Replaying the original Metal Gear gave Kojima a lot of confidence

In an interview conducted by Gamespot during the Boot Camp in Nasu (published March 12th), Kojima and Shinkawa talked about MGSV: Ground Zeroes, and their career in general.

At the camp an MSX2 machine was hooked up, running the original Metal Gear game. Kojima tried playing a little bit, and was surprised to find out he still remembered the controls.

“That gave me a lot of confidence, because today I cannot remember people’s names. I was like, ‘Yeah, maybe I can keep doing these things.’ It gave me a lot of confidence.”

Kojima thought back at how he felt when he originally created the game, and those feelings came back to him. “It re-created the passion I had back then, and all of the feelings that I initially had when I started creating games.”


Shinkawa explained that when he looks at his old drawings, he always remembers what he felt like when he was working on it.

“I remember what I was feeling when I created something very specific, and this is fun, honestly. Several times I look back and I know that I couldn’t create something similar again. I like looking at the things that were very specific to that point in my life, that point in time, that I could only create back then, or that I could only create now.”

Kojima also once again emphasized the fact that he doesn’t want to focus on a specific platform, but rather create something everyone can enjoy, that goes beyond the platform. This time, that also means creating for current-gen and next-gen simultaneously. Aside from the visuals, everyone should have the same experience. He did add that once the new generation becomes a standard, this will open up new possibilities.

“That being said, once current-gen isn’t here anymore and the next-gen becomes current-gen, then I believe that we will be able to do more things.”

As far as developing for multiple devices goes, such as smart phones, Kojima also said he would like to create for the PC as well, since this is his original background, when he created MSX2 games for PC.

Source: Gamespot

  • PrinceHeir


    Maybe Shinkawa and Kojima needs to look back to other works like Zone of the Enders, Snatcher X Policenauts.

    That might prompt them and motivate them to make a new game in the series 😛

    • Nekkedsnake

      i hope Kojima considers making more Snatcher and Policenauts OR remaking them on the FOX ENGINE. would be sweet. those are fun games.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    I hope he just keeps making metal gear games. I find it awesome that I’ve been playing these games pretty much my whole life.

    • Nekkedsnake

      agreed. Kojima needs to do that game with The Boss he’s mentioned in the past. If we look at the MGS chronology, pretty much everything centers on her. trying to represent her ideals is why Big Boss and Major Zero had a falling out. without her, there’d be no legendary soldier in Naked Snake and Solid Snake. a game starring The Boss using the FOX ENGINE would be, um, BOSS! and imagine what her CQC skills would be like, being that she’s the mother of Special Forces and all. she taught Naked Snake everything he knows.

      Also, even if there were another new MGS game for handhelds, say the PSVita. I’d be all over that. handhelds are a great platform, and Kojima seems to think the same. otherwise we wouldn’t have had the Acids, PO, PW, the HD remakes on PSV, the 3D version of MGS3, and Ghost Babel on Gameboy. I do think MGS will keep going on past GZ/TPP. and honestly, Konami has had a ton of success with all the MGS games. why stop now?

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        All I can say is YES!! to all that. And obviously we would all like to see the nes/msx versions to life and maybe redo the first 2 (or 3) solids with the fox engine. And maybe give greyfox his own stand alone game. He’s a genius and he could do it.

        • Nekkedsnake

          oh hell yes to this! when new life is breathed into MGS i get pretty excited. give me a remake of any MGS game any day. The Twin Snakes on GameCube was/is great. remaking MG/MG2:SS on the FOX ENGINE would be a huge rush. and i’ll be honest, I was pretty excited when MG RISING was released. then i played it and was about to do a complete 180, then said to myself that it was a good hack/slash with a neat slicing mechanic. when MGS3DS was being teased for the 3DS i was all over it. mostly because of this trailer:

          I fully expected a whole overhaul. because trailer. when i found out it was basically a port of sorts, i was a bit disappointed. then i stopped myself and said, “but it’s MGS3 in my hands!” so i bought it. i still have yet to defeat The Boss.

          having a female protagonist in a new MGS game would be so damn cool. and we need a REAL CYBORG NINJA GAME. MG RISING doesn’t count! it would also be great if Kojima let fans like us really help him literally design a new MGS game. wow, i’d ask him to bring back all the elements that were missing in some games that made MGS, well, MGS. Hiding in lockers, Knocking on walls, crawling came back so im happy, perhaps bringing back vents or air shafts to crawl thru, pretty much every mechanic in MGS4 like being able to throw nades off your back behind you. that’s nit asking for too much, right? hahaha

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            Hell yeah. Speaking of twin snakes and the 3ds one I played those the other day before ground zeros came out. I wish they wouldn’t have takin out snapping necks because that was my specialty. I guess slitting throats will have to do. And also knocking on walls is one of the things that made mgs classic. Luring an enemy him like huh what’s that noise then neck snapping time.

          • Nekkedsnake

            agreed. actually playing MGS1 (on my android device with gameshark codes, haha) and was snapping necks here and there. such a satisfying Crack of the neck. Another thing i finally pulled of JUST now was putting a pack of C4 on a guard’s back in the bathroom before meeting up with Meryl. super satisfying! i’m sharking MGS1 cuz i’m trying to get thru my usual MGS playthrough before i even touch my copy of GZ. I’m in the middle of MGS3 HD on my ps3 as well as trying to beat The Boss as i mentioned earlier on my 3ds. i’m also still lurking around on Twin Snakes trying to in put the PAL code.

            slitting throats is actually pretty neat in MGS3, though it happened a lot by accident while trying to interrogate guards. it’s just that button sensitivity thing. fun, nonetheless.

  • glitchbomb

    I wonder…
    Has anyone happened to question the relevance of having a playable copy of the original Metal Gear there in the first place?
    I know there was some other MGS related things there, but nothing else was highlighted by actually being payable. (other than GZ)
    Could it be a foreshadowing of things to come?
    Maybe it was simply just a way to have a graphical display how far they have come.

    • WhatsInTheBox

      If that where to happen, would it mean he would adapt MG and MG2 to the Open world free roam aspect?

      Like, before we even see snake swim into the Docks, maybe we would have to get there in the first place lol.

      Nah, a Straight up remake would be spectacular, especially in the Fox engine :]

  • Anonymous X

    MSX2 was a PC. There were no MSX games on PC.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, I corrected it.

  • WhatsInTheBox

    So…its out now?
    But Im reading its out on the 21st on most websites :S

    Has anyone in Europe got it yet?

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