Kojima: MGSV is the story of how Snake became Big Boss, an evil to the entire world

In an interview with Italian website SpazioGames, Kojima talks about Metal Gear Solid V, and what his aims are with this game. Keep in mind the quotes are translated from Italian.


The journalist begins by asking wether Kojima wasn’t worried that the new open world structure of the game would destroy certain elements the series is known for, since it has always been very structured. Kojima answers that in the beginning they were indeed very worried. “But the missions are still very clear, and the player is free to choose how to approach them. In this sense, I don’t think it’s that different from the previous installments.” he added.

Kojima also once again talked about passing on the series to a new director, and how the brand new engine could help him do that. “The Fox Engine is much more efficient compared to previous engines.” he explained. “It makes it a lot easier to create new designs and environments, and it also becomes easier for me to pass the license over to a possible new director to create new games in the series.”


The journalist also asked why Kojima chose to go with a much darker and more tragic theme for this game. “This episode is the story of how Snake became Big Boss.” Kojima explained. “It is important for me to explain to the players how this hero became an evil to the entire world. That’s why it needed to become a very dramatic story.”


While Kojima’s aim is to create a complete saga, newcomers to the series don’t have to worry. The story of MGSV will have a simple premise: one of revenge. Someone did you wrong, and you must avenge yourself. This type of plot allows Metal Gear Solid to be appreciated in multiple ways.

Source: SpazioGames

  • Patrick Esdam

    I kinda figured that, with him being evil in the original Metal Gear games.. Thats also one of the reason I’m so excited for this game.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Call me evil…..but I kinda sympathized with Big Boss in MG2, sure he was evil in the first MG (which btw is so old it doesn’t even make any sense canon’icly) and he was also evil in MG2, but in MG2 he was doing all of it to create an outer heaven for people of the battle field, and instead of having those kids be rejected by society and put under care there whole life, Big Boss would train them and let them fight over there problems on the battle field because there trauma has turned them into people of the battle field. At face value Big Boss was an evil nasty guy, but if you go into the reasoning behind what he does, he is suddenly not so evil.

      I mean I might just be evil myself but I sympathized with Big Boss in MG2. Fun fact killing Big Boss in MG and MG2 after finished MGS3 hurts, its’ like “I don’t want to kill Big Boss”

      • Patrick Esdam

        I hear ya, but perhaps, maybe, at one point, they will recreate the original series, to be a bit more canon.. In one of Hideo’s interviews with Jeff something, he mentioned that he would like to recreate the original series, but they had to put a team together, and that isn’t the case right now.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah, I’m not sure if MG2 needs to be redone story wise, but by GOD I want to see some of those moments in glories 3D, some of the scene in that game were genius. But for the first metal gear it definitely needs to be redone for a thousand reasons and I would love to see it redone.

      • William of Orange

        What? He’s still “evil”. I mean, giving soldiers and children shelter and letting them “solve” problems around the world won’t make him a hero in my book. But why would you call BB a evil or a good guy? There are no good guys or bad guys in the MG saga. There’s only one character in the MG saga who can be considered as a good guy and that’s Sunny.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Lol, true, very true. What’s good and evil is very subjective, you have people doing good things in bad ways and for bad reasons and you have people doing bad things for good reasons. I mean don’t get me wrong I never called MG2 Big Boss a good guy or a hero I just recognized and sympathized with what he was trying to do.

          • William of Orange

            I’m not a accusing you from siding with BB.
            You already gave the answer: “you have people doing good things in bad ways (the boss,solid snake,raiden,Ocelot,Solidus,etc)and for bad reasons and you have people doing bad things for good reasons”(BB,Zero,Skull Face,Paz,Kaz,etc). This is the main reason why I invested so much time and effort in understanding the MG saga and in Solid Snake in particular, since he’s by far my favourite character.

          • Cactuar

            LOL! You really don’t seem to understand anything about the Metal Gear story.

