Kojima talks about Ground Zeroes replay value and Peace Walker

Busy as Kojima’s schedule was during his trip to London, he still took some time to talk about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes on Twitter. On March 11:

Since GZ has freedom to enjoy real stealth simulator game instead of linear game, gives high replay value and the play style differs depending on the player. So it fits well on “SHARE BUTTON” feature. But premature release proved that wasn’t my intention.

Kojima expressed his satisfaction about Sony’s new console, and about the DualShock 4, since it happened to be the perfect fit for the ideas implemented in Ground Zeroes. The new ‘Share Button’ goes well with the social aspects of the game.


On March 12, he talked a bit about Peace Walker:

Unlike other MGS, & since it was handheld, scattered segments of story was placed in missions of PW, letting player actively obtained.

I presume many people would get surprised reading the novelized book, as PW is a noble & heavy story where Big Boss settles with The Boss.

Unfortunately, the Peace Walker novel has only been announced for Japan, where it can be bought as a separate item or obtained as a more luxurious edition by buying the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Premium Package.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • gerber

    I wonder is PW novel any good, because MGS1 digital graphic novel was terrible imo…

    • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

      are you talking about the comic book of mgs1 or the novelized version of mgs1?

  • PrinceHeir

    I hope they reveal more backstories of characters like Cecil, Strangelove, Amanda, or even Miller during his time with the Japanese Army and how he met Big Boss in battle.

  • Solid Grape

    @disqus_jMz5LQCrG8:disqus Preach “Brother!” because mgs1 and mgs2 digital graphic novels were both bad.

    Before i leave i just wanted to say I accidentally stumbled upon this site a few last month while on an mgsV obessed search of the internet and now this is the first i come to for mgs news(Even before Yongyea nowadays and thats saying something for but thats b/c your more faster at getting news updates) and i love this place. This is a guest account but i’ll be making a real account here soon. Keep up the good work Nyxus this place is great! My personal best place for metal gear news. Look out for the Solid Grape.

    • Nyxus


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