Kojima wants the new Metal Gear Online to have a broader appeal

In an interview with Did You Know Gaming, Kojima talked briefly about the new Metal Gear Online, that’s being developed in Los Angeles right now by the new Kojima Productions studio.

Kojima repeated that members of the original Japanese development team are working together with the Los Angeles staff on the title.

While MGO was very successful in Japan, Kojima doesn’t consider it a success in the west. That’s why he wanted people from all over the world working on the game.


Kojima noted a lot of Japanese MGO fans are still criticizing the fact that the game is being developed in LA instead of Japan. But he wants it to become a game everyone can enjoy, although he didn’t go into specifics. He concluded by saying: “We’re trying to make all the necessary adjustments by trial and error, having everyone work together.”

Source: Did You Know Gaming

  • crimsonfox

    I just hope they don’t water it down and make it too simple. Being from the west I know people here don’t really like difficulty in their games. Which is stupid to me, I love a challenge. And MGO was just that either you were good or you completely sucked. I loved it because only hardcore fans stuck with it and it wasn’t full of bafoons. Folks from the east want the game to stay more of the same and I do too. Besides some loading issues, and some clunky animation MGO was perfect… also the login thing when it first launched was ridiculous. I hope that at least that can be main steamed. Nothing tops linking up with friends in a lobby then going to town on the world!

    • letmegonao

      it was “perfect” really. You people are so stupid the only western game you know is COD

      • crimsonfox

        Does my opinion upset you?

        I hate people like you, who think they know everything. Ruining the internet one by one.

    • Jonny McLaurine

      I liked it but the problem was exactly what you said ” only the most hardcore/dedicated stuck with it.
      I see the same thing on ps4 last of us multiplayer. Which it has a lot in common with MGO being stealthy team based. The problem is to crank out expansion packs on the regular you need to make a big big profit. It’s true they wanna make a billion dollars to a 100 grand.
      So more people = more money = more support and/or DLC.
      i hope they figure out a way to please the main fan base and the main stream gamers so this game could have a nice MP lifetime

  • Zero

    Metal Gear Online: Black Ops 3

    • crimsonfox

      I hope not Major Zero

      • Major Zero

        It will be vastly different in a negative way i’m smelling it. People should start a petition now just in case MGO 3 gonna suck lol


    I’m betting that they will implement a better FPV into it more like the western FPS games.
    MGO2 had it but not in the like of COD or battlefield. These games are more played here so it will be easier for them to change some of the mechanics to go along western preferences imo.

  • Ricardo Oe

    METAL GEAR ONLINE : was the best game online of all time…
    Save Old-MGO ; and come the New-MGO with too much CQC and cardboard boxes…
    Don´t forget the stealth mode…

  • MrVux007

    ……i bought my MGS4 in Singapore(only to realize its region locked) face-palm……

  • MGO Solidier from The West

    Kojima said it was not popular outside of japan but in the same time konami region locked mgo and required the konami ID. Not to forget how konami gaved up supporting mgo after 2009 it was their fault that MGO was not popular enough in the west because they didn’t support it outside of japan.

    So you want to make it more accessible now? Then:

    Open the servers to the world and not region lock it
    Remove the Konami ID
    Support the community by adding new maps, new modes and Service Control iin terms of cheating, Ddosing and hacking.
    General Service Support, constantly overviewing the service

    That’s all.
    Don’t blame us konami!!!

    • Marlymar

      I don”t know what mgo you were playing but the one I was on had everything you said it didn’t. Expansion packs with extra maps, special characters (I.E. VAMP, RAIDEN, MERYL, not to mention SNAKE & LIQUID as default special characters), weapon customizations, new codex packs for your very OWN custom character. Besides all that there were weekly tournaments with prizes of accumulating points for buying clothes and accessories for your custom character which can be your default male or female character that you can purchase ( I had both.). It received all the support you needed to enjoy it until it’s final day on June 12, 2012. I’m guessing you was not that involved with the game if you couldn’t have been any right about the way you’re bashing mgo being that you were probably a NOOB. ME, I was a level 16; Marlymar look me up , TSNE PRO.

