MGSV The Phantom Pain’s E3 trailer will show hints of what happens to Snake

As Kojima continues to work on this year’s E3 trailer for The Phantom Pain, he gave some more hints of what we can expect from it.

“Did some adjustment for the trailer during lunch break.”

Here is what he said about the trailer:

Likewise I expect type of E3 trailers this year will be like Hollywood action movie organized with explosion, collapse, destruction, hanging, car-chase, magnificent vista or mob scene. But what I’m making is different from those mentioned above. Trying less lines/scripts.

As got feedback from people played GZ that they wanna revenge in TPP, I’m adding hints of what happens to Snake & his team in E3 trailer.

It seems like Kojima will be in Los Angeles for E3 this year. The show starts June 9th.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Anonymous GX

    I just hope he doesn’t spoil any more than he already has.

    • BigBossWantsYou

      He didn’t spoil much. Just Ground Zeroes but it’s justified seeing as how it’s the beginning and wasn’t planned to release separately.

    • Datguy8923

      I hope he shows Quiet at the library giving a lecture on how to control noisy children.

  • 合金装备

    Kojima‘s hints always misdirect us.

  • Janeo

    Sounds like he is going for a very emotional trailer can’t wait to see it. Don’t we already know what happened to snake and his team though or is he talking about what will happen to them in TPP.

  • Machine Gun Kid

    Hello. This is Jack from the future. Iv stepped threw the time travel portal and am here to tell you what happens to us in tpp. The guys from mother base and i open a strip club called the snake.

    • Punished Snake

      That’s not funny future me

      • Machine Gun Kid

        This is John from the past. Yes it was funny current me

        • Punished Snake

          Damn it me from the future, this isn’t times for jokes. Now tell me how do we kill zero……./cypher I guess that’s he’s name now……right

          • Machine Gun Kid

            Yes me from whenever. All of this time portal stepping, i dont even kno who i am anymore

          • Punished Snake

            Damn it jake don’t give up on me now. You have to remember……for the……for the boss sake Y.Y”.

          • glitchbomb

            Oh god..he changes his name to Jake in the future?!? :O
            So many J’s!!

          • Punished Snake

            Yeah I know, I was gonna mention that too but……but……hey……are you a…….TALKING FOX

          • ObsessedGeorge

            Wait… Jake… the snake? Roberts?

  • Golgari

    I think there will be Red Band/Green Band trailers again and Green band will show gameplay, story elements, maybe motherbase and something new we don’t know about. Maybe Red band will be more emotional and maybe we can see a moment where medic cut’s Big Boss arm. Something must be emotional there. 😀 Just a random guess.

    • Batzi

      Gotta love getting choked up on those emotional scenes huh? 😀 Totally understand you my friend 😀

  • Zven

    imagining we’ll get a release date, depending on WHEN the game is released I will watch the trailer or not. If there’s not release date that means it’s still going to be a while so I’ll watch. If it’s released sooner than expected then I will not watch

    • The Solid Grape

      Im with you Zven. Kojima has a NASTY habit of blowing most(if not all) of his games high point and awesome moments in trailers weeks,months or even years(OK maybe years is an exaggeration but you get my point) before they’re released and if by chance its coming out this year or early next i wont(Or at least i’ll trying my absolute hardest not to) watch them b/c of spoilers. If its just gameplay i’ll watch day 1 but it probably wont be since Kojima just loves making those Hollywood-esque trailers. After what happened with Ground Zeroes i’ll try not to even watch anymore trailers until i finish the game myself b/c i honestly DONT need anymore convincing to get the game seeing as i bought Ground Zeroes the day it was released in my country(Which is the UK of course :D) and the red band E3 trailer 2013 is the only trailer you need to see anyway. I just dont get why Kojima would spoil a game that relies heavily on story the way he does… fills me with “Sorrow”

    • Batzi

      You won’t see the game anytime soon. It’s coming some time in 2015. So watch the trailer and look forward to TGS too 😛

  • Batzi

    Looks like another “Red Band” trailer to me! CAN’T WAIT!

  • Kojima has a knack for telling the majority of the story in trailers, leaving nothing to be excited about by the time it’s released. Him and his team need to get their asses in gear and release the game already.

  • LukesAlike

    This E3 is gonna be BUMPIN’.

