Kojima on the evolution of Metal Gear and Snake

During an interview with Belgian site MetalGearSolid.be, Kojima talked about the evolution of the series and of Snake over the course of the series’ existence.


When Kojima first entered the industry, he was asked to make a war game. But since his father lived through World War II, and was traumatized because of this, Kojima was brought up in fear of war and international violence. In Metal Gear Solid, the player carries a gun, and sometimes has to use it. But it is not the main goal of the mission, and players are always encouraged to avoid violence.

According to Kojima, his reason for going open world with Metal Gear Solid V is not because it’s the popular thing to do right now. In fact, his goal has always been to create open world games, but the technology wasn’t ready yet. As an example he mentioned Metal Gear Solid 1. The player assumes control when Snake is already at the docks, but Kojima actually wanted to start the game earlier, outside of the base.

When first creating Snake, Kojima wanted him to be as bland a character as possible. This was because he wanted to create an universal character: the game would be played by many different people with different backgrounds, and they all had to identify with him. Over the following 27 years, Snake would grow into a character with a strong personality, shaped by the players and by Kojima himself.

Solid Snake Smoking

Kojima also wants players to think about their actions in the game – having to kill The Boss yourself by pressing a button, leaving this responsibility in the hands of the player, is one example of that.

Source: MGS.be

  • I still look away when I pull the trigger, even now.

  • Kevin Kerr Music

    That still hits me hard shooting the Boss.

  • DK

    Does anyone know what’s up with the bonus trailer for which you get a download code with GZ? I’ve been trying the link that’s inside the cover, and all I get is a 404 code..

    • I was able to download the trailer just fine, but I get the 404 error for the DLC code.
      I guess that’s understandable though, seeing as the DLC is for Phantom Pain which doesn’t even have a release date yet lol.

      • DK

        I haven’t tried the TPP DLC code yet. I already get 404 when using the link to download the trailer: konami-europe.com/GZDLC

        Do you know if I can watch the trailer online anywhere?

        • You will most likely find it on youtube.
          But if im entirely honest, its nothing special or new :/

          Infact the amount of things you have to do, just to see this trailer is kinda silly.

          Here you go, I found it : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGxbEwCIBBI

          EDIT : Not sure if that was deemed as spoilerish, Nyxus please mod this if so, sorry!

          • DK

            Thanks Captain! You’re right though, nothing new.

            As for now, I’m off to pop GZ into my PS3 for the first time. Here’s hoping it’s good!


          • Wait, so this is different from the trailer that plays if you finish the Ground Zeroes mission?

          • lostsnak182

            correct me if im wrong but does this trailer play at the end of the disc version? I know for a fact it plays at the end of the GZ mission the Downloadbale version since i have that one. Also if everyone who bought the physical version is getting dlc codes hwo do i get my dlc if i own the downloadable version of the game?

          • For the download version you don’t have to do anything, you’ll get your DLC automatically.

          • Son of Big Boss

            Yeah, I got the PS4 disc version, and the trailer is skippable every time at the end of the GZ mission.

          • No, not that im aware of.
            But my Disc version does not play any trailer after the Ground Zeroes mission, I had to download that one I posted ^

          • That’s strange, mine shows a (skippable) trailer every time.

          • D: wut? i have the disc version, and i don’t have any trailer u.u

          • glitchbomb

            Me either! Must be newest gen consoles?

          • it seems like that :c

          • Janeo

            I heard that trailer was only for current gen I have ps3 and don’t get any trailer so maybe it’s a bonus because ps4 cost more

          • glitchbomb

            Weird.. is it after you beat the main OP on hard? I had done it on normal and I have never seen this trailer till recently

          • No, just normal.

      • Kevin Kerr Music

        I’m in the same boat. Got my trailer downloaded fine(Which was.. a stupid amount of hassle..?)
        but the DLC isn’t happening.

        Are you by any chance in the UK?
        I know people overseas can register the DLC. But all the GZ players in the UK I know can’t get it working.

        • Yeah, I just figured it was due to it not being available just yet. didn’t realise overseas could register it :S!

  • Golgari

    “his goal has always been to create open world games”

    If that’s true then if he is going to quit Metal Gear franchise (and I hope so that he won’t do that in the future). He should create new iP from the ground up.

    • He means in relation to the Metal Gear series. The example he mentions is what he has implemented now: having to sneak into a base first yourself, and also sneak out again.