      • Kisuke the Sexy

        You DO realize that he wasn’t bashing MGO right? Nor did he say that it lacked content… Everything you just mentioned has nothing to do with what he was stating, so you’re really only succeeding in making yourself look like an idiot. He obviously loves MGO, and he was just listing the FACTS as to why MGO didn’t last long in western markets due to poor server support and such from Konami. That in no way has anything to do with suggesting that it lacked content. The expansion packs you mentioned are the only things relevant to the post your commenting on dude.

      • Kajan Johnson

        wahahaha ignorance is a bliss after all, learn to read idiot..

  • MGO Solidier from The West

    And* Don’t change the Game, change your Attitude!

  • TheF1BOB

    Don’t see the big deal about this. It’ll probably have modes to cater both the hardcore/casual crowd.

  • Machine Gun Kid

    La Li Lu Le Lo??????????????????????????

  • XIFF-5


    • PrinceHeir


      Is the the US or Canada version?

  • PrinceHeir

    What they need to improve in the multiplayer.

    No more lock on BS for instant head shots. Seriously i would really want if the game just let us aim for ourselves. Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3(to an extent) did this perfectly and it made the game balance(still has some issues like melee range being ridiculous) It’ss the reason why i played Uncharted 2 MP extensively rather than MGO.

    Improved servers please! I really don’t want to wait 8-16 minutes for a match while in Uncharted MP i would have gotten 3-4 matches already.

    There’s also needs a fighting system that let’s you counter CQC in real time(like in The Boss’s battle in MGS3) instead of having to equip a skill making you invulnerable for low level players to CQC.

    Equipping box needs to have an animation where the character goes into the box for at least 2-3 seconds(but the character needs to stop for the animation to happen) no more invincible BS frames or instant switching. That really killed my interest in the MP where everyone is in a box constantly abusing the invincible frames and doing some auto aim headshot.

    More characters please! Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence and Portable Ops Plus had more characters from series past game than Metal Gear Online could ever hope for. Old Snake vs Raiden? Ocelot vs Para Medic? I can’t believed Konami isn’t taking a page for Resident Evil’s Mercenaries mode where you have characters from past games fighting each other.

    The game needs to implement more team based mechanics. I’m thinking of Team Fortress 2’s medic class where the medic can shoot healing generator for players or maybe add like a healing generator field(a small circle field) and players can go to that field to heal to regenerate their health slowly like in Lost Planet 2.

    Other various game modes. Spies vs Mercs from Splinter Cell series is one of the most unique and amazing MP things i have ever experienced in a game. Sure there’s a mode where Snake has the stealth camo and people will need to find him, but Spies vs Mercs did it much better and more fluid like adding a rader to detect enemies presence, but not position.

    Also dedicated support in all regions. Take notes from Square Enix and its support with FInal Fantasy XIV ARR. Do not follow Sega’s style where Japan is already ahead of Phantasy Star Online 2(episode II i believed?) while the game hasn’t even arrived yet on west officially.

    The amount of new content the JPN had for the MGO community is amazing. Doubt the western version even have half of this amount at all.

    Finally get rid of the Konami ID please. Just make the content through their respective services(PSN/XBLA) it’s clear that Konami as a whole has no clue watsoever in supporting community as a whole.

    • blackfox

      Sounds like you should just stick to playing all those other games.

      • PrinceHeir

        Lol so you should not improve the series and instead stick to the BS broken mechanics, poor community support, lack of content and modes, overprice DLCs, and weak gameplay?

        Heck i wouldn’t be surprised if they throw a bare bones versions of Metal Gear Online and people would just lap it up.

        But hey it’s from Kojima Productions so it must be perfect right?

        • blackfox

          I didn’t say that. It just looks like you are wanting to make MGO into something it isn’t.

