Hideo Kojima is working on a new trailer

With E3 less than 2 months away, gaming companies are already preparing for the world’s biggest gaming convention of the year. The same goes for Kojima Productions, as Hideo Kojima has started editing a new trailer, presumably for this reason.

I’ve made promo trailers of Rising in last feb, MGSV for GDC in mar, TPP for E3 in jun. Since then I haven’t done editing of any trailers.


“Editing machine, it’s been a year.”

Editing video. I’m still in the phase of picking music & building structure. I pick up image & bulletlines I get from the music in my iPod.

While Kojima did not specify what kind of video he has been working on exactly, it is very likely it’s a new trailer for The Phantom Pain to be shown at E3. Just a few more weeks!


An idea for the trailer came across my mind while working out at gym. Will test it tomorrow.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Kevin Kerr Music

    Can’t wait!

  • Golgari

    I hope that in the trailer we can see more of the open-world environment with enchanced stealth mechanics and enchanced “Operations”… ofc with Donna Burke’s song.
    Masterpiece incoming.

    • Would be cool to see some of the new Mother Base, Big Boss walking around there.

      • Golgari

        Yeah. That would be cool. They should also show us the new and improved ZEKE model in Mother Base. He-he. I also want to see new locations. Kojima teased that Afghanistan is not the only open-world environment we will get.

    • glitchbomb


  • Zero

    No love for MGO again? 🙁 it’s sad and unfair to all who waited almost 2 years without getting any info -_- thx kojima

    • Batzi

      MGO3 is coming. It’s just not ready yet to be shown.They really want to get TPP out asap and that requires a lot of resources and time.

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        Is there any confirmation that they are bundled together or are they gonna be seperate. I havnt heard much about the new mgo I hope it’s bundled with tpp.

        • Janeo

          I remember kojima saying they are working hard on it so they can get it out at the same time, I don’t mind if they do what gta5 did though because I won’t even be touching online for a while but I can’t wait to see what it will be like

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            Alright cool. That’s how I am also. Beat mgs4 2 times before I tried it the first time.

    • Ricardo Oe

      Yeah man…
      We want MGO again…
      The best game online off all time…

  • NegaScott128

    If it’s music from his iPod, it seems the next trailer will have a licensed track. Who do you think he’ll pick?

    • 123qwekhd

      THE TRASHMEN- Bird is the Word

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        spoiler the bird is a fiddle.

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine


  • Batzi

    Can’t wait! Wonder what he’ll show now. A glimpse at new Mother Base would be awesome and I hope we see some new environments with gameplay footage.

  • Zven

    hopefully a release date, I don’t expect a number but maybe something like “Spring/Summer/Winter 2015”

  • Kaniebas

    I really want to see it but decided to go on a media blackout until TPP is released :/

    • No Place For Hayter

      I wish I could go on a media black out, but I just never can, lol.

  • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

    i hope this trailer confirms or at least eases my worries of phantom pain of being on ps3 and 360.

    • No Place For Hayter

      In what way? worried that it will be on the consoles or not on the consoles or something else, if it’s about whether it will be on the consoles you don’t have to worry about it because TPP has already been confirmed for PS3 and 360.

      • Theo Heisenberg Constantine

        yea im certain it will be for ps3 and 360 its just i been hearing a lot of conflicting stuff. the GI article on mgs5 said kojima wouldnt talk about it being on ps3 and 360 and lists phantom pain as a ps4 and xbone title. if its coming out on ps3 and 360 why would kojima be hesitant in answering that? idk and then i hear through the internet that it might have been canceled for the ps3 and 360 or something. idk im sure its all speculation but im not losing sleep over it. i am just not ready to get a ps4 yet :p

        • No Place For Hayter

          There was speculation and a lot of people complaining about it being impossible on PS3 and 360, even for GZ, which did come out all of 4 consoles, aside from spending time looking it up just watch any MGSV-TPP trailer and at the end you will see that it is listed for all 4 consoles.

          Kojima could have many reasons for not talking about it, he could want to only talk about the best versions, maybe at the time (if the article is old) there were still unsure, Kojima likes to keep information close to his chest whether it is important or not so unless he has to talk about it he won’t, Kojima is strange sometimes. All that aside like you said don’t lose sleep over it, I mean even after GZ was confirmed for PS3 and 360 people were still saying it is not on the consoles and would be impossible, so you might be seeing some of the same with TPP, even after it has been confirmed and is listed in the trailers will might still see people saying otherwise. Hopefully when TPP rolls around you own a PS4 to see that full 1080p glorious goodness, though I love how people can pick it up for the console they own no matter what console they have, I mean I prefer exclusives myself but it is nice to see people can buy and enjoy the game without having to buy next gen consoles (or are they current gen now?).