      • Golgari

        Yeah. I know. I’m just talking about the future of his games at KojiPro.
        I hope he will make open-world games in the future because open world games have more potential for more content and Kojima is known for fantastic level design with great details.

        GTA games are good open world games and really polished but they don’t have small little details like in KojiPro games. If you are going inside the building in GTA games you feel that the design is bland and generic in most cases except for your house where you can find character photos and other easter eggs. But that’s it.

        Open world design in Ground Zeroes proved that you can make a good map with small little details around it even with current gen limitations (you can’t completely enter to the main prison building for example) and TPP is going to be much bigger.
        Although open-world design is still complicated for the same polished details like in linear games but MGSV is a step forward.

        • PrinceHeir

          Play Yakuza games.

          It has the attention to detail to small things ala Shenmue series, with badass combat system, amazing interactions, tons of mini games and references from older Sega games(Virtua Fighter 2 Arcade machine playable for example)

          An actual story that isn’t a generic Hollywood 101 book.

          If only Sega US/EU stop being an ass and actual localize Japan’s flagship titles.

          I’m glad their bringing out Hatsune Miku games, but there’s more Sega games than just Miku.

          • Golgari

            Yakuza games are semi-open world. They don’t have a large map in general. Gameplay mostly crafted for the player so there is no smart AI and something chaotic can’t be done there like in MGSV/Dishonored/GTAV.

            when I’m talking about Open-world i’m talking about the gameplay that is not crafted for the player. It must be chaotic like in MGSV:GZ where are multiple ways to complete the objection and AI reaction is different every playthrough and don’t forget about vehicles and smart system’s in which they cooperate with each other.

          • PrinceHeir

            Lol no smart Ai.

            Most of the Ai’s in Rockstar games are garbage as hell. The reason why Yakuza is a so called “semi-world” because they designed the game based around the story.

            And that’s why GTA games will never achieved the level of details of Shenmue or Yakuza. All GTA does is put you in one big sandbox and that’s it. No attention to detail, no character interactions, just put you in big empty space and do what you want which is fine, but it loses the interaction to the world. There’s no memorable moments, just go around and do what you want and that’s it.

            An open world game that isn’t necessarily need to be a big sandbox game. it needs actual interactions with the world itself. Character relationship, world actually changing based on your actions etc.

            Shenmue was the closest to with it’s “FREE” (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment). You can go to actual houses and expect each drawer, People actual reacting to your actions, your actions reflects what happens to the story.

            It’s a shame people nowadays only care about big sandbox games with no interactions to the NPC. I don’t mind that, but we already have too many games like that like GTA, Saints Row, Assassins Creed etc.

            I understand that MGSV would probably be concentrate more on sneaking in an open box and do what you want style. But that’s because it’s a stealth game first, then an open world. It’s more focus on stealth than actual interactions with the world. I’m still waiting for the social mechanic he mentioned last 2012 where he was influence by Deus Ex HR.

            Yakuza was the closest, but not enough of actual consequence like in Shenmue.

            I would also recommend to people to buy and play Deadly Premonition Director’s Cut on PS3. Another surprising gem that got overlooked just because it has PS2 graphics. I had fun with that game and enjoyed the interaction to the world, amazing characters that are full of life, and the dialogue is pretty clever and one of the best I’ve heard in a video game ever.

            I’ll take a actual living breathing world, full of interactions, actual consequences to the story than one big empty sandbox with pretty graphics and wastes money on facial features(lol) any day of the week.

          • Golgari

            “Most of the Ai’s in Rockstar games are garbage as hell. The reason why Yakuza is a so called “semi-world” because they designed the game based around the story.”

            It is not garbage. It is not the smartest AI in the world, but it is free of any game design restriction. Yakuza was not designed because of the story. that’s not how you design a game… But because the game is crafted for the player. This is the way most of Japanese devs are making games right now. I’m not saying it is bad or anything but this is how the games are designed.

            Yakuza is a good franchise but MGSV open-world is much more complex then that. AI is not only smart, it does it’s own thing where Kojima design decision has no control over them. This is the most complex thing in videogame design right now. Try to balance chaotic gameplay with narrative progression.

            “And that’s why GTA games will never achieved the level of details of Shenmue or Yakuza. All GTA does is put you in one big sandbox and that’s it. No attention to detail, no character interactions, just put you in big empty space and do what you want which is fine, but it loses the interaction to the world. There’s no memorable moments, just go around and do what you want and that’s it.”

