amazing I’m not sure if I will be playing the phantom pain on ps3 to but even if I am I will certainly be happy with the way it looks

    • Danny (Soundwave)

      Definitely! I have zero regret for pre ordering this for PS3, it really looks great.

      • Machine Gun Kid

        Same here

      • Janeo

        Yeah this isn’t going to bother me one bit when I put the ps3 disk in because I feel I will be getting the same experience as every ps4 user I’m happy with mine looking a tiny bit worse

  • Cartmangus

    I’m quite happy with how the PS3 version is looking, obviously PS4 one is a whole lot better but it doesn’t look like a travesty, but man.. that sharpness of the PS4 version, me wants. Xbone version looks like shit to be honest, lol.. I mean on it’s own merits it’s not bad but next to the ps4 version, jeez.. That extra power in the PS4 is proving great for multiplatform titles.

    I like how transparent Konami are with this title, how many developers put out comparison shots before a game is out? How often do you hear the regular PR bullshit “they’re identical hurr durr”

    • deSSy2724

      “scalling internally”… hmm does that means PS3/Xbox360 versions are subHD (little less than 720p). Anyway, for non informed gamers it seems like Xbox One, Xbox360 and PS3 are rendering the game in the same resolution and that the only difference is between 30 and 60 FPS but thats not really the case.

      I mean, did you ever play a PC game? Now, whats the difference between “720p + high graphics settings” vs “720p and low graphics settings”, the difference is HUGE. Obiviously, on the Xbox One version there is much more detail comparing it to PS3, Xbox360 (better textures, better lighting etc). So, basically, we dont know the graphics settings on consoles in general but we can say:

      1. PS4 is native 1080p, 60 FPS and high graphics settings.
      2. Xbox One is native 720p, 60 FPS and i would say atleast medium graphics settings
      3. PS3 and Xbox360 are native subHD/HD, 30 FPS and low graphics settings.

  • MrVux007

    PS4 to rule them all!

  • Golgari

    Better to look at the official site and zoom them both. You will see a huge difference.

  • Ricardo Oe

    I was going to play on ps3, because in my country one ps4 cost $ 1,600, you believe it—one thousand six hundred dollars.

    Fucked corrupt politicians

    But now a friend bring a ps4 fron US florida, and everything will be cool …

    But even then the ps3 version is very beautiful.Congrats

    • William of Orange

      I heard about that! Well, it’s a good thing that, in contrary to the ps3, the PS4 is region-free.
      What about the ps4 games? How much do they cost in Brazil?

      (For those who haven’t heard of this scandal, Angry Joe mentioned it in his top ten ‘controversies of 2013’ list)
      (it’s 10# on his list)

      • Ricardo Oe

        Yeahh , you are right.

        This is Brazil …

        the country of football, carnival, samba and much feijoada.

      • Danny (Soundwave)

        William, the PS3 is region free as well dude 😉

  • Machine Gun Kid

    I probably wont even have ah ps4 until the phantom pain comes out so i’ll be playing gz on ps3 which looks to be pretty good.

  • Kaniebas

    Yeah, the PS4 version looks sooo clean! And at 60fps this will run beautifully!

  • XIFF-5

    PS4 FOR ME.

  • solidmatt

    No doubt the next-gen versions have more texture details and are sharper (especially when you zoom in).

    BUT, I feel the real story here is just how darn good the current-gen looks (and many are having just that reaction). The daylight shot of the PS3 really impresses me.

  • PrinceHeir

    PS4 version is definitely the best, but i’ll buy the PS3 version of Ground Zeroes first, then wait for a complete package of Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain for PS4.

    i do hope when they made a complete package, the mission itself is within Phantom Pain so you could play it with one play through without accessing it to another menu.

    kinda like how Deus Ex Director’s Cut implemented the “Missing Link” DLC naturally through the story instead of accessing it to another menu, like the original DLC did.

    so no worries either way ^^

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  • Jason Mounce

    The final comparison on the bottom that shows 360/X1 is just embarrassing, there’s BARELY any freaking difference. It’s full of jaggies, lacking AA for the most part and the difference is only Slightly better texture resolution whilst running at 60FPS and 360 at 30FPS.

    That, is embarrassing in my mind as a testament of what ‘Next gen’ should be. PS4 is smooth as butter while you can cut bread with the 360 and X1 versions with all those jaggies…

    Welp, this is one I bought a PS4 at launch since I expected both THIS to happen, and expected PS4 to be hard to find due to stock limitations, because am sure people who don’t have a PS4 and love MGS, are going to have a hard time finding a PS4 just to play MGS GZ in March. Likely it’ll become easier to obtain a PS4 when PP comes out though.

    • fearitself

      tThey look just fine. Get over it, and go make love to your PS4 , if you love it so much. Nobody cares about your flaming.

      • Jason Mounce

        I’m not flaming, I’m stating my opinion.

        If there’s anyone who’s flaming and being hostile, it’s you.

        I’ll make love to my PS4 later. For now, I shall report you. 🙂 Your name should be idiocyitself.

  • Fredy Carius

    Man, i’ll get the ps3 version but its shadows are THE WORST!

  • flying_fox

    I’ll stick to my guns, I’ll start with the PS3 version and upgrade if I get PS4 later. This will be fabulous on every console anyway.

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