          • Janeo

            I think it’s very unlikely that it won’t make it to last gen. After the game informer listed it as next gen only someone from konami said they made a mistake and it was still coming to last gen. It’s really weird that the last gen versions didn’t get TPP trailer at the end of GZ but surely if it wasn’t coming to last gen they would have said something by now so that fans planning on buying last gen versions could get current gen

          • vic boss

            Actually, I own the 360 version, and at the end it prompted me to download the trailer at the end. Its says at the end, the phantom pain, a hideo kojima game, that and the generated tpp dlc code for 360, its definatly coming.

          • Janeo

            That’s good to know I haven’t been signed into psn while I have been playing GZ maybe that’s why I didn’t get it. Anyway that’s good to know I have a ps4 but technically it’s my brothers and I’m not ready to buy my own yet so I will be getting ps3 as long as they don’t leave any features out. I hope people stop saying it will be exclusive soon because if they don’t announce it at e3 then there is no way possible it’s current gen only

  • Cyberlum

    Not gonna watch it. Kojima already spoiled the entire Ground Zeroes with his Phantom Pain E3 trailer (as awesome as it was). Never watch Kojima’s trailers till you beat the game. 😛

    • flying_fox

      I disagree, watching those trailers is part of the fun.

      But yeah, I hope we won’t get spoiled too much.

  • Bruno Barrios

    How much longer Kojima?

    • Kumomeme

      how fast you want to be?
      speed vs quality which one you pick
      kojima has good track record..no need to piss your pant..just wait patiently and happily

      • MrVux007

        dude the games been in development since early 2012…and yet he said FOX engine makes development a LOT faster and its been almost 3 years 🙂 ……still i trust in our Holy God Kojima to bring us the ultimate mgs experiance as always or better then evaaah!

  • bushin

    I don’t wanna see the new trailer unless it gives us a more specific date about the release window. I’m so hype for this game though its killing me!

  • Joseph

    I think we’re all now aware of gameplay and mechanics now that Ground Zeroes is out, but I’d like to see a trailer for the story of the The Phantom Pain, like after Big Boss’ coma and after he creates Diamond Dogs as well as “the search for Zero”

    • Bob Faget

      Naw, the trailers already spoiled nearly all of GZ, I’d prefer if they kept us in the dark about TPP. Showed us some more of that giant open world, or perhaps Outer Heaven base-management.

    • Batzi

      Gameplay mechanics in GZ were limited to GZ. TPP will have an upgrade to what we have experienced in GZ in terms of mechanics. One major upgrade you should be looking forward to the most is the Mother Base management system. Others are the return of cardboard boxes and fulton recovery system. Kojima also confirmed that he will be replacing the knock on wall with something very cool. Probably shouting or whistling.

  • Shalashaska

    inb4 it’s a trailer for Metal Gear Rising 2 just to fuck with us

    I want to see another Phantom Pain trailer like we got last year – a cool cutscene followed by some of the new elements of the game, maybe in Africa this time instead of Afghan. I bet there’s still plenty of stuff they can show. Then maybe it can show Snake walking around the new Mother Base for a second or something.

    • Shalashaska

      So Kojima tweeted about how he got a new idea for the trailer he’s working on while at the gym.

      Hoping for a training montage with Ocelot and Big Boss. “John… you lost a lot of weight being in that coma for 9 years. C’mon – we’re hitting the gym.” He throws a towel over his shoulder, and “You’re The Best Around” begins to play.

  • The Solid Grape

    Yeah i dont think i’ll be watching anymore trailers for MGSV. The red band E3 trailer for TPP was ALL i needed to see and if that game was in shops the day after that trailer was released i would of bought it even if it got 0/10. But being a MAJOR Metal Gear story freak i wont and will try everything i can not to watch anymore trailers until i get the game. I LOVE the story in the games much more than i admit but just look at the Metal Gear Rising trailer edited by Kojima. He showed nearly ALL the good/cool parts of the game not to mention key story points and boss fights and its not only that go and look at all the MGS3 and MGS4 trailers he showed. He makes good trailers but he literally tell you the WHOLE(maybe not the whole but a significant portion) plot and scenarios before you even get and unfortunately even if i don’t watch it people will probably spill the contents of what was shown in all the forums and YouTube channels. So with the exception of learning a release date i will have to go on a media blackout for mgsV(don’t know if it’ll work but i try anyway) until release. I’ll just have to play replay older Metal Gear games and reintegrate with regular life(because that’s as fun sneaking through enemy installations) *sigh*.