            One big sandbox with a lot of AI and random situations that can’t happen in Yakuza games because everything is scripted and crafted for the player. You go to the NPS – speak with him and play it’s fun mini games and etc. That’s how it works. It’s a very simple design.

            and that is the reason why Japanese developers are really good with Horror games compared to Western developers because horror games are based of the gamelay that is crafted for the player – Silent hill, Resident Evil and etc.

          • The games simply don’t sell enough in the west to warrant a localization. Which is a shame, because they’re awesome.

  • PrinceHeir

    Good stuff.

    Though most of the mannerisms and the way he talks are based of Akio Otsuka.

    I guess he’s saying the way Snake’s actions and decisions are being performed through the player’s choice.

    • Box4

      I think you’re putting too much emphasis on the “Snake is 70% Otsuka” thing.
      The way I interpret that is, Kojima’s twitter bio is “70% of my body is made up of movies.” In an interview with EGM in 2012, Kojima said that that phrase comes from the fact that 70% of the human body is made up of water. Without water, the human body cannot live. Kojima is an avid movie buff, so he jokes that, without watching movies, he can’t live.

      In the case of voice actors/actresses, while Kojima might be responsible for 30% of Snake (conception, dialogue, character development, backstory etc.), it takes a voice actor to bring that character to life. Without a voice-actor to bring life to the character, Snake would just be lines on a script and some cool Shinkawa designs.
      To Japan, that 70% is Akio Otsuka. To everyone else, that 70% was David Hayter, though for MGSV it’s Kiefer Sutherland.

      • PrinceHeir

        No he”s talking about the character itself.

        Of course fans can decide what Snake is because just like in this interview. He made Snake so people can decide who is based on the players action.

        And he’s body is made of 70% is because he’s talking about HIMSELF and not Snake.

        And you just prove my point, since 70% of your body is made of water, with Otsuka there would be no Snake(according to Kojima).

        And what do you mean everyone else? Lol i know a lot of people who prefers Akio Otsuka than David Hayter well before he was replaced in MGSV. He’s did more works internationally than David Hayter’s voice acting career.

        Oh and he mentioned the tweet in the 25th Anniversary party event. You know where they celebrate the franchise for it’s 25 years of service? Kojima and Otsuka was there as well as the voice actors from series franchise.

        I think people are just in denial that he didn’t mention David Hayter as his favorite. I mean aside from a few exchange of thanks and some direction in MGS4. Kojima barely knows Hayter aside from being the English Snake. He didn’t even mention him that much when asked why he replaced him.

        I do like both, but i can’t deny that Hayter voice hasn’t been good with his voice since MGS1/MGS2 days. MGS3/PO is good, but i didn’t like his laugh(it sounds fake for some reason). Peace Walker and MGS4? No just no.

        Hayter is good at voicing soon to be middle age characters. But for old? nope. Otsuka is great at doing both since he himself is already in the phase of middle age to old age.

        I mean just compare his voice to Richard Doyle. Doyle did an amazing job on voicing an old aging man sounding naturally as possible. I think people just hate the fact that Keifer is voicing Snake, a Hollywood actor.

        If Doyle were to voice Snake in Ground Zeroes, i can tell you no one would have complained last year about the voice.

        Though after hearing a few lines of Keifer. I kinda miss Hayter. I guess it’s that nostalgia taking in when a voice you used to hear for more than a decade is gone now(even if it the quality isn’t the same as before)

        For me Snake will always be Otsuka since i grew up with him watching shows like Ghost in the Shell and he constantly can change his voice on the fly. He can be a menacing character(Seth from Street Fighter IV) to a badass friend who has your back(Batou from Ghost in the Shell, Snake in MGS)

        Though Hayter is definitely a good choice. But if people were to really put another new English voice for Snake that isn’t Keifer, Hayter or Doyle. I would recommend Elias Toufexis. Voice of Adam Jensen from Deus Ex HR.

        Definitely a worthy voice of Snake(either a clone or himself).

        • Box4

          I don’t think you really understand my post.

          “No he”s talking about the character itself.”
          I don’t think I ever said he wasn’t talking about the character.

          “And he’s body is made of 70% is because he’s talking about HIMSELF and not Snake.”
          I was explaining the origin of the 70% meme Kojima keeps using. I’m aware of the different contexts in which it’s used, that’s why I said “In the case of voice actors.”

          “And you just prove my point, since 70% of your body is made of water, with Otsuka there would be no Snake(according to Kojima).”
          Read. My. Post. Again.