        • psychomantis18

          Sunny may be a “good guy” but she is (behind Naomi) the most annoying character in the whole franchise. I like her with the japanese voice acting but the english ackkkk!!!

  • No Place For Hayter

    Yeah newcomers shouldn’t worry about Metal Gear Solid releases because despite having an over arching story every game has always had its own themes stories and ideas it explored, a person can start playing metal gear from any installment because of the individualistic nature of metal gear stories and themes. Except ground zeroes….unfortunately ground zeroes is missing these individualistic elements.

    • I would argue that MGS2 and especially MGS4 do require you to have played the previous games. 😉

      • Fredy Carius

        All my friends want to play MGS4 because the graphics are so cool (even today) but they stop playing after some hours since if you don’t know the story of the previous games it is just a bloated never-ending cutscene

        • No Place For Hayter

          I could see that, compared to the cut-scenes there is not much game-play, lol.

      • No Place For Hayter

        While both those games are tied heavily into other games (especially MGS4) from personal experience I would say they are both still playable by them selves.
        My family and I grew up With Metal Gear Solid, and even though I grew up watching others play Metal Gear (I played a little MGS2 at the time as well) I did not become a huge fan until I played and finished my first MGS game, which was MGS4, despite not having played the rest and only knowing a basic outline of the MGS series of events I highly enjoyed MGS4 and it had a profound effect on me, thus triggering me to completely play and enjoy the rest of the Metal Gear games (including the first two MSX games). Of course I went back and replayed MGS4 after finishing every other game but I still highly enjoyed the game without playing the rest, granted not everyone would be able to sit through hours of cut-scenes with no background but I enjoyed it. Again this is just me, some people might lose their minds trying to play those games out of order.

      • Nekkedsnake

        here’s my argument: why WOULDN’T anyone want to play ALL the MGS games? just do that and save yourselves the trouble. at the very least, WATCH all the cutscenes to every MGS game on youtube 😀

        • No Place For Hayter

          Getting into MGS is easy but people are always daunted by the fact that OMG it’s “METAL GEAR” and everything that has been tied to that over the years and there are afraid of what they have to go through to enjoy the games, but when you actually just start playing the games in order, it is not as mind frying and stupid as it is painted as.

          • Nekkedsnake

            i feel u. i mean, the things is i jumped into MGS from MGS2 on the suggestion of a friend. MGS2 was the game that really made me go WTF because of what happened towards the end. it was like Twilight Zone! so then i decided to stick with it, played MGS1, then MGS3, MGS4, PO, PW. i’ve been heavily invested in this series since, owning every game 5 times over.

            i see why ppl may feel it’s a heavy thing to get into because honestly, it’s just all sorts of crazy. but if you’re into it like a lot of fans are, then it’d be really fun to put the puzzles together.

            i wanna get into other franchise sagas like Mass Effect Trilogy which i also own. i get more into STORY driven games than anything else, as i am a movie goer as well.

          • William of Orange

            Changing subjects: what movies are you looking forward to this year?

          • Janeo

            Yes why have people got into there heads that the series is to hard to understand and get into. The first one I played was mgs4 and I knew nothing about the series I knew snake from super smash but that’s all. I loved every second of mgs4 I didn’t understand a lot of things but I loved all the characters and the story, I had never played a game that had amazing gameplay and story. If people would just sit down and play I think metal gear would have a lot more fans

        • William of Orange

          Eh, you’re basically discouraging newcomers to play the previous installments and a big part of MGS’s magic lies in the actual gameplay.
          I once tried to convince a friend of mine to play the mgs series and I showed her the “you don’t have what it takes to kill me” scene from mgs 3 (the one with Ocelot holding Eva hostage) and she claimed that she liked it, but she’s a horrible actor. Bottom line of this irrelevant story: Don’t waste your time on “All cutscenes from MGS …..” videos and play the actual game(s) or at least watch a walkthrough, or something!