          • PrinceHeir

            So you don’t want multiple characters from old games? Stick to the same boring old custom characters(which is not bad per se) instead of using iconic characters from the series?

            I’m pretty sure people would be amazed if we were to play young Ocelot vs the newer or even the older Ocelot from future series timeline.

            Metal Gear is one of the biggest franchises in Japan. There’s tons of rich and detail things they can add to multiplayer that will make fans of the franchise happy and delight and play the MP for years to come.

            I still play UC3 MP from time to time(not active as before) same with RE5/6 Mercenaries.

            And where’s MGO in all of this? pretty much dead now.

          • blackfox

            Oh god, shut up already. eesh.

          • PrinceHeir

            Maybe if you didn’t opened your mouth then i would have not wasted my time explaining why the online series is broken as hell.

            Please tell me why these aren’t legit criticisms? pretty sure any player who joined late in the game would have experience all of this. Heck I remember Nyxus didn’t even played the MP much.

            Is there’s something wrong criticizing the MP? Heck this nothing compared to other players problems with MGO.

            People love to think that MGS is the cream of the crop, the best of the best and doesn’t need to be criticize because it’s the “best thing” ever.

            If your a true fan, you know that you can decipher the problems of the series and help improve and offer feedback for future games.

            But People here just lap whatever Kojima throws at you without even thinking critically.

            Because hey it’s from Kojima Productions so expect perfection.

          • glitchbomb

            Good idea, insult “everyone here” and claim that you are the only “true fan”because you nitpick. No wonder no one seems to like you. Couple that with being extremely sensitive and lashing out at people.. yikes! Maybe you should stick with bad anime?

          • PrinceHeir

            Yeah how did i insult anyone? Is it because i’m not part of the pro elitist kojima group everyone here seems to be on now?

            So it’s better to just lap and eat whatever shit Konami throws at you?? Seriously i wouldn’t definitely be surprised if people here will have an orgasm just so they can shake the hand of Kojima.

            Bad anime? what anime? You mean this pic? lol.

            And Anime is just the Japanese word for “Animation”. There’s no one single genre that defines anime. Anime has a lot of styles, something a lot of people like you tend clueluess to just moe and cute.

            And yikes! without Anime Metal Gear wouldn’t even exist. No giant Metal Gear mechs(straight from older works like Votoms, Gundam, even MGS4 Gekko is from older works like Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell), Cyborg Ninja is obviously a homage to the older mask characters like Casshern and Karas. All the crazy characters are straight out of manga characters.

            Heck i’m surprised people enjoyed Snake’s love for cardboard box. Something that is considered weird by a lot of people if you showed them the first time.

          • Guest

            Anime means animation? whoa.

          • PrinceHeir

            I’m not gonna make a comment about that, but yes anime is just a short cut of animation in Japanese.

            Just as Manga is just comics in Japanese or Manwha in Korean comics.

          • AJ Lee

            You sucked at MGO2 clearly, and will suck at MGO3. Lock on headshots? Auto-Aim only targeted the body, any good player with decent aim could 1 shot kill any Auto-Aim scrub with a headshot. Typical n3 nerd who hates on the game because you were shit. I probably killed you many times on the way to white beret and sweet 1500RP survival for 5 wins in a row, ez pz

          • PrinceHeir

            LMAO Who the fuck are you clown?

            Yeah good thing MGSV will reduce the lock-on BS so hopefully no name scums like you will actually play the game the legit way.

            Come on bitch! Let’s do this on MGSV.

          • AJ Lee

            I will teabag you all night long.

          • PrinceHeir

            LMAO you don’t even know how to play XD

            Aww what’s gonna happen to you once auto-lock on is gone. Your gonna have to play it the legit way 🙁

            Don’t worry once i’m done with you. You wish MGO2 were still alive so you could go back and do your typical auto lock on BS tactics there.