          Me: “In the case of voice actors/actresses, while Kojima might be responsible for 30% of Snake (conception, dialogue, character development, backstory etc.), it takes a voice actor to bring that character to life. Without a voice-actor to bring life to the character, Snake would just be lines on a script and some cool Shinkawa designs.
          To Japan, that 70% is Akio Otsuka. To everyone else, that 70% was David Hayter, though for MGSV it’s Kiefer Sutherland.”

          Kojima is saying that Snake is 70% Otsuka because in Japan (Kojima’s homeland), he’s the voice-actor for Snake. Through his voice, he brings the character to life, in the same way David Hayter and Kiefer Sutherland brings Snake to life in the West.

          You were confused as to why Kojima didn’t bring up basing Snake on Akio in an interview discussing the evolution of Snake. I explained to you how you misinterpreted Kojima’s tweet. Kojima did not base Snake’s character on Akio Otsuka. He probably did cast Akio because he fit the character best, but that doesn’t mean he based the character on him.

          Everything else you said has nothing to do with my point.

          • PrinceHeir

            You seem to not understand what i just said.

            I’m saying to Kojima HIMSELF states that Snake for HIM is 70% Akio Otsuka. Snake can be ANYONE to the PLAYER. Whether 50% Otsuka, another 50% Hayter or another 50% to Sutherland. It’s up to the PLAYER to decide for that.

            I’m talking about Kojima HIMSELF. Not some random fan or anything, but he HIMSELF.

            And no, just because Snake is 70%(according to Kojima) that doesn’t mean Kojima is 30%.

            It could be 15% Kojima and another 15% Shinkawa-san.

            LOL He did take some of the designs of Snake(particularly the way he smokes) from Otsuka since he himself is a real life smoker.

            Kojima and Otsuka always work together when working on how to perform Snake. Otsuka even said Kojima monitored and helped him performed his act in MGS4. Especially the final scene with Big Boss.

            I bet you didn’t even know that Otsuka too was the motion capture for Solid Snake, Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, Big Boss. That’s why in MGS3 you see sometimes see Naked Snake flaps his mouth even though there’s no voice coming out from him in MGS3.

            Heck Big Boss JPN VA is Otsuka’s REAL life father himself who had a real falling with each other over the years and Kojima manage to reunite them once more.

            You seem to underestimate the influence of a voice acting in Japan. Voice acting in Japan is bigger and way different than the US. You could say some VA received Hollywood status if you will. Japanese style of recording is a group of people exchanging lines in one room. While most of the interview English dubs i saw, they mentioned how each voice actor are separated with a single room and they say the lines alone in the dark with the voice director listening. No mention what the name of the character, no title, not even the context of the situation. Just say the line and they’ll decide if your in or not.

            This is the difference between a Dub and Original voice. The director and creator have control on how they can express their character through a scene with the voice actors. They also have the luxury to be group with the cast of the show and give feedback on how things work. A dub is based on a random ADR director(who is most of the time a single person) who may or may not even know the context of the scene and sometimes the meaning is change or is lost in the process.

            There’s nothing wrong with normal shows cute shows, but with complex shows that involves a lot of dialogue like Psycho-Pass, Ghost in the Shell(especially Innocence which has a lot of quotes from various philosophers) or even comedy where the style is change from JPN and US, this becomes a problem.

            Heck They even edited Neon Gensis Evangelion cutscene where the ADR director thought one scene was a gun shot in the dark, but actually the creator said it in an interview was a slap. This misinterpreted the scene and angered a lot of people. Which mentions on why these directors should not have the authority to change a scene based on their perceptions.

            Just like The Last of Us is better in English than Japanese since Joel and Ellie are based on their actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson.

            This is why a lot of people prefer original voices. Because they know they’re getting the exact vision the creators wanted to portray. Nothing to do with the voices(well some people just prefer to hear it in JPN, but i rather prefer what their original intention is)

            Luckily MGSV is being monitored by Kojima in both sides. So there won’t be any loss of translation(hopefully)

            Please stop in denial if you think Otsuka didn’t influence the way Snake turned out to be.

            And what does nationality have to do with his preference? If he design Snake from outside from Japan(which he did: see MSX cover, but not his emotions or mannerism) he would have outright said it. Kojima is no stranger in western works and he frequently mentions things that he likes like Pacific Rim, David Bowie, etc.

            Fans just can’t accept that Snake isn’t based on Hayter.

            In the end it doesn’t matter. Fans can choose what they want. I like my Snake with Otsuka style, but prefer Liquid Snake as Cam Clarke(not Zimmerman please) etc

          • Box4

            Snake’s been smoking since MG1 (it’s one of your items), before games even had voice acting. Akio had nothing to do with that.

