Kojima in Paris for MGSV GZ Tour Day 1 – MGSV Making Of coming March 20th?

After visiting London for a few days and attending the BAFTAs, Kojima and his team continued their Europe trip and rode the train down to Paris.


During the train ride Kojima worked on the first ever episode of Kojima Station.


“Checking “Making Of” again in Eurostar.”

Seems like the Making Of Kojima posted a picture of when he was in London will be streamed in Kojima Station, possibly on the first stream March 20th.


After arriving in the French capital, the team got on a bus to their new accommodation. During the trip Pierre from Konami Paris was able to play Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.


After that the team checked into a Parisian loft, carefully decorated with Metal Gear related items.





“Films I like.”





“Snake in hallway.”




“This LOFT got gym too.”





“Standy even in the washroom.”

In the evening Kojima met up with the French Metal Gear fan community, and did some more work on Kojima Station.


“Run into fan community at Paris branch.”


This concluded Kojima’s first day in Paris. He will be staying in France until the 18th of March.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • PrinceHeir

    That Loft palce looks awesome as hell ^^

  • PrinceHeir

    Also Ground Zeroes is only $19.99 on US PSN!!



    • glitchbomb

      wait.. wasn’t it always 20?

  • markos

    I love that graphic novel style of snake. Reminds me of sin city…

  • Cobra Commander

    GZ has always been $19.99 for the last gen digital versions.
    Am I missing something?
    Also, I would have loved some more angles on that Gray Fox bust.
    That thing was boss!

  • Josue Quintana

    ok you are in the toilet doing your stuff and
    SNAKE IS BACK…….. in your BACK

  • Janeo

    Looks like I will have to wait longer to watch the making if it has English subtitles in the first place. It will be even harder to wait for phantom after ground zeroes but at least it will be fun with this new kojima station thing

  • kdash

    to those who already played the game, is it me or i can’t find the music imort option anywhere in the main menu

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      Do you have it on ps4? You might have answered my question about that. Ps4 doesn’t read CDs so I guess that this option is not for ps4. Which would suck hardcore because I planned on playing it with the classic mgs3 and 4 tunes. I just don’t know why the ps3 can do that but then take that out of the ps4. I can understand getting rid of backwards compatibility (eventhough I don’t agree) but why make it where you can’t listen to music CDs?

  • CrazyGuy207

    Here’s some FP aiming photos.

    • AliSleeq

      Why is his hand so huge?!

      • From what I understand, there are no licensed guns in the game this time, and that tranq gun may just be a very slim and small model?

        Just a wild guess though.

  • Zven

    the Ninja bust is amazing, wow

  • Homer838

    Well, and it’s clear Kojima got paid by Sony to ignore One Xbox version. SONY requests paid and yet it also donated VAIO laptops that Kojima primarily prefer PS4 version of the game. I’m with these people wrong.

    • John

      Not entirely true in japan mgsv is only on ps3 ps4 and 360 and the ps4 version is superior

    • Maybe they prefer to show the PS4 version because it is simply the best version of the game.

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        Also I think the ps4 did just come out in Japan so he’s probably still making his rounds to promote his new game to the new system.

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