          • Nekkedsnake

            i disagree. i have 2 friends, one of which actual was the person who got me into MGS in the first place. because of him i am the MGS nut i am today. he’s not as much of a nut as i am about it though, sadly. so if i can’t even get the guy who got me in to the series to commit more to it as i have been, how much more outsiders to the series? my other friend, who is more of a gamer than i am, plays a TON of games, yet as never played every MGS game. they now both have GZ and are playing it, which is great, but not getting into it for the sake of the Story like you, me or anybody else on this and other sites. makes me sad because i just love MGS THAT much, hehe. everyone has their own prerogative to games, and as much as i try my damnedest to get them to play MGS the way it’s intended to be played, not everyone will want to invest time and energy like we do with it. *TEARS*

          • William of Orange

            Nice story! Too bad for them, I guess, but you can’t force them to like MGS. I hope that they’ll eventually play the previous games or become a bit more invested in the MG Lore, after witnessing the ending of GZ.
            ( although it seems to be very unlikely)

  • Omnipal

    I still don’t understand why does kojima chose to let some inconsistancy regards Big Boss bionic hand..

    • Because if he wants to use something for the story, he doesn’t mind small inconsistencies.

      • No Place For Hayter

        This is one of the many reasons I love Kojima he considers the experience of the game to be greater than keeping minor consistences in the over arching MGS lore and story.

    • Elmatoor

      I just have to ask what inconsistancy? In MGS4 Big Boss have gloves on him, so you don’t see his hands. Are you talking about the two first Metal Gear games on MSX2, or have I missed something or have I just a bad memory?

    • Xed51

      In mgs4 they specify that big boss was reconstructed from pieces of liquid and solidus. In metal gear 2 they mention he has cybernetic limbs. No inconsistencies there.

      • this^

      • No Place For Hayter

        This makes a question cross my mind.

        In TPP Big Boss has a piece of debris is his head and (assuming) they can’t remove it because of the injuries and damage it would cause to his head and brain, how do they remove it when restoring Big Boss in MGS4? even with super advanced medical stuff and NANO-MACHINES they still shouldn’t be able to remove that piece of debris without causing damage to his brain due to the nature of the injury and the debris. If they can’t remove it in TPP without permanently damaging Big Boss how do they do it in MGS4?

        There might be a simple answer, but the question did cross my mind.

        • William of Orange

          Nanomachines, son!

        • glitchbomb

          They end up removing it. AND HE BECOOOMES EEEEVIIIIIL! OOoooOoooh!! :B

  • GZisgreatIcantwaitforTPP-2014?

    I’m very curious Phantom Pain. Ground Zeroes show us new style in MGS series. Brutal, dark and very serious (no more Smoking Monkeys, etc. :P). And many cassette tapes to listen!

    Probably will at least see Zero as leader of the Patriots. Maybe Kojima also expand Patriots with new formers? What about Chico? Will we see Solidus? There is so many questions…

    • No Place For Hayter

      I’m not sure what I think of Kojima using audio tapes to tell story, one of my problems with audio tapes is, when does it canon’icly (I created a new word 🙂 take place? and does it take place canon’icly, I mean in ground zeroes we get all of Paz’s and Chico’s tapes and it is implied that Big Boss is supposed to hear them but in the actually story Big Boss does not hear them, they are extras the find and unlock, is the audio taps extra information for us the players? or does Big Boss know? and will it have any impact on the story?

      • William of Orange

        Idk, maybe he’s listening to the tapes during his flight from Camp Omega to MB, or something? No, that wouldn’t make any sense at all. Lol, yeah, I’d say that the information on the cassette tapes is meant for the players rather than for BB. Damn, “No Hayter”, your raising a lot of good questions!

        • No Place For Hayter

          (Ego inflates)

          The thought about audio tapes never crossed my mind I have always considered them a bonus that nobody in game knows about, but when important information shows up in them and it is implied that Big Boss should listen to them, and the fact that Big Boss and Kaz both have heard and know about Paz’s diary tapes from Peace Walker, the questions about the tapes, there placement and there importance crossed my mind.