            Mizuho Yoshida did motion capture for Snake in MGS2 and 3, Ryoji Okamoto for MGS4, and Mio Tanaka in PW. Facial capture wasn’t implemented in the series until MGSV, and it was for Kiefer Sutherland. Before it was hand-keyed animation (they didn’t bother doing lip-syncing for the English version until MGS4.) Akio only did motion capture for Big Boss in MGS4.

            I said Kojima MIGHT BE 30% of Snake. I didn’t think to include Shinkawa since who the 30% was had nothing to do with my point.

            I know that to Kojima, a Japanese man, Snake is 70% Akio. I said that. Of course Akio would be 70% of Snake to Kojima, because he is JAPANESE. What MY POINT is that Kojima is SAYING that because Akio is Snake’s VOICE-ACTOR in JAPAN. As a voice-actor, he brought Snake to LIFE, just as water brings life to the human body. From the perspective of a JAPANESE PERSON (which Kojima is), Akio brings Snake to life because he is Snake’s voice. That doesn’t mean he BASED aspects of the character on him (as this article proves, Snake evolved through both the player and by Kojima), apart from Kojima doing really cool things like casting Akio’s dad as Big Boss (but even then, the complicated relationship between Snake and Big Boss was established as early as MG2, while their genetic bond was established in MGS1, and I’m pretty sure that it was in the script long before Kojima started casting actors for his characters.)

            What I am SAYING, is that you are putting too much emphasis on Kojima’s tweet, and making it seem like Kojima based Snake on Akio (and you keep bringing it up everywhere you go. I’ve seen you post this stuff on Facebook and YouTube. I could tell it’s you because you’re the one who is always pushing this idea.)

            A voice actor brings the character to life. Akio brings Snake to life in Japan (and since Kojima is Japanese, of course he is going to say that Snake is 70% Akio), and David Hayter/Kiefer Sutherland brings Snake to life in the English version.

            I’m not a David Hayter fanboy. Though I really do like him, and I’ll miss him, I’m not blind to his faults (I’m playing MGS3 right now and there are some very cringe worthy moments in his performance.) To my surprise, I actually really liked Kiefer Sutherland in Ground Zeroes. Before that realization, I was willing to import MGSV from Japan (it has English subtitles now) since I associated Snake with Akio more than Kiefer (thanks to the various Japanese trailers released before the dub was made. When I was complaining about Kiefer’s performance in the intro, I actually compared some parts to Akio’s performance, which I felt was better.)

            I am not in denial. You are the one who insisted in bringing up Akio’s allegedly huge and super duper influence on Snake’s evolution when Kojima said nothing of it in the actual interview. The fact that you insist on trying to add to Kojima’s answer proves that you are the one in denial.

          • PrinceHeir

            Yeah Snake has been smoking since MG1, but I’m talking about the WAY he’s smokes. There was no animation of movement back then. You just equip the smoke and that’s it.

            Actually i saw a video Otsuka also doing MGS2 motion capture. but i can’t seem to find it now.

            And you are right, facial capture was only implemented in MGSV,

            Okay let’s see he did brought the life as Japanese version of Snake, and David Hayter and Keifer Sutherland brought the life of English Snake? So what happens now? NOTHING Since it doesn’t change the fact that both of them work together in building Snake.

            Okay i think i know what the problem is. Okay let me revise this once again just to be sure.

            So Otsuka-san is 70% JAPANESE Snake from Kojima’s OWN perspective that “he brought Snake to LIFE in a JAPANESE perspective, just as water brings life to the human body.” and this is from the perspective of a JAPANESE PERSON(mainly Kojima himself).

            He is not the UNIVERSAL Snake that everyone in the whole world know as the template for Snake in GENERAL. Just as David Hayter and Keifer Sutherland is the other 70% “they brought Snake to LIFE in a WESTERN or AMERICAN perspective, just as water brings life to the human body.” and either one or the other is the other 70% English Snake from Kojima’s perspective.

            But NEITHER Snakes are the UNIVERSAL since it’s all in the perspective of the player. Some people prefer English Snake(Hayter or Sutherland or even both) and some people prefer Japanese Snake(Otsuka or even all versions equally)

            There is that fine now? or Do i have to change which percentage goes to which person? Is that okay? Did i miss something? Did i put too much percentage to Otsuka or the other way around? I hope I’m not missing anything.