          • AJ Lee

            Yeah sure I don’t know how to play. 2200+GP and won tourny dozens of times with the top EU clans inc 2TM & White Element, try again. I never used auto aim unless in TSNE. Try again sloth.

          • PrinceHeir

            LMAO Top EU clans? EU have shitty connections against US. Not to mention so many lag switch BS you guys love to pull.

            The only legit tournament happen were in Japan since most of them have lag free match and all the content were there.

            Fuck out here with EU clan BS. I will expose the clown that you are.

          • AJ Lee

            Okay you do that, join MGOLeague.com when it launches in 4 days and you can discuss this with me and all the other top MGO players. But you won’t, because you’re a little scared cartoon fapping weeaboo faggot who was shit at MGO.

            NA version of MGO was the worst, most laggy, glitchy shit fest and as much as it is hard for a weeaboo like yourself to take, the Japanese do not like you.

            Oh and EU finished 2nd at the 2008 World Championships behind the Japanese team Rita, so please learn your MGO history you unknown phaggot.

          • PrinceHeir

            LOL fail i don’t give a shit about your stupid scum team. Of course i don’t compete online because how shitty the servers in NA. Are you that dumb or just stupid in general?

            So what? Your not that team that made it in so i don’t know what you trying to prove with your shitty history lesson. Don’t worry i will expose the shit out of you so you can beg to Kojima-san to bring back your MGO2 online where you and your circle shit clan can play.

            Hopefully i won’t see your shit face once i embarrassed you completely in this new MGO.

          • AJ Lee

            Join MGOL when it launches, it’s still in development for MGO3, and you can play me (you won’t, you’re scared)

            Also, I’m Korean, let me tell you something. The Japanese, do not like you, they dislike little weeaboos like you that love their culture, you will never be Japanese, and those 2D girls will never be reality, sorry bro.

            You best put me on your ignore list and forgot you ever started an argument with me before I unleash hell and fury on you, son.

          • PrinceHeir

            Lol sorry but i never wanted to be Japanese. I just love how you assume just because i have an avatar. but don’t worry mistakes happen so i forgive you.

            Actually i prefer to just converse with them in language. I’m not being weaboo or whatever garbage your spouting. It’s funny how you were able to assume alot of things from me just because of my posts XD

            I just love ignorant people like you.

            No auto aim BS, Box, or lag switching tactics are gonna save you in this game. You best replay Ground Zeroes now while you have a chance.

            Oh your Korean? I hope you don’t go suicidal on me once i’m done with you.

          • AJ Lee

            I don’t need saving, like I said, won everything there was to win in MGO2. Every beret, White, Pink, Purple, Orange. MGO was easy, I love the sweet HS sound when I killed sloths like yourself.

            Korea > Japan, Japan’s economy is horrific, and their birth rates are so low they’re slowly dying as a race, and then when that happens we can get rid of weeabos like you.

          • PrinceHeir

            LMAO Why are you turning this Japan vs Korea? I don’t give a shit who has low or has better economy. I just love how your turning a simple competition into a ethnicity war out of nowhere.

            Your CRAZY as hell, and it is my duty to put down scum like you in your place.

            Enough talk. Once MGSV get’s released i’ll be joining clan and hopefully i’ll see you there.

            Don’t worry. Once you go suicidal on me i’ll stop you. Even though your a piece of shit, I’m willing to give you a chance to turn a new leaf.

            Hopefully you become a better person once i school you at your own game ^^

          • AJ Lee

            I’m not the piece of shit who spends all day looking at cartoons bro, sorry to break it to you. I’m sure your parents are proud.

            Enjoy MGO3, you’ll give up within 2 months and blame the game, the lag, the glitch, when really, you just suck.

          • PrinceHeir

            I’m sorry, i keep forgetting your being suicidal now. Have you been taking your meds?

            Don’t worry they already learned from it thanks to shit face like you that loves this stuff.

            Once this game starts you’ll be wonder where your auto lock on, box trick shenanigans and lag switch went through.