          • William of Orange

            Well, look at it this way:
            if you want to experience MGS V from BB’s perspective: don’t listen to the cassette tapes.
            If you want to experience MGS V from an omniscient perspective: Listen to the cassette tapes.

      • Nekkedsnake

        i was just listening to some of the tapes (via companion app!) i unlocked in the game. they’re worth listening to. if you pay attention to what’s being said you get a good idea of when things take place. it’s really insightful

        • No Place For Hayter

          Oops, my mistake for not being clear by what I meant about when it takes place. I meant when/if does Big Boss himself listen to the tapes.

          • Nekkedsnake

            as in, if Big Boss himself, listens to these tapes? i suppose that’s where breaking down the 4th wall takes place. as YOU are Big Boss, you listen to these tapes whenever you please.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah and if he does when does he listen to them, and does this information effect the plot in any way or how ho treats Chico, Paz, or Skull Face.

          • Nekkedsnake

            i’d like to ask Kojima this myself, haha

      • glitchbomb
        • No Place For Hayter

          ……………………Why did I assume the word did not exist? lol seems like an obvious thing.

          • glitchbomb

            Dunno, maybe canon is not used in that form too often.!?

  • Box4

    When I was a kid, my favorite franchise was Star Wars. I loved the story of a young hero who learns the ways of the Force and redeems his father’s sins. “You were right about me, Luke. Tell your sister, you were right…”

    I was 10 when I saw Revenge of the Sith in theaters, and it was thrilling to see the entire saga come full circle.

    As I grow up, I now have a new favorite franchise; Metal Gear Solid, a story where a clone, doomed by his genetic fate, breaks the chains of fate and (through the help of his allies) rids the world of his father’s sins. “I never thought of you, as a son. But I’ve always respected you, as a soldier, and as a man. Had you been in my place back then, maybe you wouldn’t have made, the same mistakes that I did.”

    The Phantom Pain will probably be released next year http://www.metalgearinformer.com/?p=13277 , 10 years after I saw Revenge of the Sith in theaters. Funny how that works. :,)

    • Machine Gun Kid

      Hideo Kojima=The asian George Lucas. playing mgs4 reminded me somewhat of star wars, like the gekko, thats something straight out of star wars lol. And like iv posted on this site multiple times i think kojima even worked with lucas studios while developing mgs4 (im not 100% on that, i’ll look into it.)

      • William of Orange

        “Liquid’s very own Death Star” – Solid Snake

        • Machine Gun Kid


    • ZLR

      Big Boss has never been evil, nor will he ever become evil. The whole world wants him dead, that’s why it also wants to see him as evil. His reputation was smeared by propaganda because he’s genuinely good. What he said and desired was taken out of context and twisted on purpose.

      It was said that he wanted a world of war where soldiers will always have a place. But what he really wanted was peaceful world where soldiers won’t be used as tools of the government then thrown away when not needed, the same way he and his mentor were used.

      It was said that he snatched nuclear warheads from around the world so that he would terrorize it. But on the contrary, he collected nuclear warheads so that there won’t be innocent countries without nukes being terrorized and sacked by terrorist organizations (A.K.A. super powers).

      And because of his good deeds, and because of the double standards of the world, he was falsely made into the villain. But those who truly know him, know he isn’t evil. I hope MGS5 shows his true goodness rather than to falsely portray him as villain.

  • William of Orange

    Hmm, interesting. Finally an installment in the MG Saga that doesn’t treat the main protagonist as a hero (aside from mgs1).

    • No Place For Hayter

      “I’m no hero… Never was. I’m just an old killer… Hired to do some wet work.” Well at least Snake doesn’t see himself as a hero, lol.