            Nothing wrong with Hayter’s voice. But the way he delivered it over the years made me lose some confidence with him. Again compare his MGS1/MGS2 voice to the next games, and you’ll wonder if it’s the same person from 10+ years ago.

            I don’t hate Hayter, I hate the people who thinks he is the DEFINITIVE/UNIVERSAL Snake the he is the only Snake that can pull it off, even though it’s clear that he hasn’t been the same since the PS2 days. I don’t think you were here when people shouted only he can pull it off, he made Snake what it is today and not Kojima and his team(LOL).

            What even ticks me off, Hayter himself mentioned he’s the ONLY Snake in the world. And that it’s his voiced that defined him(LOL once more). He even mentioned once more that Christian Bale’s voice was just a carbon copy of him since he’s been doing this “gruff” voice well before him. Wow just wow, So many people that can do a better “gruff” voice than him like Steve Blum(Wolverine, Vincent Valentine), Elias Toufexis(Adam Jensen) and even Troy Baker sounds more natural when voicing older characters(Joel, Ocelot) compared to him.

            He even tried to rile up people by hinting he was going to voice Snake in Ground Zeroes “my throat is getting funny” or something. And when people were disappointed that it wasn’t him(since he was the one who are setting up for the reveal) people then backlashes to Kojima and that why did he replace him or something, even though Kojima didn’t even handled the English localization of the series.

            He even complained that why did the Japanese version kept Otsuka-san and not the English. Little did he know that the voice direction in either versions are DIFFERENT to each other. If it’s the same direction, then why didn’t Hayter himself voiced Solidus Snake in which Otsuka did voiced him in MGS2(Kojima was trying to trick players that Solid Snake is a bad guy now)

            I get it, he paid his own expenses to bring back the cast of MGS1 to Twin Snakes. Okay that’s cool and all, but it pisses me off that some people uses this excuse as a compensation to let him keep the voice. Again no offense, but nobody forced him to pay the expense to bring back the old voice actors. Blame Konami US for not doing a good job on handling this.

            And some even says Kojima should cancel all of his plans(WOW REALLY??) and have a one to one dinner party with him and all paid expenses for his service of doing Snake over the years. Never mind the background guys, the one who has worked for him since even the very first Metal Gear games. Yeah screw them, just let me have a dinner with you since i made your character to what it is today.

            See why Hayter looks like an ass the way he handled this? Oh and guess what? He isn’t the first person being replace in voice acting for so long. Let’s bring Otsuka once again, He’s been voicing Batou in Ghost in the Shell since 1995 and was replace by a new guy for the OVA Arise in 2013. Same with the other casts like Atsuko Tanaka as Major for Maaya Sakomoto(she did voiced her in the 1995 film as a child though)

            I didn’t see Otsuka complaining about being replace on twitter or Atsuko-san as well. Again what’s the problem? voices get’s replace all the time, no matter how long you have been doing this. That’s why the Japanese are always delighted when they get to return a role after soo many years. Like the upcoming Salior Moon anime. Mitsuishi, Kotono is happy and delighted as hell that she’ll be returning to voice Usagi(main lead) who she has been doing her voice since 1992!

            I don’t hate Hayter, but the sheep who praises him as some sort of a voice acting God. Hayter doesn’t even come close other voice actors let alone the same league as Akio Otsuka who has been voice acting since the 1970s, WELL BEFORE English Dub even existed.

            The experience isn’t even comparable. Otsuka is considered a Legend in Japan and can retire anytime now. He has nothing left to prove, but he still does voice acting because he loves it and is part of his family.

            Again he is still rank as Top 1 of the Cool Male voice actors in Japan that was polled last month.


    • Anonymous X

      Jesus you’re such a weeb. I love Akio Otsuka more than anyone, especially in Ghost in the Shell, but this article has nothing to do with him.

      • PrinceHeir

        What does this have to do anything?

        Seriously are you my personal stalker or anything? Don’t be stupid please.

        • Anonymous X

          You’ve made so many goddamn allusions to Akio Otsuka, it’s hard not to notice your comments on this site. He’s Snake’s actor, and probably his best, but your blatant fanboyism is completely unnecessary. I know that half the fanbase has started bashing Hayter’s performance but you’re one of the few I’ve encountered that actually HATES the guy.

        • psychomantis18

          Read this a little late. Just wanted to say that…… you are so off point and come across as a bull-headed fanboy…. or fangirl. You need to get your facts straight

          • PrinceHeir

            Who are you? please go away no one asked you to be here lol.

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