            Better message Konami right now so you can bring MSG4 Online back while you still have your chance.

            Oh don’t worry my parents are proud of me. I’m actually worried about your parents. What happens when AJ Lee commits suicide?!? If i can stop you from doing it, at least i can send you some flowers for the eventual funeral.

            Don’t do this on me AJ Lee!!! I need some toys to play with in MGO3!!

          • AJ Lee

            Your parents can’t be proud their son turned into an anime loving nerd, sorry. America used to be a proud nation, parents would be proud of their kids, in good jobs, or being brave enough to go in the military, but you just sit and look at cartoons all day, hope you’re proud of being an embarrassment to your country.. all of Asia is laughing at you. x

          • PrinceHeir

            Lol I’m not even American!

            Damn your really on a role today!!! Man i don’t know what kind of crack your smoking, but really seek help IMMEDIATELY.

            I’m not joking. I’ll walk through the hospital if your scared.

            And if it makes you feel better. I came from Asia and went to US around 2008. Let that sink in for a moment.

            I think i was wrong to make fun of you. You really need help. I do not know why your turning this into a ethnicity war. Did the Japanese struck you or something?

            Man i’m sorry for what i said earlier, but i’m still kicking your ass in MGO3.

            Also since your Korean, you should at least know how to play Tekken. So why not play Tekken 7 as well once it releases on consoles.

            There, i’ll be destroying you in two games. Don’t worry I’ll help you survive this ordeal once its over!

          • AJ Lee

            You keep talking but you do NOTHING to back anything you say up, you are a compulsive liar. Post your PSN ID or your XBL so you can own me, otherwise how will you find me?

            Oh great your poor family emigrated to the US, so not only do the Japanese hate you, but the Americans hate you too. Hopefully a bunch of jock college guys beat you up in school, forcing you to seek refuge in the world that is 2D cartoon girls.

          • PrinceHeir

            AHAHA Keep Talking! I Love It!

            I never knew Koreans are this crazy. Must be the reason why there the most suicidal bunch in the world.

            Don’t worry i don’t need to fight anyone. Heck i don’t even have to wait till i destroy you in MGO3 or T7, you might kill yourself after this conversation!

            Let me guess, your one of the refugees who got out of North Korea. careful now, you might be sent back there soon ^^

            Oh well i’m gonna stop talking now. All i can do now is send you some flowers for your funeral. Man it was nice knowing you! I hardly knew ya!

          • AJ Lee

            I’m not going to kill myself, sorry to break it to you, I clearly struck a nerve calling you out on your shit life, because why else would you constantly keep pulling suicide jokes outta your ass. Change the record. You got nothing for me bro, and I’ll mind fuck you for life from this point on.

            Crawl back into whatever dirty third world asian country your family came from. You weeabo pheasant.

          • AJ Lee

            Oh, and you turned your profile private, hahaha, I mind fucked you beyond belief bruh. But I can still easily find you, I’m a Korean wizz afterall. That is, if I don’t kill myself first lolz!

          • PrinceHeir

            Actually i private profile myself because i don’t want to see you killing yourself 🙁

            I don’t want to see the blood of a piece of shit in my hands. I’m not getting arrested on this right? 🙁

            I might go all suicidal on me as well. Yes your truly are a Korean, great job for proving you are!

            All i can do now is send you some flowers. Here now!


            RIP AJ Lee! Man such a waste of blood!

          • AJ Lee

            I’m not going to die, unlike that shitty Andriasang site. I’ll be here forever, mind fucking you on MGO3 like the filthy weeaboo you are.

            It’s okay bruh, hit me with another suicide joke if it makes you feel any better, I know your life is tough right now, what with the world hating you and all.

