RevolMini Solid Snake shows his moves on new photos

Here are some new photos of the upcoming RevolMini Solid Snake (RM-001) in the Micro Yamaguchi RevolMini line by Kaiyodo.

There is also some more information on the figure: it will be 110mm (just over 4″) and features 15 points of articulation. The figure comes with various accessories and interchangeable hands (including one holding a cigarette), and moving eyes. In Japan it will release on July 25th for a price of 2600 Yen (about 25 dollars).

RevolMini-Solid-Snake-4 RevolMini-Solid-Snake-5 RevolMini-Solid-Snake-11

RevolMini-Solid-Snake-3 RevolMini-Solid-Snake-2








Here is a photo on which you can see the scale of the figure compared to the Revoltech Big Boss figure released earlier:


Source: ToyArk, Yamaguchi Katuhisa Twitter

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