      • William of Orange

        GamesRadar did a top 100 ‘videogame heroes’ list and Solid Snake was listed as #2 on the list (Link was number one, but he was destined to become a hero. I mean, Link’s sole purpose in Hyrule is to free it from evil). It’s a nice gesture of Gamesradar, but it’s basically a huge “fuck you” in the face of Solid Snake. I mean, Snake keeps telling people that HE ISN’T A HERO and yet they have the balls to list him on #2? Seems to me like they never paid any attention to Snake.


        • No Place For Hayter

          Pfffft some people.

  • Patrick Esdam

    Am I the only one extremely excited to see how they will add user created missions?

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    … I assume that based on this article that Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain will be this multi layered onion that ends with Solid Snake being sent to infiltrate Outer Heaven.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Project ogre = MGSV a multi layered union.
      Ogres are like unions 0.0

      Ground Zeroes is in 1975 and TPP is nine years later in 1984 operation intrude N312 happens in 1995, I see no reason why the game would end with snake infiltrating outer heaven when that happens 11 years after the phantom pain starts. Aside from me personally disliking the idea of an ending involving operation intrude N312, I don’t think it would work very well other than being a fan pleaser (and it wouldn’t please me). The Phantom Pain is meant to bridge the gap in the series, but not to do so in a exact literal sense.

      • glitchbomb

        Personally I would prefer maybe something in between the two.

  • Patrick Esdam

    I noticed it haven’t been posted yet.. Kojima Station Episode 2, in an hour and a half

    • Yes, will have a look at that later.

  • Son of Big Boss

    I like that the game has a dark tone to it. I just love how they are doing Kaz character progression from ground zeroes (and prior) to phantom pain, how he transforms from this allways kinda positive and get-things-done guy to a hurt and revengeful man only asking “Why are we still here? Just to suffer?”

    • No Place For Hayter

      I really like how Robin Aktin Downes (English voice for Kaz) portrays the character differently in TPP compared to PW and GZ, I like how he portrays Kaz as a broken vengeful man

  • Cartmangus

    Bring it on! I’m so excited to see that turn in BB. Been rewatching the TPP trailers and man I am incredibly excited for it, that hospital sequence looks like such a great start, all the trippy weird fucking shit. I’m torn though, I don’t wanna spoil myself of the game too much but it’s just impossible not to watch trailers.. I can only hope Kojima doesn’t spoil as much of TPP as he did for MGS4/GZ

  • Gray Fox

    -Spoiler alert!-

    Hey did anyone realize that the doctor inside of the helicopter shielded big boss when Paz exploded? Could this guy possibly be the man in the 3rd hospital bed in Phantom Pain? If you notice from the cutscenes they purposely didn’t show his face at all!!

    • No Place For Hayter


      Kojima said the third guy was himself looking in on his creations………………………..COME ON, even I don’t believe that and I will believe anything.

      Judging by the explosion the medic is dead. The third person in the hospital seems important to me so I doubt it’s a person of no importance like the medic. If I had to take a guess I would have to say it probably is Chico because he is the only other one in the helicopter other than the pointless characters, BUT if you include the people from the helicopter they crashed into maybe it is one of the enemy soldiers, but again those are pointless characters. In the end I have no real idea who the third person is, and my best guess is Chico.

      • yeah, after playing GZ i also think that it’s chico, it makes sense for the scene where BB enters coma, and for the size of the man 9 years later, chico could resemble that

      • Janeo

        Is this Ishmael you are talking about or just the guy that we don’t see because if you are talking about the guy on the hospital bed then I would have to agree it’s Chico it would have to be he was the only other character with snake and kaz that wasn’t just a normal soldier. I hope he plays a bug part in TPP with the same voice actor

        • No Place For Hayter

          Yeah we were talking about the hospital bed guy who you can’t see. I too hope Chico plays a role in TPP because it would be disappointing to have all that dark character development and then have him die or something and not be in TPP.