          • glitchbomb


          • (SGR) SEAN

            I loved pretty much everything about mgo. The way i looked at it. Mgo was a little complex in how you could play it. Sure by the end of mgos life, everyone mostly run and gunned, but in the first year there were so many things you could do and not to mention the character creation and customization which i also loved and hope is brought back and is even better and all the different amount of skills you could use and level up individually (which also people did not know how to level up skills at first either) despite all the glitches and exploits. Mgo had a very huge learning curve. And thats what was so unique. A low level player that has no experience wont get their hand holded helping him to aim and shoot. You had to gain experience yourself and learn. The training feature was a good idea so people could practice and get tips from players with experience.. Atleast that was the idea. All in all you only got good at mgo if you were willing to put in the time to learn. Thats what a multiplayer should really be in my opinion. If the next mgo gets dumbed down and is to easy to play that a five year old can play good. Then i will be disapointed.

          • (SGR) SEAN

            I did not even mention the unique characters, the variety of hosting options which not alot of games do, even though i hated that the host could get kicked, and i did not like the survival and tournament modes.. Not because i did not like the modes themselves but because how i hated how the community would cheat and ruin the game to such a degree. Mgo2 could have been perfect if konami actually gave it support. I mean think about it. Most of the stuff the you complained about mgo are technical issues that could have been fixed. Sure theres the konami id thing but other than that. Animation glitches, dead body glitches. , lag switching, lipex , lipan and etc would not have ment anything. I look at mgo the same way i look at max payne 3s multiplayer.. The game itself is good.. The players are what ruins it.
            I hope people wake up this time and try to make this mgo a good one.. And not turn it into a glitch filled mess mgo2 was. Because if it wasnt for the actual players that did those things. I think mgo would have had more players playing it overall

          • PrinceHeir

            The Unique characters like Raiden, Vamp and Ocelot are cool, but if you played the older games like MGS3 and Porable Ops+, you know they can definitely add more to it than just MGS4 characters.

            Spies vs Mercs mode needs to be in MGO. If you played the mode in Splinter Cell, you’ll know how fun and crazy the game is. First person vs Third Person is fun as hell.

            Yeah they can fixed that, I just hope they finally removed the instant switching of weapons and boxes and even auto aim(well they could just reduced it to aim assist)

            Looking at Ground Zeroes, it seems there’s no more instant switching? Though Snake still needs to do an animation to pick up a weapon instead of just

            But i do agree the fate of the next MGO lies around to the community. If it becomes like MGS4 all over again, then i’ll probably stick to the single player which was the reason i’m playing the series in the first place.

          • Darksparky

            Stop Getting so hung up on the Unique characters! Seriously that was my least favourite feature in metal gear online, and i hated that i could be randomly assigned a a game character that forced me to play differently… It was stupid, and yes in the uncharted online games it wasn’t like that but for fks sake how are they unique when every damn player is Drake…and dont get me started on how Naughty dog is ruining multiplayer games, literally they don’t know shit about balancing…Uncharted online 3 was the worst….why on earth would you have juggernaut suits a exp based unlockable item…literally the reason you don’t like mgo is because other people (who liked the game) were to good for you to kill (so good you thought they were glitching but honestly i played all four years and hosted games all the time, if you stayed in freebattle glitching wasn’t any more prevalent than any other game (seriously go on a cod game after the lasted one is released ) the reason i hate Uncharted is cause if you are just thrown into that mess you can’t legitmately kill higher level players cause the game was MADE that way…and don’t EVER compare MGO to uncharted and say it needs to be more like uncharted online…i don’t care if I am using fallacious argument types, you are clearly retarded if you want mgo to turn into an uncharted online… get off my lawn you no name noob and go suck some AAA studio CEO’s left nutt cause it is people like you to blame for why the industry as a whole is producing easy games that a chimpanzee could play better most.

          • PrinceHeir

            LOL GTFO who are you no name scum??

            I’ll destroy your shit level in MGS5 anytime of the day douche.

          • Darksparky

            bring it fool, I ain’t some n3.

          • PrinceHeir

            Finally a good response.

