Kojima at the Japanese PlayStation 4 launch

PlayStation 4 just came out in Japan. To celebrate this, Sony organized a launch event during which a few Japanese developers appeared on stage, and to count down to midnight. Hideo Kojima was there as well.



Kojima also showed the limited edition PlayStation 4, the so called ‘FOX Edition’, as seen on this amusing GIF from NeoGAF.

This special edition console has been decorated with a laser cut Fox logo and the title of the game.


The first Japanese person to receive a PlayStation 4. If you look closely you can see Kojima standing between him and Andrew House:




No new footage was shown.

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes launches in Japan in about a month, on March 20th.

Source: Hideo Kojima Japanese Twitter, Ayako Twitter, Kojima Productions Japanese Twitter, NeoGAF

  • Ricardo Oe

    Happy , happy , happy !!!

  • The Random Name

    Hai, konichiwa. arigatou nyxus

  • Bob Faget

    The launch event was pretty damn terrible, if you ask me.

    It was 80% people talking japanese. 10% Japanese people playing FIFA, and 10% japanese people playing Killzone.

    No new trailers, no new gameplay, no nothing.

    • Nyxus

      It was more or less what I expected though. It’s not a press event for upcoming games, just a celebration of the system’s launch.

    • PrinceHeir

      “It was 80% people talking japanese.”

      Fucking seriously? the event is in Japan what the fuck do you expect??

      And it’s the same thing in other launches. no new trailers or any game announcements, just highlight reels of upcoming games or launched games.

      I don’t know why people keep expecting new announcement of games on a LAUNCH event for a console.

      Just wait for E3 for announcements then TGS or Gamescom for gameplay trailers.

      • William of Orange

        Lol, I love this guy’s analysis. 20% of the Japanese people were playing PS4 games, while the majority of the Japanese people were standing there with their dicks in their hands , I’d assume? What happened to the 20% of the people from abroad? Haha,he pulled those percentages straight out of his ass! He should team up with Michael Pachter. I mean, it sounds like a match made in heaven, if you ask me!

  • William of Orange

    Hai, goede middag. dank je nyxus?

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