New photos of the MGSV Quiet figure by Play Arts

Hideo Kojima shared some new photos of the upcoming Quiet figure made by Square Enix’ Play Arts Kai.


“Color sample of QUIET by Play Arts KAI. Still have loooong way to the release.”


Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • solidmatt

    did they make her boobs bigger?

    P.S. please don’t take my name the wrong way.

    • Danny (Soundwave)

      Hahahaha, solid Matt, ahahaha. Just kidding my friend, I just couldn’t help myself 😛

  • Danny (Soundwave)

    Another awesome Play Arts figure to add to the collection! ^-^

  • Solidus Boobs

    Boobs looking retarded, elbows needs to be fixed, face is ok! No buy

    • punished snake

      >buying videogames figures even if they are OK

  • crimsonfox

    I can’t wait to find out the significance of the “whale tail” thong style.

    “There is a reason for her to be dressed like that”

  • Anonymous X

    Disgusting. Worst looking MGS girl.

  • Jan Compaf

    i cant wait to cum on those tits and that prety face

  • Jan Compaf

    i will buy this day one , i love kojima i love mgs i love yes , let me post this , its not “mean” its a nice post

  • PrinceHeir

    Lol for some reason her boobs looks smudged XD

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