            One of my main concerns of MGO how cluttered the way the delivered their information.

            I seriously had to searched online on what i supposed to do and what other things.

            The level things look cool, but seriously i leveled up so slowly, maybe it was better to join a clan or something, but it took weeks just to get to level 7. I know there’s this weekly bonus EXPs, but most of the time i was busy and by the time i have a free time the promotion already ended.

            There’s nothing wrong with a low levels being able to compete with high level players provided it was balanced. The one thing i didn’t like about the skill system is how it overrides one of your main skills. Like the untechable CQC, you seriously have to go level up around 20 just so you can CQC everyone. What’s even absurd is sometimes once you’ve been able to CQC someone, you can’t even choke them out because they’ll be able to free themselves.

            They also need to add a mode where no skills or perks are attached and just pure naked mode where everyone fights the same weapon like Hardcore mode in Uncharted 3.

            Another thing is that instant knife kills. I mean do you really want to see someone knock you down once then instantly switches to knife mode and kills you in auto aim mode just like that? Sure you could roll out, but by the time you get up the enemy has already quick switched his weapon to his rifle then boom, instant headshots all around.

            The Customizations are amazing, but some i think are only can be bought through Konami store? Why not offer like a pack that gives you a set of clothes like in Dead or Alive Series?? Buying one pants at a time is pretty crazy.

            I guess you really did need to put a lot of time, but if a game takes 8 minutes just to find someone then that pretty much discourages me to play the game.

            And the community, I don’t even know how many times i got kicked out just because i whopped the hosts friends ass.

          • (SGR) SEAN

            Well there was never any exp events so i dont know where you got that from. Also your characters level did not have anything todo with the skills you could use or level up. cqc+ skill for example, the way you leveled that up was by grabbing people in a choke hold while having the skill on. like i said mgo had a huge learning curve. it took me a year of playing to get remotely good at it. i was stuck at level 13 for the first year. by the end i was able to maintain my character to stay at level 18 which in mgo was a big deal since there was only 22 levels. the level system was very good too because it encouraged you to play well all the time. if you played horribly even once then you would go down a level. sure it could of used a little refinement on how the game judges your performance but the way the level system worked was. all your actions that you performed in game times your opponents overall level. in short. if you were say.. level 20, and went against a level 1. no matter how good you played you would get negative points for your level just because you went vs a level 1. so it was very punishing and encouraged you to play against people of your own skill level. also spies vs mercenaries wont work in mgs. i would rather keep their version which was team sneaking. for spies vs mercenaries to work your characters would need to be extremly agile and fast. while mercs are slow and have armor and are in first person. in mgo everyone is pretty much balanced. anything you can do, the other guy can do too. i think it works best that way. other than that. most of what you were talking about are just issues that come from being in experienced. i understand that some people dont have the time for these types of things but i would rather have a game that takes longer to progress through than all the generic easy to play shooters that are out right now. and when you mention uncharted’s multiplayer. my experience from that was people running around with shotguns going really close to you just so they could use the auto aim/ blind fire on you.
            every game has its flaws. i just thing mgo was very balanced but was dificult to master.
            oh and the UNIQUEs thing. yea they could add more characters. but they were using things from the mgs4 time period. sure i would have loved to play as big boss as show in mgs4. hell even have eva. most of mgs4s guns were left out of mgo. konami kept the game up for 4 years even though originally it was supposed to be 3. so i think with what they released, it was pretty good. even though people seemed to hate icebound inferno because of the snow storm

          • (SGR) SEAN

            if you could cqc someone and knock some one out as easily as you can when playing on liquid easy then it would be pointless to fight close quarters at all. the skills were balanced in how you had four slots and important skils like cqc+ , runner etc would take multiple slots depending on level. if you could put 4 level 3 skills then why even let you level them up. the cqc skill was very balanced because their was a trade off. you could knock people out faster but since your already using 3 skill slots you only can use one level 1 skill depending on importance. so in the end. you would run very slowly and would have terrible accuracy, and would reload slowly etc, the only advantage you had was in cqc. balance

