Kojima talks about trailers as Metal Gear Solid V’s new trailer nears completion

For the past weeks, Hideo Kojima has been working on a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, most likely to be shown during one of the E3 shows in June. Here are his latest updates.

April 25th


“Editing between times.”

April 28th


“I did little adjustment at editing room again.”

May 1st


“The edit has come near to completion.”

Again, No explosion, collapse, crash, or hanging in my next trailer this time.

During this process Kojima talked a bit about his experiences with creating game trailers over the course of his career.

I’ve been making trailers since Policenauts. Editing process hasn’t changed thou machine’s improved. Wonder which trailer you like the most. The trailer included in PC Engine version of Snatcher pilot disc was not created by trailer editing but by programming.

As being a producer in case of “Anubis” “Castlevania””Rising”, it was easier for me to edit since all elements were completed at that time. It was important to show trailer at every show event when internet wasn’t so spread back then.Load of people gather to see the trailer at every release. So I was making trailer for E3 in May, Gamescome in Aug, and TGS in Sept while working on the game development.

But the toughest part of editing trailer is gameplay scene. Esp battle scene rather than sneaking is hard to shoot. AI doesn’t move as expected, or moves differently every time. I seclude myself in the studio editing, esp 2000E3(MGS2) and 2004E3(MGS3) were the hardest ones.

Different from creating interactive game, all images and music time axis can be controlled and furthermore instead of big game development, editing trailer can be done just by oneself structuring from the stage of concept, config, edit, sound and run a telop. Because of that I enjoy editing but sometimes I question myself “Why am I doing this?”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter


    if only he could bring back the original MGS theme… his trailers might reach again that godly status that the MGS2/3 had in the past… they literally made people cry (e3 2000)… but the latest TPP was a big improvement, now I just hope he won’t spoild the whole game a week before release (it happened before multiple times: MGS TTS had a 32 min trailer, MGS4 had 2 9 minute trailers, each dedicated to story/characters and another to game-play, peace walker spoiled everything little by little except the retarded pacifica oceania thing and the Boss IA, Rising had that kojima edited trailer that showed way to much and GZ had a trailer that spoiled half of the story 2 years before launch, then a year after GDC and E3 2013 revealed motherbase destruction and Paz operating scenes… then the release trailer spoiled the rest on the release day…)

    • Mr. RHC

      Interestingly, I thought Peace Walker’s trailer was actually pretty effective. Lot of story details, yes, but the spoilers where not all that bad. Still, hoping for a big demonstration of MGO and Mother Base, I think we can expect this down the run. @SOLIDEST:disqus


        any mystery that the peace walker trailers had “about” the unknown armed organization and prof galvez been KGB was debunked of the 1st 5 minuts of cutcenes followed by filler characters and a 1 dimensional villain… and the gameplay things where spoiled with 15 gameplay trailers released before and the ending cutscene was the intro of a trailer…
        I can only hope that from now on they just release MGO3 related trailers and won’t show anything related to the story… trilers where detrimental for ground zeroes.. so bad that the trailers had more GZ rela

    • Janeo

      If you didn’t like the e3 2013 trailer you must be hard to please like very very hard to please. I don’t think his trailers spoil to much look at TPP we found heaps of story details but we still hardly really know anything. I never saw mgs4 trailer so I don’t know about them but the peace walker trailers were great don’t know why you thought they spoiled to much. I guess you just like to say anything bad about peace walker though because it does seem like you hated the game by the way no metal gear character is one dimensional

      • Anonymous GX

        I hated the E3 2013 and I’m not that hard to please. I thought the GDC trailer for example was amazing.

