Kojima Station Episode 2 summary – special techniques, art contest and more

March 28 the second English episode of Kojima Station went live. This episode was hosted by Jorge Mendoza, Sean Eyestone, Ludvig Forssell, Christopher Johns, and Kenichiro Imaizumi.


They started off by looking back at the release week of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Hideo Kojima, Ken Imaizumi and Ayako were in Paris. Right after arriving by train they had to shoot the Micromania video, which took practically the entire evening. Kojima’s director’s instincts kicked in, because he wanted to come up with things to do for the video, but the video’s director didn’t want it. For some brief behind the scenes recordings by Imaizumi, go here. During his stay in Paris, Kojima held a signing session in the Micromania store, and attended a movie screening where they played one of Kojima’s favorites, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

After that, the episode went on to show some gameplay techniques for Ground Zeroes, divided into three steps: from basic to advanced. They explained how to do hold ups, and how you can use a magazine to take out a guard or a camera in reflex mode, among other techniques.



The absence of the knocking-on-wall mechanic came up briefly, and Sean Eyestone said there will be another way to distract guards in The Phantom Pain, aside from throwing magazines.

Then they showed a video in which creative producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana dropped by Shinkawa’s workspace.


For more details, go here.

Music composer Ludvig Forssell spoke a bit about his work, using several instruments and a banana to demonstrate the layers of sound he uses to create the music.


During the show, Kojima Productions also announced an art contest. The winner will receive a very limited Ground Zeroes X PUMA jacket, of which there are only 70 in the world.


These jackets are not for sale and were made for the Ground Zeroes boot camp in Nasu, Japan. In order to win you have to go to this website and make your best drawing of Big Boss.

In next week’s episode, they will talk about the 3D scanning used in Metal Gear Solid V to capture objects and people. People can also send in their wishes about what they’d like to see in the this episode.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 2

  • PrinceHeir

    Damn Japan always get’s the good stuff 😀

    Oh and Nyxus this might make your mind go nuts once again!

    Kojima ALREADY talking about the next MGS AFTER Phantom Pain?!?!


    WOW, I’m sorry but definitely Kojima will never be able to let go of this series once more.

    Oh well, I just hope the next game is a unification of Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 MSX games all in remake glory, 1080p 60FPS and package as a one game..

    That would definitely be my final MGS game for sure.

    • Nice! But he doesn’t say he will be the one directing it, does he? Because his plan at the moment is to continue the series, and produce it, but not be responsible for about 80% of the game as he is now.

      • PrinceHeir

        Oh he’ll definitely make the next one for sure.

        Plus they just made a new engine(Fox Engine) so yeah i kinda expected he’ll keep making MGS games since he did made the engine specifically for the next gen MGS game.

        I just hope someone makes a new Silent HIll, Zone of the Enders in the Fox Engine.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Metal Gear, and Metal Gear 2 are completely different games and take place 4 years apart from each other and are both major events, I personally do not want to see them put into a single game, ever, this would reduce the importance of both of them, plus the games have clearly different story styles and if remade would have different themes and there for putting them as 1 game would not work from a theme angle.

      • I agree completely, it would also be strange for the story arc to have a beginning, middle and end two times in a row.

    • Nekkedsnake

      i would SO love an MGS game about THE BOSS! It could happen too. think about it. the first games were about Solid Snake, who is the offspring of Big Boss, who can be thought of to be an offspring of The Boss to a pretty huge degree. And we could maybe create a team similar to The Cobra Unit but with other soldiers who haven’t defected yet. i’d definitely play that game!


      • No Place For Hayter

        I thought that MGS5 could be two games another prequel game with Big Boss most likely a sequel to PW, or a game about The Boss, I personally thought it was gonna be about The Boss and the Cobra Unit, but I guess I under estimated Kojima’s will to just create new original games without the main purpose being using what he already has but instead creating new things.

        • Nekkedsnake

          an MGS game about THE BOSS is something that i’d just relish. in fact i wrote about this myself.


          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah there is a lot of history with The Boss, The Cobra Unit, The Sorrow, Zero, that could easily be expanded upon with a prequel game. I find it funny how Big Boss always gets his but handed to him by The Boss’s CQC when BOTH him and her developed it TOGETHER, I think Big Boss got real rusty, lol.

          • Nekkedsnake

            i hear ya. i think that if BB actually applied himself he’d kick TB’s ass. thing is, he’s just too hung up on her, so he probably pulls back.

  • Patrick Esdam

    The episode wasn’t really that good.. It was hard to follow at times, because they didn’t seem to let a person finish a sentence.. And they were always laughing, which I don’t mind, but its a bit annoying when you’re trying to hear what a person is saying.

    It was awesome to see how Yoji Shinkawa does his magic though.

    • No Place For Hayter

      I myself would prefer to see the Japanese Kojima Station episodes with subtitles then to have our own “English” version, I mean why have two versions? I feel like I have just been handed a poorly ported game that doesn’t even have all the contents of the original version, who’s smart idea was it to have two different version, I don’t like the massive separation of English and Japanese. We can read, we are not so dumb that we have to have a room full of people laughing and explaining simple controls to us just because the game does a bad job at telling us the more complex controls.

      I must be in happy mode today or something, the more I think about Kojima Station and this episode the more I get annoyed, my mind needs a break, lol.

      • Patrick Esdam

        I’ve been serching for some home made subtitles lately, but I just don’t think enough people watch them for there to be any.. I’ve downloaded every episode, japanese and english, just to be sure.

        • No Place For Hayter

          Smart, I like that idea, I should really learn Japanese if I had the time. I would probably learn Korean but due to the fact that most of what I love about games comes from Japan, I would learn Japanese first

          • Patrick Esdam

            I would too, and its not that I don’t have the time, its more along the line of me being terrible at self learning, and not having enough cash to pay for any lessons.

          • glitchbomb

            I have been trying to do just that since the first one came out. Got my hands on some expensive translation software and contacted a few subgroups but nothing yet. :/

            Even started translating it myself with what basic Japanese I know. Uhg

            Try a community college Pat, if you are that broke you can get assistance. That’s how I took the few Japanese courses I had.

  • No Place For Hayter

    Another way to distract guards, animals calls? throwing infinite rocks? I’m fine with that………for an outside environment but for a more urban environment it is a thousand times easier to just have a knock ability, after seeing this I now know we will not get the knock back at all, if they are not going to change such a little thing when so many people are asking for it when they asked people opinions, then why did they ask for our opinions if it doesn’t matter to them, I don’t like being treated as a mindless gamer that is stupid and has no idea what I’m talking about, and that when many people say “I preferred the knock it makes more sense and is easier to use” have it all brushed off as “Don’t worry there will be something you can do in TPP”, I feel like they are treating us like idiots and are only doings things like asking for feedback just to make us feel comfortable and to make them look like they care.

    On a happier note I am looking forward to having different camouflages to use in TPP, it will be easier to have a mind for an invisible camo index when I am wearing camouflage that fits the environment.

    • Nekkedsnake

      KNOCK… this is ALL I’M SAYING TOO!!! oh kojima…

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