Kojima Productions addresses Metal Gear Solid V concerns and talks cutscenes: ‘They are still kick-ass.’

During Kojima Station Episode 4, Kojima Productions staff members Ken Mendoza, Sean Eyestone, Jordan Amaro and Ludvig Forssell addressed some of the comments and concerns around Metal Gear Solid V.


Some people noted that in Ground Zeroes, Miller talks a bit too much, especially when replaying missions and you have to listen to the same information every time. This issue will be addressed in The Phantom Pain, which probably means you will be able to shut him up using your iDroid.

In response to the absence of a knocking mechanic, they once again stated that ‘there will be something’ in The Phantom Pain that will have the same function as knocking (luring guards to your position), but they won’t reveal yet what it is. While this was being discussed, Ken Mendoza was making grunting noises, so maybe Snake will be able to do that, or he might even have a dog companion (as seen in the early artwork).

They also reaffirmed that cardboard boxes and boss fights will make a return in The Phantom Pain, as well as more variety in things like enemies and environments.

Furthermore, Sean Eyestone and Jordan Amaro addressed some of the concerns people had with the new storytelling mechanics in MGSV.


Most of these arose from Eurogamer’s interview with Jordan Amaro a few days back, which lead to some misunderstandings. It was a casual interview, and some took certain jokes that were made a little too seriously.

One of the concerns was about reducing the cutscenes. “What we have to say about the cutscenes, is that the proportion between gameplay and cutscene is more balanced this time.” Jordan Amaro said. Because the structure is different (as this is an open world game) the cutscenes won’t be as long as before, and they will be spread out more  throughout the game. “So, instead of playing through one huge segment of gameplay and then having one huge cutscene, the cutscenes are scattered here and there and you get the story as you play.” Eyestone added. However, fans won’t have to fear that this will negatively affect the story. “The spectacle and the craftsmanship is still there.” Amaro ensured. “We have to reassure you, for those of you who were worried, that the cutscenes are still kick-ass. They will still be, like, really really really cool.”


Related to this subject, some people also voiced their concerns about Snake not talking as much as before. “Open world game means that the scope of the play space is greater than it has ever been, right?” Amaro explained. “Inside this bigger play space we have systems that work together, and those systems can be disturbed by the player.” This means that the amount of possible things that can happen also increases. “In TPP the means of player agency are greater.” Amaro said. This makes it difficult to impose a strong, opinionated character on millions of different players, with different play styles and perceptions.

“That said, Snake still is Snake.” Eyestone added to that. “He does have his personality, he’s still there. It’s just, we’re trying to make it easier for people to relate to him and feel what it’s like to experience life as Snake.”

Another reason (which has been stated before), is that the new facial technology gives the studio the possibility to show Snake’s emotions through facial expressions, where in previous games he had to express them through words. This was also the reason they decided to cast Kiefer Sutherland for this game.

They also wanted to make clear that the reasoning about Big Boss talking less because Kiefer Sutherland would be too expensive (as was stated in the Eurogamer interview) was simply a joke, pointing out that this decision was made in the concept stage of the game, long before they hired Kiefer.


Aside from Jordan Amaro’s appearance, the hosts discussed some general gameplay tips for Ground Zeroes, challenged the world record for a tranquilizer headshot (ending up at fifth place) and Shinkawa made a brief appearance to select the two winners of the art competition. He also answered some questions sent in by fans.

Next episode will come in two weeks, on April 25, and will feature an interview with Kaz Miller’s voice actor Robin Atkin Downes. People can still send in their questions for him through the Kojima Station website.

Source: Kojima Station Episode 4

  • No Place For Hayter

    They bring up the facial animation part a lot so I hope we see more faces in TPP than ground zeroes, because in the most important emotional parts in ground zeroes we did not get to see Big Boss’s face a lot if we saw it at all, the only time I can recall seeing his face in an important part was when Big Boss finds Chico and we see him look around worried because Chico won’t shut up, but that was one of the least important parts I wanted to see a lot of peoples faces when Big Boss finds Paz, and when they remove Paz’s stomach bomb, in the bomb scene I feel like they sacrificed great facial expressions just to show us Paz’s guts for shock value, I don’t see it as shock value content but when there are more important places for the camera to look and it doesn’t look there I feel like Paz’s guts were to much the main focus.

    I’m glad they are talking about these things, but in all honesty I’m really not sure of anything, I feel like I should do a media black out for TPP just to save myself a lot of worry over the game and its contents, and juts buy it when it comes out.

    • Anthony

      Great point, you’re absolutely right. If they’re going with the whole ‘showing not saying’ thing, they had really better start showing BB’s face.

