PlayStation 4 Japanese launch event live now – Kojima attending

PlayStation 4 is about to launch in Japan, and Sony is holding a countdown event in the Ginza Building. Hideo Kojima is attending the event as well.



“Here I come!”


“An hour from now!”


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Cartmangus

    Think they’ll show anything new from GZ/TPP there?

    • Nyxus

      The Kojima part seems to be over. Nothing new, they just showed the Fox Edition PS4.

      • Cartmangus

        Ahh, alright, too bad.

  • Batzi

    March 5 the embargo will be lifted. Expect news then.

  • whatinthe

    Congratulations to Japan for finally having the PS4 while I’m here in NA still waiting for the PS4 to restock somewhere so I can buy it!!

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