          • Darksparky

            very well said sir….btw I also maintained level 18 🙂

          • glitchbomb

            Listen, i often argee with some of your statements. They are usually quite informative and you can tell you love MGS . Youre just extremely defensive and saying we all just swallow anything Kojima throws at us was uncalled for. Just because people don’t seem to agre with you doesn’t mean you need to lash out at everyone here. That is just childish. Don’t feed the trolls.
            We all are here because we love MGS! No need to argue! 😀

          • PrinceHeir

            While i admit that i can be defensive sometimes and tend to be aggressive. It’s just that i don’t agree that people should just accept whatever things companies throw at you.

            I gave good critical analyst(admit a bit long one) about why i hate the online series. Maybe people here should give me some reasons why they love the MGO series and give an examples why they love it, and what makes it different to other games instead of just dismissing my opinion as a hater.

            I know people here actually love the series too much to the point that they think there’s no improvement they can make other than tell new stories about Big Boss and Solid Snake and other characters.

            No ONE expected MGSV to be an open world game, something the series will delve into the first time. If people don’t want change then every game could have been like MGS1-3 with new stories and characters

            I guess i’ll just tone down my emotions next time. And i’m sorry if i did offend anyone. It’s just like i want the series to improve instead of just being the same old games. Of course there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s always nice to have variety sometimes.

            Okay i’ll take note of this and will tone down the tone next time. And no more long responses, I’m sure everyone is tired of seeing me posting these long posts.

          • Janeo

            The games are improving though, yes most people here love the series but that isn’t a bad thing I find every metal gear perfect in there own way and I have never seen anyone here calming metal gear should be about big boss and snake only, we already have raiden and I am very open to having a new character after mgs5 like I’m sure many will be happy with, nobody says there can’t be improvement but we love what we get and the series has improved with every game. I agree there are some things they could do to make metal gear online better I hated how I had to make a konami account just get into the game

          • MGO Solidier from The West

            Go and play your UC3 and leave us alone please

        • blackfox

          Hell, I would be just as critical if I sucked at MGO.

          • PrinceHeir

            Lol this is an excuse an elitist makes if they can’t take a criticism.

            Yeah must be fun auto aiming and abusing boxes, lag switching and kicking new players joining, wall hacks, CQC untechable for lower level players.

            Must be fun joining your circle of jerk idiots proclaiming their “Da Best” in the business.

            I was a low level Uncharted player(joined at least a 6 months since the MP) and I can destroy people who are max levels just because i understand the mechanics and there’s no benefit in getting max levels other than just unlocking taunts and characters.

            That’s how you balance a game. If a low level player can compete with other high level players as long as you understand the mechanics and its fair. then you know they did an amazing job balancing the game(it’s still not perfect i assure you)

            MGO is not even that hard, the problem is these mechanics are easy to abuse and makes the new players not worth their time joining if they have missed out the first time.

        • MGO Solidier from The West

          That’s ridiclous! MGO was unique and challenging with huge replay value. You only seeing the bad things PrinceHair just saying

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    well konami has dropped the konami ID system so that wont be a issue now but man I WANT A RELEASE DATE FOR MGO! i dont care if its released separately from pp.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    The only thing that bothered me about MGO was the difference between the beginner lobbies to the next level ones. I felt I belonged in the beginner one a little longer. Everyone pretty much was a pro when I moved up and I’d be getting snipped by raidens dagger things from across the map. Other than that it was my fav online experience with all the things you can do…..

    ..I have a question it may have been answered awhile ago but I havnt been able to find anything on it. I remember a while back kojima was playing ground zeros with some of his own tunes during the game like snakes iPod in mgs4. I thought I remembered he said that you can put your own music on it. If that feature is there will it be for ps4? Because I tried playing a regular CD on my ps4 but it didn’t read it.

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