      • Yeah, but it depends on the scene. There’s a reason they did the scene like that.

        • Amrit

          Yup. We can’t judge TPP based on 4 cutscenes

    • Guest

      Yeah, in one of the trailers we see BB’s expression when he looks at the attack on Mother Base, but in the end they didn’t show it in the game.

      • Cartmangus

        I still cling to some hope that this scene is gonna be in TPP somehow. In the main menu after you’ve beaten the game BB has those exact injuries on his face, so maybe they don’t crash the helicopter at the end there. That shot for me was the highlight of all story trailers, that emotion in BB’s face is just amazing, cutting it from the game is just… WHY

      • No Place For Hayter

        You know when I originally saw the trailers this scene was one of the scenes that was most profound on me because of the look on Big Boss’s face, I mean it’s absolutely amazing and perfectly shows off what they are trying to do with MGSV, and after GZ I was watching the trailers again a few days ago and I was like “Why was one of the best scenes in the trailers not in the game?”

        • Jason Mounce

          I agree with what everyone just said. Seeing Big Boss’ and this expression put me at awe at just what could be going on in his head, what anger and sadness could leave him in such a state to leave him literally with that type of expression…..I don’t wanna see it removed :c

          • Amrit

            I think it’ll be in PP.. I don’t think the hospital scene comes straight after the ‘crash’.. they can easily just show the two choppers missing by a hairwidth and the coma is as a result of something that happens afterwards. This scene could be between the ‘crash’ and the actual event that caused the coma and arm loss

          • Jason Mounce

            Multiple vehicular crashes in one game never seems to happen. No idea though. If only Kojima would just simply tell us or someone were to ask him. lol

          • Amrit

            Lol I doubt he’ll ever admit it.. after all he’s been saying for months that we’ll never get to see the actual cause of the coma until well into PP.. I’m assuming it’s a major plot point that Snake simply forgets because it’s so horrific and hence he suffers amnesia or something

      • ShalashaskaAdamska

        When he looks the attack on Mother Base in the game and after the rescue of Miller, Snake isn´t injured in his face like in this image.

    • RoderickThe13

      Yeah, in one of the trailers we see BB’s expression when he looks at the attack on Mother Base, but then they didn’t show it in the game.

  • Amrit

    Lollll Robin Atkin Downes is gonna be there in 2 weeks.. anyone want to take a risky guess what the most commonly asked question is gonna be..? 😛

    BTW Nyxus just wana extend a big thanks to you for creating this awesome site. I only found it the other day and it was super cool just going through every page seeing how details of the games were dripped out by KP, and how quickly you got all the information up. I’ll continue to check your site daily 🙂

    P.S. You’re pretty good!

    • Thanks, and welcome!


    Hopefully in the next episode Robin Atkins finally tells us how does he feel about being played like a damn fiddle 🙂

    • Anime10121

      Lol all of my yes

  • Janeo

    I just hope they don’t take a lot of the feedback to seriously I read that a lot of people don’t like the cover system and want to be able to press triangle to go into cover before the jump over a wall. I think that’s just ridiculous the cover system is terrific so I’m not sure why people don’t like it changing the cover system would ruin some of the games fluid pace so I hope they don’t change that

    • glitchbomb

      If enough people complain about it, like you say. They very well might take it seriously.

      • Janeo

        Well it doesn’t seem like it was one of the main complaints but it is worrying that some people don’t seem to like the cover system what do you think about it. I like the idea of taking feedback but it’s always scary because if they take a lot of the feedback seriously I think it may hurt some really good features they have going. I will just trust the developers GZ is probably the most fluid game I have ever played and there isn’t much I would change.

        • Shalashaska

          They wont change the cover system. Hell, they probably wont “change” anything – only “fix” and “add” to we saw in GZ. Changing it to the triangle-to-cover would mean they’d have to throw away all their work and start anew, because changing that seemingly simple element is probably a lot more work than people realize.

          The feedback that I’m sure they are looking at is suggestions on making it even more fluid and fun. For example, I’d appreciate a dedicated button to turning around in cover, I think it’s a little awkward in GZ. I’d really enjoy to hear the soldiers talk while Snake interrogates them rather than having to read subtitles.

          • Janeo

            I do agree with on the button to turn sometimes when I try to turn I end up running right out into the enemy I guess it could just be square to turn but I don’t want any major changes to the system. Your right they are to far into development to change some things people want so hopefully they just add to it

          • Shalashaska

            As far as I’m aware, pressing down on the left analog stick could work. You use R3 to peek out of cover, so L3 could be used to turn Snake, assuming it doesn’t do anything or they don’t have anything planned for it.

