Hour-long interview with Hideo Kojima to be aired on March 13th

On March 13 Twitch will stream an extensive interview with with Hideo Kojima, conducted by videogame journalist Geoff Keighley, From Konami UK:


Konami Digital Entertainment, B.V. has announced Hideo Kojima, creator of the METAL GEAR SOLID series, and head of Kojima Productions, is to partake in an exclusive video interview on March 13th with videogame journalist and SPIKE TV host, Geoff Keighley. The event will exclusively broadcast on Twitch, the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers, and is airing live from London during the week of BAFTA.

The hour-long interview with Mr. Kojima will air on the KONAMI Twitch channel (www.twitch.tv/KONAMI) beginning at 16:00 GMT. Geoff Keighley will be discussing all elements of the forthcoming METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES with the legendary developer with additional questions provided by Twitch viewers.

If you want to send Keighley a question, check out this tweet:

Currently Hideo Kojima is already in London to promote Ground Zeroes’ release and to attend the videogame BAFTAs. The interview will take place the following day.

Source: Konami UK

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