        • Janeo

          What did you hate about it exactly. Even if you don’t like it you have to admit it’s a very well put together trailer it shows off enough story to satisfy but doesn’t spoil anything, it shows new characters and returning characters and it shows a bunch of gameplay all without dragging on and by the end it leaves far more questions then answers which is something a trailer should always do

    • Risev

      I think the reason for him spoiling all of that was because they still didn’t plan on releasing GZ separately. For Ground Zeroes, those two trailers spoiled all of the story. However, if MGSV was going to be one game only, then those two trailers would’ve only showed the first hour or two in the game, meaning they really didn’t spoil anything for The Phantom Pain.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        precisely. they were pretty much afraid people would lose interest in the franchise if they’d waited too long, as Kojima said releasing it as a whole game would’ve taken it beyond the launch window, so now instead they’ve just made the burden worse with people calling Ground Zeroes a ‘demo’ and putting more pressure on Kojima that he didn’t need before.

      • USPentudo .

        He can’t spoiled the all game in the next trailer because this MGS V is gonna be massive: http://m.ign.com/articles/2014/03/05/kojima-worried-the-phantom-pain-is-too-big-to-finish

  • Lets hope Kojima does not play us like a Damn fiddle with a spoiler filled trailer.

  • Risev

    Here’s hoping for a small MGO3 reveal at the end of the trailer. It is about damn time. Why only a small reveal you might ask? Because I’m keeping realistic expectations.


    The E3 MGSV: The Phantom Pain Trailer was one of the best I’ve seen and I’m not only talking about videogames, it was clear, demonstrative, beautifully paced and extraordinarily epic. You can tell Kojima actually sees lots of films like he has stated in many occasions, his taste on imagery, photography, music and character introduction is remarkable, if not impeccable.
    I expect the new Trailer to focus on Outer Heaven and the Diamond Dogs, probably showing new sceneries in Africa and hopefully, HOPEFULLY introducing a1984 Frank Jaeger.

    • Janeo

      I’m hoping for maybe a 20 minute demo for a side mission to hopefully going to the base at the end just to give us a look at how big boss can go around and how he can interact. Am I the only one who isn’t interested in seeing grey fox I mean he is a cool character and I know we most likely have to see him at some point I just hope he isn’t a big part of the story I just don’t have much interest in him to be honest so I hope he just turns up for a cameo or something like that. I guess if he is a character we can learn more about him and he might become more likeable so I’m not completely against it

      • USPentudo .

        Are you mad?
        Frank Jaeger aka Gray Fox is one of the most important characters of the serie, also he is the man who trained Solid Snake and later save his life (mgs1), he is the most trusted lieutenent of Big Boss and fought with him in the african’s war and finally YES, he is a great part of the MGS V’s story.

        • Janeo

          Don’t get me wrong I do like him I think there is something to like about every metal gear character, he just doesn’t interest me as much as other characters I would like to see make an appearance. I do think he will be in it but I don’t think he will be a big part of the story and we certainly won’t be playing as him.

      • Decker

        You do not played MGS1…sure not…

    • USPentudo .

      Long time no see.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    “Why am i doing this”-Hideo Kojima, legend/auteur of the video game industry

    Kojima, please, you were BORN for this! Don’t kid yourself! It’s your destiny (absolutely no pun intended).

  • Anonymous GX

    If the trailer shows up at Microsoft’s conference again I’m not going to watch it. Tired of sellouts.

  • PrinceHeir

    I probably will only watch this once, then turn off to whatever news this game comes out.

    His trailers has too many spoilers to be honest. I kinda like the old MGS1 trailers where they only showed basically still shots of Snake silently moving on the background then that was it.

    I want to be surprise as hell, Only MGS3 where i felt everything was new(all i knew was the juggle setting), i didn’t even know that the game was gonna be a prequel and it wasn’t Solid Snake. I even wondered why there was no Otacon there and why the equipment where old school.

    I want to feel that feeling once again!

    • prothy


  • The Real Snake

    Wow people still using the Fiddle Joke? Get over it guys it’s played out -__-
    Excited for the new Trailer but the lack of MGO 3 news getting on my nerves man. Break the ice already !!!!

  • Cobra Commander

    I couldn’t care less what the trailer material is as long as it includes a release date.
    E32014 should be pretty interesting: MGSV, Uncharted 4, Resident Evil 7, Hitman 6, Sniper Elite 3, etc.
    You can tell I like sequels, but am also excited for new IP’s suchas The Division and The Order 1887.
    A lot to be had for me personally this year.

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