          • Janeo

            Has to be a good chance of Chico playing a role I mean he might wanna kill skull face more then anyone so maybe he has been training like hell for nine years or something like that

          • William of Orange

            Hmm, there’s only one way to find out. I’m analyzing the Gameplay demo of TPP and in order to confirm the theory of Chico being Ishmael, you should pay attention to his heels during the demo.

          • William of Orange

            No, I’ve checked the demo and Ishmael is not Chico from the future.
            My guess is that Ishmael represents BB’s psyche/inner self and the bandages indicates that his inner self is in a state of recovery.

          • V

            Ishmael = the good side of Big Boss that wants isolation from the world.

            Big Boss = Moby Dick

            Cipher = Ahab

  • MrVux007

    It is really strange calling BB evil…there is no evil nor good in MGS….its all matter of perspective,in my book BB was the most necessary thing that happened in MGS saga and its quite understandable….

    • MrVux007

      Take it this way :BB became *evil* to fight the greatest evil of all The Patriots,and who knows what would happen if it weren’t for the patriots pawn Solid Snake to kill him….at that rate he would put to stop the Patriots WAAAAY before 2014 and who knows maybe the world would become a better place or maybe even worse,who knows….in short in the real world this is almost an everyday thing for some people who do “bad”/necessary things to keep the world a “better” place….BB is still the greatest of them all ….

  • Machine Gun Kid

    After playing mgs4 iv always called kojima the japanese george lucas. Mgs4 reminded me a lot of star wars in some ways. Like the gekko, thats something straight out of star wars lol. And if im not mistaken i think kojima even worked briefly with george lucas studios during development of mgs4, so your star wars/mgs makes sense to me cause iv been thinking the same thing lol

    • MrVux007
      • Machine Gun Kid


    • No Place For Hayter

      Gekko’s always seemed like big dumb cows to me, MOOOOOOOO!

      I myself have never made any connection between MGS and star wars, I can kinda see the connections but those sort of things did not originate with star wars and it would not be fair to either star wars or MGS to compare the two.

      Calling Kojima the Japanese George Lucas seems more like an insult to me more than anything, I for one would not like to be compared to him at all.

  • TristanPR77

    I don’t know if it is confirmed but I have a feeling that Chico is Gray Fox. Many references said that GF was a child raised in the battlefield.

    • MrVux007

      Um Gray Fox was born in mid 50s….and he had blonde hair

      • Coco

        Silver hair

        • MrVux007

          well if you really want to go into details (-_-) sigh…

    • Paz

      Maby Gray Fox is Chico’s adoptive mother.

  • Darkobra

    This translation is not very accurate. I have to say: it’s Kojima speaking in japanese translated to english then translated to italian then re-translated to english so maybe my previous sentence doesn’t make sense.
    BUT, in italian they say «This episode is the story of how Snake became Big Boss – It is important for me to explain to the players how this hero became an evil man FOR the whole world». So, if Spaziogames translated correctly, it says a thing that’s slightly different: the hero didn’t became an absolute evil man, but an evil man to the eyes of the rest of the world.

    • That’s what I was trying to say, but it’s difficult to translate into a correct English sentence. And as you said, this has been translated from Japanese to English to Italian as it is, so we will never know what exact words Kojima used in Japanese. The point is that he became a threat to the world, an evil. Maybe not an absolute evil man, but an evil nonetheless.

      • Darkobra

        I think that what the Spaziogames journalist said is slightly different from what you just said (my english is not that good, I’m sorry, so I can’t explain myself as well as I wish to). The sentence was: «[…] è importante per me spiegare ai giocatori come questo eroe è diventato UN malvagio per il mondo intero». If we want to keep the “meaning” of the sentence in english we have to (or I have to, because my english sucks) turn around it to something like: «It is important to me to explain to the players why the world started to see this hero as an evil guy». No one said “threat”(which is “minaccia” in italian). It’s more like the world see Big Boss as evil than Big Boss is actually an evil one. I don’t know if explained myself. It’s like Solid Snake in MGS2. The world thinks he’s an evil guy (not the players, though) after the Tanker Incident.
        Of course this doesn’t mean Big Boss won’t be an evil guy at all!