        • NFI

          The cover system is awesome. It is not getting changed.

  • Zven

    lots of info, thanks for the summary Nyxus

  • Diamond Dog

    Chico is Quiet. You are a real man now soldier.

    • The Sorrow

      By the way, the 794 flight did ok and little Psicho Mantis loves to ride horses with your nightmares.

  • Shalashaska

    I really hope Snake can make a noise or something to attract guards rather than knocking. A dog companion would be cool… but what if it gets shot?


    • Golgari

      It’s not going to be a dog (it’s probably a CAT) 😀

      • Amrit


  • kio


  • Sovereign SnaKe

    I don’t like how these people at Koji Pro are handling the concerns at all. They seem to be glossing over the biggest complaints like they’re door to door salesman. First and foremost no one is happy with Sutherland voicing Snake. I see the petition I signed met its quota so that’s good. I didn’t mind Miller talking at all, at least he still had his original voice actor. We need codec calls brought back, that would cut down on having to hear the same dialogue over and over. I’m happy they mentioned knocking, I missed that, but the Guards need more emotion and charming campiness like they had in the other games. In this game they were just like boring robots that didn’t say anything. And are magazines too much to ask? I’m going to write Koji Pro an email right now.

    • People should be realistic with their complaints. Of course Kiefer is not getting replaced, you cannot expect that.

      • Sovereign SnaKe

        I don’t think its outside the realm of possibilities. Stranger things have happened. Lest we forget the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle. People were pissed and Bioware gave into the backlash. I sincerely hope this voice work/motion-capture excuse ends up being a plot twist and Hideo Kojima trolled everyone hard.

        • Amrit

          This is a different kind of ‘pissed’.. this is just a selection of MGS fans that don’t like Keifer. Check out a few forums – the general consensus is that he’s pretty good.. no Ocelot pun intended.. ¬¬ This is nowhere near the backlash that Konami got for example about the initial pricing they wanted.. so they did something about that. This, I don’t think they will

          • NFI

            This. Most people, the vocal minority, dislike it. Fact is many people wanted hatter replaced- his voice quality has been degrading and was horrendous is Peace Walker. He absolutely stunk.

          • Anonymous X

            You say that like it’s fact you dense idiot

          • NFI

            That’s because it is, moron. Check major media outlets and various forums – the overall consensus is Sutherland is an improvement – it got so bad ppl have been asking what’s wrong w Hayter because he fuckin blew in peace walker and mgs4. You are as dumb as it gets. Put your handle on your post too

          • Anonymous X

            Just as soon as you get a brain dumbass. There is no general agreement on your worthless opinion. Why do you think it’s a controversy to begin with? Of course people will miss Hayter, it’s the shitter half of the fanbase that you belong to that acts like it’s a special little snowflake.

        • NFI

          You are a moron then. It is not happening, ever. He isn’t getting removed, and Sutherland is the voice of BB, and actually did well.

          • Sovereign SnaKe

            Wow, I guess the Sutherland Lovers are just as bad as the Hayter Lovers. I don’t think Hayter needs to be the permanent voice actor, but consider getting someone less distinguished with an acceptable voice like Richard Doyle for example. He was fine in MGS:4. I think David Hayter is great, but I would prefer a new up and coming no name voice actor as opposed to someone as widely known as Sutherland. Whether he likes it or not Sutherland has been typecast as Jack Bauer. It would be just as awkward if Hideo Kojima brought on say Christian Bale, I can only imagine the fits that would be thrown if he brought in Bale. (And I honestly would have preferred Bale over Sutherland, hell even Hugh Jackman would have been great.) I think Hideo Kojima is an incredible game creator and have loved all 6 Metal Gear Solid Games, it’s possibly my favorite series ever. I am usually behind him on all his decisions, but not this.

          • Janeo

            You still haven’t got over this, I loved hayter in every game his performance had so much emotion in is gruff voice and I was upset with the change until I saw the red band trailer. Hayter was great but so is Sutherland and it’s an easier way to distinguish big boss and solid snake since a lot of people see them as the same person. I was scared that I think of jack Bauer every time he talked but after playing GZ I know I don’t see him as Bauer at all I didn’t think Bauer once in that game which is pretty surprising. Saying Keifer is already Bauer is silly look at Troy backer he does ocelot and also but he does so many video game characters so just because someone has him typecast as Joel doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy ocelot personally I already have him typecast as a middle age ocelot but I will still be able to enjoy his performance in infamous even though he’s characters looks like a complete ass

    • Amrit

      On your own.. on your own aaaaaand on your own.. 😛

      Kidding. Kinda. Sutherland stays as Snake and dude you never know, you might actually like him in the role after TPP. Don’t judge him on like 20 lines

      • Sovereign SnaKe

        When he said “kept ya waiting huh?” I cringed, it was worse than in the trailer. Also, when you grab a guard you could barely hear Sutherland, it was too soft and casual “speak” it didn’t sound like an interrogation, it sounded like he was having coffee with a friend.

