Hideo Kojima takes part in hidden camera prank promoting Ground Zeroes

Together with Tomokazu Sugita (the Japanese voice actor of Kaz), Hideo Kojima took part in a hidden camera prank a few days ago. Sugita and Kojima were hidden in the back of a store in Tsutaya, watching customers come in through a hidden camera. The unsuspecting shoppers were asked by Kaz (through a microphone) if they had pre-ordered the game. If they answered they hadn’t, Kaz would instruct them, mission briefing style, to take the game to the checkout – after which Sugita and Kojima would suddenly appear behind the counter.

Check out the video below (which is pretty entertaining even if you don’t understand Japanese).





Source: MGSV Official Japanese site, via MGS.be, Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Stella

    Fantastic! haha

  • ObsessedGeorge

    Wait, he was forcing them to pre-order it?

    • o1striker

      He’s only doing them a favor by forcing them. They will thank him in the end.

  • WhatsInTheBox

    Voice of God 😉

  • Kevin Kerr Music

    Hahahaha gotta love Kojima xD

  • bushin

    Aha that kojima selfie! This is pretty godlike!

  • Nekkedsnake

    for a second i thought they were BUYING the actual game already!

  • PrinceHeir

    FUCK this is amazing!!

    Seeing TomoKAZu Sugita and Kojima in the flesh!!! With instant autograph just by pre ordering ^^

    He looks badass with those shades, just like Kaz XD

    It’s a shame Akio Otsuka is not there and only his pre recorded voice was played.

    This is not really a prank, but more of surprise event for gamers who are shopping Tsutaya.

    Japanese style prank is more vicious and can be deadly at times XD

    Now i’m tempted to pre order the game, but i really i already have a ton of backlogs and incoming games and anime/manga on the way.

    So i’m not sure i should pre order this or not.

    • Nyxus

      Kaz demands it!

  • Ricardo Oe

    Very cool Japanese store; nobody grabbed (CQC) Hideo , or photographed.
    These Japanese are a very strange people.

    hahaha HAHAHAHA
    Said: Old Ramburger – one real Samurai of wars…
    Chi Mu Nihon

  • Ma2a

    Mgs1 armory music in the back.

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