Ground Zeroes includes ‘incredibly lengthy audio recordings’

Here is some more information on MGSV: Ground Zeroes, taken from Eurogamer’s Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes preview.

A Backstory option can be found in the title screen. According to the writer, it offers ‘the longest, most detailed summary imaginable of the plot of Peace Walker’.

He adds that there is ‘a tonne of incredibly lengthy audio recordings that flesh things out even further’. You can listen to them while playing. He also complains about the complexity of the plot, but this is something most Metal Gear fans see as a plus.

On the gameplay side, the writer states that ‘the more you put into it the more you get out of it’. The game offers a lot of different strategies. some of which were used when a Konami developer raced through the story mission in under 18 minutes but without any alerts.


The Snatchers in the Jamais Vu mission can only be detected by tagging them using the binoculars. The writer feels the mission is ‘ultimately insubstantial’, though, and ends with frustration. He goes on to say that the Deja Vu mission is the ‘real surprise’. The player has to ‘recreate photographs of areas in the level that recall the first Metal Gear Solid’. After the photo has successfully been taken, a cutscene compares it to the original.

On the voice acting, the writer states he has difficulty discerning Big Boss’ voice from Kaz’s. He also thinks Kiefer Sutherland makes him sound ‘too human’, because he feels Snake never behaved like an actual person, who doesn’t get angry or emotional.

The final cutscene is ‘bombastic and lengthy’ and exciting in and of itself. Skull Face leaves behind an audio recording of over 7 minutes in which he explains his motives to a POW.

Source: Eurogamer

  • Bangarang

    Maybe Snake never “behaved like an actual person” or he didn’t sound ‘too human’ because he was a clone? Anyhow, I’m stoked for this one and definitely see the “complexity of the plot” as a bonus 🙂

    • Nekkedsnake

      good point. that’s why when MGS3 came out “Naked” Snake sounded more “human”, or i guess normal. he had a lot of funny codec conversations with his support team. I never understood tho why ppl actually complained about Snake’s voice acting in MGS3. i read that ppl thought it was too over the top. but the point was to make him sound more believable rather than an already weathered, grizzled, well known Legendary Soldier in Solid Snake. I feel Big Boss/Naked Snake has more personality.

      • Kevin Kerr Music

        That was the exact point Kojima was going for. Naked snake was more human. He prefers making games for him, since he actually feels and cries etc.

  • flying_fox

    “The more you put into it, the more you get out of it”: that could be said of every MGS!

  • Kevin Kerr Music

    Regarding Audio Logs.

    I’m not exactly happy with them. I was a big fan of PW. But found listening to the logs boring. I understood it was because of limited system (PSP).
    BUT I much preferred story telling through cutscenes. I’ll still love the story and the game ofcourse! Just wish more was done in cutscenes and less in cassette tapes.

    What do you guys think?

    • Batzi

      well at least you can listen to them while in my opinion I don’t see any problems with that. It’s pretty much like the new codec with no UI.

      • Kevin Kerr Music

        Yeah I never thought of it that way. Thats a good point actually.

        Its just because the info isnt “live” that I find off putting I guess.

    • Cartmangus

      I wouldn’t want the cutscenes to be so watered down that I need to spend hours to listen for plot details in audio tapes either. I do think they have their place and I wouldn’t mind them at all for little extra details, not unlike the insane amount of extra codec calls MGS1,2 and 3 had. I just wouldn’t wanna trade long cutscenes for long audio tapes.

    • Nyxus

      The cassettes in Peace Walker were just what the CODECs are in other Metal Gear games, extra background information that’s (usually) not required for the main storyline, but can add some depth.

    • Janeo

      A lot of people complain about long cutscenes though, I love every cutscene and wouldn’t mind the really long ones returning but I think audio logs are great if people aren’t interested in getting much backstory then they won’t be forced plus cutscenes are still going to pretty long it’s not like they will be 2 minute cutscenes like every other game I think we will still get some lengthy 10 minute scenes

  • XIFF-5

    What does POW means? : /

    • crimsonfox

      POW = prisoners of war. Prison camp bro.

      • XIFF-5

        Thanks 🙂

        • crimsonfox

          They are ususally reffered to as POW camps so the wording is a little off.

  • crimsonfox

    Gah, So frustrating hearing he complained about the complexity of the story and it’s only the prolouge! Why don’t they send real fans of Metal Gear over to these boot camps. Even on IGN Greg Miller is the biggest MGS head they got and they sent someone who was semi familiar with the plot. Anyway, I’m glad you can play the audio logs in game instead of the old Radio pausing stuff from Peace Walker. Also I can’t wait till I master it and can complete a stealth speed run at 18 minutes.Also I enjoy the word “bombastic” So I really can’t wait to see how it ends. I wonder if you see him in the hospital and fall into the coma. Or you just see the event that puts him in it.

