Kojima talks about MGSV’s graphics, replay value and FOX Engine

On Twitter, Kojima talked about the FOX Engine (Kojima Productions’ in house developed engine), and about designing an open world game like Metal Gear Solid V using this engine.


Can’t expect so much in graphic quality as GZ is open world game. More, I want u to experience the smooth maneuver of Snake anywhere u want. Worth replay value instead of just clearing the game just like the old days when u touched the game first time in ur life.

Kojima also noted FOX Engine can be used for different kinds of games.

If we were to dev rail game on our FOX Engine, will result a pretty hi graphic quality game, but that won’t apply to MGSV. Maybe other title. U see FOX Engine is eligible to dev open world, linear or even sports game. The hardest part is the one I’m creating.

On example of a sports game made with the engine is Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.


EDGE cover with FOX Engine

Kojima continued talking about MGSV’s replayability.

Since GZ is a real stealth simulator game, bit different from other open world game.  In rail game player proceed w flag according to the design programmed such as A→B→C→D→E→F→Goal.

Cut scenes are included in every → and dragged player into the game. GZ allows u to play the missions in open world freely. It’s up to player how you play tactically moreover the way to evacuate. Thus after mission clear, u want to play it again and again. Story goes by mission to mission but you have total freedom in mission.

So Kojima believes that since there isn’t one pre-determined way to go through MGSV, there is a lot of replay value since each time something different will happen, when it comes to infiltrating but also to extraction.


Bottom line: What Kojima is saying is that we should have different expectations for an open world game than we would have for a linear game, when it comes to graphics but also to how we play through it. Still, many people will agree that MGSV is a very pretty looking game.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • TheF1BOB

    It’s funny how he thinks his game looks garbage when it still looks better than most on the market today.

    Compare it to BF4 on the PS4. Both 60FPS but most of the textures on BF4 are crap.

    • whatinthe

      And its runs 900p upscaled

  • Janeo

    Is he saying this game doesn’t look that good, this game might just be the best graphics I have seen I don’t see any game beating it for a while kojima will never admit that something he has done is good but maybe that’s why he is the best game directer ever because no matter how good his games are he will always try to make his next game even better

    • Nyxus

      He’s saying it could have looked better if it was a more linear game. But I agree, it already looks awesome.

      • Janeo

        I’m just confused because I can’t see this game looking better but now I would like to see the fox engine on a more linear game something like uncharted

      • Cartmangus

        It does definitely look fantastic visually. I’m liking all this freedom talk, a lot of open world games have pretty linear straight forward missions, but it really does seem like freedom in how you approach the missions is a big thing for TPP which is just fantastic and knowing Kojima Productions I’m sure there will be no shortage of clever little ways to get through missions, like shutting down the power at Camp Omega like we’ve heard from the Game Informer interview, little shit like that is just great

        • Janeo

          Yeah this game is going to have so much freedom I don’t even see a future for myself once I get this game I’m not sure how I’m going to stop playing

          • Fredy Carius

            it will take us years to buy another game after TPP

          • Nekkedsnake

            PSX had MGS1. PS2 had MGS2-3. PS3 has MGS4-MGSV. PS4 will have MGSV. Hopefully it will have MGS VI! GOD I really hope someday MG-MG2SS will have a FOX engine remake…

  • Cartmangus
    • Nyxus

      Yes, I’ll make a post about that later today.

  • flying_fox

    It’s terrifying that Kojima needs to say this. It was completely obvious from the start that GZ (and TPP) would be all about replay value. Like any other MGS, actually.

    Besides, what’s wrong about that? Games, whether video games or traditional games, are all about repetitivity and replayability.

    No, really, it’s terrifying. Says a lot about the state of the video game industry. Players who are not interested in replayability anymore, or refuse to replay the same game more than once though it’s designed like that… They’re the ones who deserve $40 demos (which GZ is not).

    • glitchbomb

      It is not always a matter of replayability. Sometimes the story only needs to be told once. With some games it is all about the impact of initial experience.

      • Nyxus

        I have never played a MGS game only once. In my experience you have to beat them a few times to really grasp the story, and all its subtleties (especially with stories like those of MGS2 and MGS4).

        • glitchbomb

          Not MGS! Haha.
          I was thinking more along the lines of some of the survival horror games I am into. They usually are not that deep in subtext. And certain surprises loose their edge after an initial deep play through.

          Personally, another example might be BioShock Infinite. For me, i really only needed one thorough play through.

          My point is just because a game might not merit more than one playthrough, does not make it “bad”.

          In fact, i personally find it unnecesary when a game that does not need to, tries to -push- replayability with things like a tacked on multiplayer mode.

  • Kaniebas

    This just makes the wait for the full game even worse…

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