Comparison shots for Ground Zeroes, PS4 version 1080p, XB1 version 720p

The official Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes site has been updated with information and screenshots comparing the four different versions of the game.

The framerate and resolution for each version have also been confirmed. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version both run at 30 frames per seconds in (upscaled) 720p. The Xbox One version runs at 60 frames per seconds in 720p. The PlayStation 4 version runs at 60 frames per seconds in 1080p.

Here are the comparison screens:

The Night Mission Scene (PS3 & PS4)


PlayStation 3


PlayStation 4

The Night Mission Scene (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)


Xbox 360


Xbox One

The Daytime Mission Scene (PS3 & PS4)


PlayStation 3


PlayStation 4

The Daytime Mission Scene (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)


Xbox 360


Xbox One

The table containing information on resolution and frame rate:


A comparison trailer is also on the way.

Source: MGSV GZ Official Site

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