    • Janeo

      What’s up with Greg miller anyway, I remember he made a video asking if a metal gear was still the same series he loved complaining about rising which was a spin off and it was amazing so dint know why he didn’t like it, but now Greg is really excited I wonder if he is going to change his mind again

      • crimsonfox

        He asked the questions but he seems pretty excited for Ground Zeroes dubbing it Peace Walker 2 (peace walker is his favorite game ever) everyone, even HARDCORE fans had mixed emotions about Rising.

        • Janeo

          I guess that’s right about rising but I don’t think it was something where you had to question whether the series has changed we already knew a traditional mgs coming when rising came out. Greg is my favourite journalist anyway because you can actually feel his excitement for games and he is really excited for this game just hope he knows now that metal gear will never really change for the worse

          • crimsonfox

            Defiantly, as long as Kojima is breathing. With evidence from the original rising “thunder bolt action” he won’t let a crappy metal gear gane release even if it means pouring his peers on blast with being straight out about bad development decisions.

            Also Greg is cool I dig his enthusiasm to look for the good things in games and not being a cynical journalist.

          • Janeo

            Some people criticise how he treated his staff on the rising incident but he just did what he had to do, he just cares about his series and even when he moves onto other projects I be the still won’t let a metal gear game be bad

          • crimsonfox

            Exactly, especially when you’re a perfectionist it’ll be very hard to pass on. And like Louie CK said even if you gotta “suck that dick” that’s your baby girl. “You gotta protect your baby”

  • César H. Sandoval

    Heh, and to think a lot of guys were saying that JamaisVu was the better exclusive and that DejaVu was lame…

    And Hayter can’t be replaced as THE Snake, even if Hideo wants it.

    I loved the tapes in PW, so this is good news for me

    • Nekkedsnake

      agreed. i was disappointed about the DEJA VU DLC at first, but quickly realized I’m judging something that I haven’t played yet so I squashed that. and I’m a huge fan of Kiefer, but Hayter will always be Snake to me. same as how Christopher Reeve will always be Superman, tho there have been many actors after. same with Michael Keaton always being Batman, tho there have been several iterations and Bale kicked supreme ass in all 3 current Batman flicks. and GZ wouldn’t be what it is without PW, same as PW not being the same without PO. And that’s the truth.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    How can he be confused with the voices? Kaz’s voice is recognisable from a mile away.
    Anyway, l like that we can play the tapes when infiltrating.

    • Kevin Kerr Music

      I honestly felt it at first too. same with ocelot. Took a slight effort to differenciate them all at first.

      Also you know the speech. “Diamond dogs. Our new Home.” At the end of the first official MGSV TPP trailer.
      Who says that? At first I assumed it was snake(Kiefer), which most people seem to believe. but I’m determined that’s Kaz.

      • ObsessedGeorge

        No, “Diamond Dogs, our new home” is Kaz’s voice. What l cannot tell, is this: “Take back everything that we’ve lost!” Who says that? It’s the only quote that they sound the same. I believe it’s Kaz again, because BB says then “Kaz… I’m already a demon…”

        • Kevin Kerr Music

          Im 99% sure thats Kaz saying it. I’d need to listen to it again to confirm but from memory yeah, I’d say Kaz.

          BB has only had 5 lines tops in this. (not including the GZ intro speech)

          Which trailer is that one again btw?

          Edit 2-
          Got it. nvm. Watched the Red band trailer.
          Yeah I’m pretty sure thats Kaz. Considering he done the rest of the speech throughout. Plus when he says “Deeper”, “Everything” and “lost” really sounds like him.

          But yeah sometimes telling the difference between Kaz, BB and Ocelot is pretty awkward. Guess we were just expecting more from BB so assuming its him.

      • Nyxus

        I’m pretty sure the ‘our new home’ thing is said by Kaz as well.

  • o1striker

    Big Boss always felt a lot more “human” than Solid Snake, and given what seems to be happening it would be natural for Big Boss to become more “human” than he normally is.
    It would be out of character for Solid, but most definitely not Big Boss. Even though they have the same genes they are not the same people, and have shared many different experiences, and memes.

  • Box4

    I don’t understand the author (or some of the comments made here.) Just because someone is emotionally distant, that makes them less human with no feelings? There are actual people like that in real life.

    Besides that, I felt David Hayter was very expressive, especially in MGS1 and PW. Both Snake and Big Boss had a tough exterior, but they also had a bit of a soft side (sadness and sorrow from killing his father (Big Boss)/mother figure (The Boss), Solid Snake’s speech about the importance of passing down to future generations/Big Boss’ “I’ve wasted a bullet. Don’t waste your life” speech to Chico etc.)

    Some of my favorite moments in the series involve the friendship between Snake and Otacon (like the handshake in MGS2, or the scene after MGS4’s credits.) That’s what makes Solid Snake’s arc so great; over time, he *does* become more “human”, despite being a clone. On the other hand, Big Boss’ arc seems to be about how a normal human becomes a “demon” (like he is in the MSX games.)