        • Spunge Munger

          Im sorry but if you were sneaking around a camp full of soldiers who would probably shoot your ass as soon as they saw you, are you gonna go all Bale Batman and shout at the person you’ve captured? Or are you going to act like an actual Special Forces agent and try keep your voice down so as not to draw attention? Nuff said.

          As far as Hayter being replaced, I dont agree with HOW it was done but I do agree with Big Boss having a different voice. Or did you forget that he did in MGS4? Solid was not a direct clone of BB so ofc theyd have different voices. The main problem is unfortunately they did not think of this with MGS3/Peace Walker so its a little weird. But only a little. Ppls voices can change with age after all.

          • Amrit

            Lol @ bale batman. also, think about the fact that they wanted to mo-cap all the main actors this time round for maximum effect. big boss is the MAIN MAIN guy in the game. would you have had hayter voice the guy and then have someone else do the facial acting? do you see how a potential disconnect between the two could’ve ruined the entire game?

            keeping keifer as the facial actor (because they had planned for big boss to gradually become a 40 something that talks less and less because of fucked up shit happening to him) plus keeping his voice, also keeps the immersion super high.. so we experience big boss’ story as if we’re right next to him.. almost as if we are him

          • Sovereign SnaKe

            Yet they kept the original Japanese voice actor of Big Boss, Akio Otsuka?

          • Amrit

            Despite the fact that it’s a game made by a Japanese studio, Big Boss is an American character. The game’s have always had an American feel to them. So that takes precedence. And because mo-capping Akio Otsuka doing the facial acting and voice and repeating this for all of the characters (because that would then be a requirement) is like releasing a brand new game just for Japan!

            That’s like saying that Big Boss should be mo-capped and voiced for every language they want the game in. The point being, that the American roots of Big Boss take precedence and Keifer takes center stage. 🙂 (And because they don’t want to release 7 different versions of the game where Big Boss is played by 7 different guys.. and who blames them – this is hard enough already :P)

            Next question. This is pretty fun lol

            Come on bro.. give him a chance come PP. I have a nice feeling Keifer will come good 🙂

          • Sovereign SnaKe

            I would love to raise the money to have David Hayter’s voice dubbed in as they did/are doing with Akio Otsuka. I have nothing against Kiefer Sutherland, hes a wonderful Actor, but his voice is just too recognizable, surely they could have found someone with the physical likeness to Big Boss that does not have such a distinct voice. Kiefer Sutherland is universally known for his role in 24. His voice is imprinted on many peoples brains as Jack Bauer and its very awkward. It was a very poor decision from Koji Pro and I think money, marketing and A List Actor hype had everything to do with this.

          • Amrit

            If anything, watching 24 after playing GZ is like getting my Big Boss fix for the year until PP comes out 😛

          • Sovereign SnaKe

            Actually yea, I would definitely be more intimidated if Christian Bale as Batman creeped up behind me and said “freeze” as opposed to Jack Bauer whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Metal Gear Solid 4 was set in 2014, so Richard Doyle was acceptable as a very old Big Boss. Peace Walker was set in 1974, Ground Zeroes is set in 1975, I don’t think his voice would change so dramatically in one years time. And also, Sutherland voices Solid Snakes in the Deja Vu Mission which is equally as appalling.

    • NFI

      No one likes Sutherland as snake?People actually so far are into it – did you ever stop and think you may be getting trolled and Soiid may make an appearance somewhere along the line. Further, it doesn’t matter at the end of the day who is happy because it is Kojima’s game and he owes none of us anything, not you, not me, not anyone else. He doesn’t have to give a flying fuck you don’t like Sutherland. Fact is, Sutherland doesn’t sound as ham fisted as Hayter, and actually did a better job.

  • Anonymous X

    “pointing out that this decision was made in the concept stage of the game, long before they hired Kiefer”

    My ass.

  • Edward Wokhands

    None of the people in that first picture look real.

  • Edward Wokhands

    Ah, Eurogamer, why am I not surprised that they took jokes too seriously? Uptight PC asses. They started half of the Quiet controversy. Thanks “liberals” for ruining not only liberalism and feminism but now trying to ruin gaming too.

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