  • XIFF-5


  • PrinceHeir

    I want to see what Snake can do with his prosthetic arm other than light a cigarette.

    Maybe like a hidden weapon, like he had in Peace Walker where he was tortured in a cell and he had this line metal instead of a scar?

    Also if the ending is leaning towards the remakes of the MSX games. I wonder if Big Boss will keep his prosthetic arm? Of course MGS4 he doesn’t have it since the body was not his.

    • Well to be fair in MGS4 Big Boss is wearing long sleeves and gloves, so you could argue his prosthetic arm is under there. 😛

      • PrinceHeir

        True 😛

        Also since Snake uses a different uniform in Phantom Pain(Tiger Stripes with scarf), does that mean will we be able to use old Ground Zeroes uniform(which is based on Peace Walker stealth uniform)?

        I also hope we could ride a bike like Kojima showed on the trailer! That would be badass!!

        • Solid Snakes Revenge

          It would be cool if on the motherbase you had a handful of camos to pick from for different situations.

  • Hopefully Kojima san gives us a solid trailer without spoilers and doesn’t play us like a damn fiddle!!

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    There’s one thing about the whole story that doesn’t make sense to me is in mgsv big boss is doin his own thing and goin against cipher. How does he get back on their side for the original metal gear to turn on solid? I’m sure that’s a question that can’t be answered but I just don’t know how they are gonna make that work. Anyone have any ideas?

    • mikeyyytexas

      Kaz and BB both go back to the US and have to go underground with Outer Haven because they cannot fight Cipher on their own(DUE TO SOMETHING DRASTIC IN TPP). They infiltrate the US and make Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND in order to fool Zero into thinking they were obeying his will. Meanwhile in secret BB intends to destroy Zero from the inside out kinda like that whole “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. But at this point I’m sure BB knows that David is his clone and takes him on as his prized pupil in hopes that he will join in to destroy Zero. Obviously his plans turn on him, due to what we already know about the Outer Haven Incident and later Zanzibar Land Disturbance…

      I’m just throwing out something. I could be wrong. lol

      I’m thinking that maybe BB teaches David to be “loyal to the end”… and its a repeat… “all you can believe in with all certainty is the mission”. I wonder if BB in his revengeful craze thought that David would be loyal to him and not to his country.

      also… did anyone get giddy when they noticed that BB has his knife on the small of his back? When David uses his knife in MGS4 his knife is located in the same place, this is also when David starts to use CQC again… everything that BB taught him.

      • Solid Snakes Revenge

        Not a bad theory at all. Thanks for the reply. Lately I’ve been wondering how they were gonna make the story gel after playing GZ and then goin back and playing others like the original and mgs4 And I didn’t notice the knife was on his back.

        • No Place For Hayter

          I hope they don’t make the story fit together to perfectly because the original MG is so old it doesn’t make sense with the rest of the series anymore. I mean Big Boss knows David is his clone and he trains him, and after this he uses him to infiltrate his base to relay wrong information to Cipher, and David ends up actually completing his mission and destroys the base, if Big Boss knew what David was and even trained David himself why on earth would Big Boss send someone he knows is one of his best (David) to half complete an operation he wants to fail, If I was a war god like Big Boss and wanted a mission to fail I would not send someone I trained myself let alone someone who is a clone of me and someone I have had experience with and know is one of my best.

          In other words we at least need a overhaul of the first MG games story before everything can make sense as one big story circle.

          • Solid Snakes Revenge

            Yeah a overhaul of the originals on the fox engine would be nice. Hopefully that happens.

          • mikeyyytexas

            You’re right, maybe BB thought that because he also trained the soldiers of Outer Haven they would be more prone to capture David… not only that but he’s the one with the recessive genes and Eli is the one with the dominant genes… maybe Big Boss wasn’t so fond of him… Especially not Eli, as Big Boss told him all the time. Hmmm… then all these US Marines are posted at Camp Omega and BB outsmarts them all… I guess we will have to wait and see what the outcome would be… i think this would be an amazing question to ask Kojima. I agree revamping the first two MG games would be interesting and definitely needed for the current series… We already know Kojima doesn’t have time to do remakes ;(

            my mind is going 100mph.

    • Rogue Agent

      They’re going against Cipher, but they don’t know that Skull Face and XOF were the ones behind the Mother Base destruction.

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