    Regardless of what people think of Kiefer, Hayter was never “one note.” He took the job of voicing both characters very seriously.

  • Guest

    Another ridiculous claim that has absolutely no merit. Snake HAS shown emotion, he IS human. He feels and cares and thinks like anybody else and MGS1 and 2 prove this. By 4 he had lost his humanity simply due to his ever growing nihilism, partly due to his aging.

    Only a human could do this

    • Anonymous X

      Meant for o1striker

    • Cartmangus

      Very much agreed. I feel like ever since Kojima’s come out and said that he likes Big Boss more because of his more human side, fans are jumping on his bandwagon and completely undermining Solid Snake as a character, he’s the furthest thing from being one dimensional and if you play MGS1 insist he doesn’t show he’s human then I’m not sure how much attention you’re paying to it.

      He has different struggles, and him being fucked up inside may be less relatable than being directly betrayed by a loved one, but it doesn’t make him any less compelling. Of course Big Boss is fantastic as well, and knowing what eventually happens down the line with him makes everything that happens to him extra interesting. But I would say that SS in MGS1 is a much more interesting protagonist than Naked Snake was on his own merits in MGS3. I don’t have a problem with people finding Naked Snake in MGS3 more interesting at all, but don’t undermine SS in that same process.

      • Nyxus

        Solid Snake just doesn’t really show his emotions as much, which is what differentiates him from Big Boss. But it sounds like the writer of this article confuses the two characters, and is also drawing some conclusions that I can’t see I really agree with.

        • Janeo

          Yeah it really sounded like he knew nothing about the series complaining about the complexity of the plot is a but silly when you obviously haven’t played all the games especially when big boss’s games are less complex then solid snakes or raidens. How could he have trouble discerning big boss and kaz they sound completely different

          • Cartmangus

            It is frustrating being an MGS fan sometimes, I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve heard video game journalist refer to Big Boss as Solid Snake.

          • Janeo

            Yeah I really can’t stand that, people think the plot to mgs is really convoluted and to hard to get into but it’s really not and I wish we had some journalists that really loved the series so they could tell people it’s not as complicated as they think, a lot of people just ignore the series because they believe it’s to hard to understand but if you play through the games the plot is pretty simple with complex themes that’s what makes it a good story

        • Box4

          He doesn’t show them as much, sure, but he still has them. You just have to look for them. He has a tough exterior, but when you see his determination to save Meryl in MGS1 (“I’m going to save Meryl. I don’t need an excuse!”), his bro-ship with Otacon in MGS2 and 4, his trauma from being betrayed by his father (the prison cell convo with Naomi, and the convo about how Snake knows CQC in MGS4), and his dedication for a better future, you see a bit of his soft side. He’s a very tortured soul, but in the end he found some peace.

          He doesn’t let his feelings consume him. Big Boss does, and that’s how he becomes a “demon.”

          I highly recommend that people read the MGS4 novel by Project Itoh. It’s Snake’s life told from Otacon’s perspective. Really an interesting read. Many of the things I’ve been saying about Snake were said nearly word-for-word in that book. Kojima himself praised Itoh’s ability to “read between the lines” (in the book’s Afterward.)

    • Box4

      I wouldn’t say he lost his humanity in MGS4. He’s still fighting for a future. His motivations just aren’t as clear, which was Kojima’s intention.

      Question: Do you think one’s sense truly can’t be passed on?

      Kojima: I think that even though you might not be able to describe something in words, it’s important to show it indirectly. No matter how often a parent tells their child they shouldn’t misbehave or that they should smarten up, the child usually doesn’t listen, do they?
      So I had Snake, who continues to fight despite his age, live by example instead of offering a direct message. It’s like a father going out and working hard every day to provide for his child rather than simply telling them he loves them. In the game Meryl and other characters tell Old Snake he doesn’t have to fight, that they’ll take over for him. But Snake continues to fight. That’s what he wants to pass on. Of course, they may not realize it while he’s still alive.

  • Ian Reay

    why would you want to rush through the game hat has been in development
    since 2012 , sorry but ill be stealth-ing my way through this numerous
    times, to see and not be seen, is always my motto,and ill be spending
    as much time as i can scoping the place out an planning my move before i
    go in

  • PrinceHeir

    This really reminds me of Dirge of Cerberus secret files being scattered in the game and if you find all three, a secret ending appears.

    I do hope there’s like an option or menu that let’s your hear the tapes anytime you want.

    Also, i hope the full Phantom Pain game has all the features of the Substance and Subsistence games like gallery, boss fight, theater mode, photo mode, VR Mission mode(something similar) etc.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    Nyxus I’ve been checking your site out daily for a long time and finally signed up. Thanks for this great site and all your hard work. Can’t wait till 3/18 to get my GZ on my new ps4 and 100 percent it.

    • Nyxus

      Welcome, and thank you for visiting! 🙂

  • Ricardo Oe


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