RevolMini Gray Fox figure revealed

After announcing the RevolMini Solid Snake a while ago, it seems like Kaiyodo is working on yet another mini figure from Metal Gear Solid. This time it’s Gray Fox who gets the miniature treatment. Kojima showed the first build on his Twitter.


“Revoltech Mini’s Cyborg Ninja still in production.”


“Yoji is checking the detail & balance, still long way to go.”

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • prothy

    Brilliant. It’s also good to be the first one to comment.

    • crimsonfox

      If you’re not first. You’re last.

      • Invader_skoodge

        Shake and bake Ricky Bobby!

  • LukesAlike

    Yoji-stinking-Shinkawa. What a beast.

  • FUCK.

    i think i don’t even care that these are smaller, i want this so bad. As soon as i get them both i’ll make a diorama for them, probably otacon’s office

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