A look inside Yoji Shinkawa’s workspace

One of the most important people behind the Metal Gear franchise is art director Yoji Shinkawa, who has contributed a lot to the game’s look and feel, and its recognizable characters ever since the first Metal Gear Solid.

In the second episode of Kojima Station, creative producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana paid a visit to Shinkawa’s office.


Shinkawa talked a bit about his job, showing how he worked. He told Matsuhana that he has been using brushes for a long time, and while drawing with a tablet feels similar, he still draws mostly on paper at home.



This is Shinkawa’s equipment:

  • WACOM CintiQ.21UX / DTK-2100/KO
  • Mac Pro/2.8GHz / Quad-Core Intel Xeon

Before, Shinkawa had a much smaller space, but about a year ago he moved to his current office, which is twice as big. Action figures and statues of his designs surround him. He is also wearing the Metal Gear Rising X Wired watch that he helped design.

Shinkawa also did a live drawing of Snake, using both a brush and a white-out pen for highlights.





And he showed the designs for some of the Metal Gear Solid V merchandise: the Fox Edition PlayStation 4, the Puma Jacket poster and a t-shirt.




Here you can see a wall full of environments and character concepts for Metal Gear Solid V, such as Ocelot, Quiet, Skullface and Kaz (missing some limbs).


All in all a pretty interesting look behind the scenes. If you want to see it for yourself, check the episode from 40:42 onwards.


Source: Kojima Station Episode 2

  • No Place For Hayter

    Man I need an MGSV art-book like yesterday, nothing beats Shinkawa art.

  • Janeo

    Looks like kaz uses a walking stick and is that Chico under ocelot. By the way what did everyone think about the VIP rescue mission in GZ I loved it, some reviewers complained about it but I thought it was a great break from all the stealth especially since I don’t usually get to try out the combat because I restart when I get seen I hope there are more action oriented missions in TPP.

    • I thought it was Chico at first but it could just as well be a guard from MGSV:GZ, they have the same clothes.

      • Janeo

        Might just be a guard but it looked like all that art is from TPP so I thought that might be to

      • William of Orange

        Maybe he’s in disguise? Maybe he works for a group that opposes the group who contracted Daimond Dogs? Idk, I want to know which countries are featured in the ”world map” of TPP.

        • Who knows. Hopefully he’s in TPP, it would be cool to see him as a grown up man.

    • Solid Snakes Revenge

      I agree the rail shooting mission was fun.

    • No Place For Hayter

      The mission itself and its approach to combat? I liked it, at first I was unsure about it, then I liked it, it’s just showing off another possible component of the game, I wouldn’t mind see more of it considering I saw my fair show of combat missions if Peace Walker, and the fact that TPP is again mission based but is larger we will probably see more of it’s kind, I think my biggest problem with it is the “on rails” part, personally I like more control over what I’m doing. but I didn’t mind the mission, Peace Walker was also a stealth game but had a huge amount of extra combat missions so I don’t mind it at all.

      • Janeo

        I’m really looking forward to find out more about the extra ops I love how they all have there own little story in GZ so I hope it’s like that in TPP but with them being canon it even seems like the ones from GZ could be canon if they weren’t all in the same base

    • Cartmangus

      I thought it was Chico as well at first but then I noticed this art from GZ http://i.imgur.com/QmWw3G5.jpg could just be a random guard with a cap, but just now I noticed that the artwork I just posted is right next to this Chico figure so.. who knows, might be a random soldier, might be Chico.. Under Big Boss on the other hand looks like either a new character or possibly Strangelove http://i.imgur.com/ZdCzhV6.jpg

      • Janeo

        Could be surly she will play some part in the game they would wanna recruit her again

  • Cartmangus

    I wish I could in some way fuck him with love through the internet.

    • William of Orange

      That’s very disturbing. Thank you for the image you’ve imprinted in my brain for the rest of the day.

  • PrinceHeir

    MSGV Artbook please 🙂

    • Ckyntosh

      shut up thief

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