        • I know these things, but if you have to translate things into another language sometimes you have to change certain things for it to be a proper sentence. This is why I noted in the beginning the quotes are translated from Italian, and as such, they shouldn’t be taken as literal quotes. After all, Kojima didn’t speak these Italian words either, he spoke Japanese, which was translated by his interpreter in English, after which it was translated to Italian by the journalist. So, none of these quotes are actually from Kojima’s mouth. Because of this, I don’t think we should be splitting hairs about specific words in Italian.

          I understand where you’re coming from, and I used the word ‘threatening’ to make a proper sounding English sentence. And for translation, some of the original meaning may get lost (hence the term ‘lost in translation’). It’s also based on what I think Kojima was saying. I think he just wanted to say is that we know two Big Boss’s: the one from MG1/MG2:SS – the ‘evil’ Big Boss, and the Big Boss from MGS3/PO/PW – the ‘hero’ Big Boss, and MGSV will show how he changed from the one to the other. That’s what I think he’s saying, and what people should take from these quotes. Not the literal words, because that’s not what he said anyway, he said something in Japanese that we will never know.

          I appreciate your feedback, but I did think carefully about how to word it and chose something that I think was what Kojima was trying to say. Maybe I’m wrong and he was talking purely about the perception of the world of how Big Boss is, but based on what we know about the game so far, I don’t think so. This story is really about him, about his psychological change, and that seems in line with what Kojima is saying here.

          Having said that, aside from pointing out this this is translated from English, I always include a link to the source (the interview in this case) so people can check it out for themselves and make up their own mind about what was being said. Which you did as well. 🙂

          By the way, nothing wrong with your English. ;P

          • Darkobra

            I understand what you mean, and I agree: there are too many translation to note such a little difference. But, as an italian mother-language and a huge Big Boss fan, I did notice just this particular sentence when I first saw this interview (I’m also one of the admins of an italian Metal Gear Fansite so we saw this right away) and I thought, well, “I’m going to report it!”.

            On a side note, I think I would be happy to see a psychological turn in Big Boss leading to the one we saw in MG1/MG2:SS (with a little retcon, I found that character too much nonsense-evil-crazy if you know what I mean, which is fine for the late 80’s but not for for the late 2010’s) but I would be happy too if we’re going to see an “hero” Big Boss falling in some “mass-media trap”.
            Like Solidus. He wants to achieve an understandable goal, but with manners that are just out of the line. I thought the final speech in Peace Walker was leading just to that, you know, when he says: «if the times demands it we’ll be revolutionaries, terrorists, [..]» I thought that the storyline could show us not only a change of perspective in Big Boss’s mind but even one in the “Times” that he and The Boss were talking about.

            Am I going too far? We’ll see.

          • Little late, but I changed the title and post. A small change but do you think this is better? And what fansite are you an admin of, if I may ask?

          • Darkobra

            Yeah, I think its better.
            I’m one of the admins of MetalGearWeb. Didnt want you to think I came here for spamming.

          • No worries, feedback is always good. 🙂 And I know MetalGearWeb, follow it on Twitter as well.

      • masa san

        “Maybe not an absolute evil man, but an evil nonetheless.”

        Ooooh he’s evil! Fear him! Nuke him!

    • Son of Big Boss

      Ah, now it makes sense! I thought Kojima has gone mad, until I read your explanation. Snake, a.k.a Big Boss is good, and a good guy just don’t turn into an evil one like this.

  • Hellrasinbrasin

    It makes since when u think About it like this…

    Metal Gear Solid 5 Peace Walker was about Outer Heaven’s 1st PMC MSF
    Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain is about Big Boss becoming the Warlord history remembers him becoming.

  • juppez

    “An eye for an eye, the first principle of revenge. Old as dirt, still going strong.” — Max Payne

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