  • Punished Snake

    I believe the phantom pain will release sooner than we expected. A couple of months ago in an interview, kojima hinted that things shall come sooner then we expected. I’m sure some of you guy’s know what I’m talking, it was during the time where kojima had to explain the open world thing because a lot of people thought he actually meant a open world game. Well anyway I truly believe the phantom pain will be out by this fall, and I’m so happy that I purchase ground zeroes on launch day, because I’m gonna need that mother base dlc for the phantom pain.

    • Anonymous GX

      I don’t think it’s coming out this year man. There’s a reason KojiPro released GZ so early. Plus, the official site estimated early 2015.

      • Punished Snake

        U.U” hhhmmmmn …….I guess you’re right, now I’m gonna go to my master bed room and cry me a river in my pillow now.

        • Anonymous GX

          Haha don’t worry we can replay GZ again…

          eh, maybe not lol

          • Punished Snake

            Yeah, I feel like if Kojima a least should’ve added cutscenes to the sides ops missions, because I want to know a lot more about the eye and the finger.

          • You might know this already, but if you rescue those two instead of killing them you get some extra info.

          • Punished Snake

            Yeah I know, but the thing I talking about is real cutscenes like on the main mission. Like for instant, if big boss would’ve decided to capture them instead of killing them, it would tigger a real cutscenes moment like when you’re recusing Chico. Kojima could’ve a least done that for the his fans, who’s gonna keep playing the same damn missions over and over again in the same area you know what I mean. That’s why I believe kojima is going to release the phantom pain this fall instead of next year, he knows damn well this game will not hold us over. If was kojima I’ve would’ve a least added some real outfits for you guy’s, and some real cutscenes on the sides ops that would’ve hold you guys over until next year…….a least damn…..why does it takes a real motherfucker to think of this hm.

          • Spunge Munger

            I think what your forgetting is that GZ was just a taste of TPP just as the Tanker demo was just a taste of MGS2 and the Infiltration demo was just a taste of MGS1. TPP is going to have a Home Base, 100% confirmed, and that between ops you can walk around it. So its very VERY likely that in the full game if you Extract a high value target there will be cutscenes with them. Just look at how much time they spend on Codec calls.

            With regards to its release date I wholeheartedly believe that the PS4 version is already complete. I think its made and ready to roll but considering TPP was supposed to be like Arkham Knight and only released on PS4/X1 and then was changed to include PS3/X360 I think the delay comes from them trying to fit this massive game onto outdated software. Fingers crossed anyway that its not delayed till mid-end 2015.

          • Punished Snake

            You got a very good point there, hah I never thought of it in that way hmmm, your pretty good

          • They’re still doing voice recordings. I don’t think the game is going to be finished anytime soon.

          • Anonymous GX

            Even so it wouldn’t kill him to make the “taste” worth the 30 bucks, at least for economical purposes. How hard is it to program simple objectives and release a couple more missions? An extra week? At its current form GZ should have either been free, or had all its current missions combined into one large campaign with the main mission split into two halves at the beginning and end.

            I can understand the reason they segmented it into the current mission select (to match Peace Walker, organize different missions on the same map better) but it really could not have hurt to structure the content even 1% better than it is now. That’s what customer quality is about.


          • Spunge Munger

            I understand what your saying but we really have no idea how hard it is to make quality extra content so saying 1 week as if its fact isnt gonna help. I used the Batman Arkham games as an example and im drawn back to use them again here. Harley Quinns revenge and Cold Cold Heart werent ‘quality’ by any means which is why they got such bad reviews. And ppl worked months on them not 1 week.

            With regards to your comment regarding how the side ops could have been consolidated into the main campaign I agree, they could and maybe should have. But my guess would be thats how all the Ops in TPP are gonna work and I couldnt be happier with that. Each Op having its main campaign storyline level and maybe 4-6 side ops means the replayability of TPP increases. If it were all in each main campaign then considering GZs main campaign story op was harder than the side ops you probably wouldnt have fun trying to extract 2 POWs and kill 3 targets whilst trying to rescue Kaz in Afghanistan with a no-kill bonus and total-stealth bonus. They were separated for a reason from my point of view but I do respect yours too. There are ppl out there who would prefer multiple missions in 1 op.

            That was really the point of releasing GZs so early anyway, Kojima wanted player feedback to finalise TPP.

          • Anonymous GX

            Yeah as you say I think TPP is going to be filled with great mission structuring, but it’s so long from now and dammit I wanna play Metal Gear. GZ just in my eyes could have had that extra effort by Kojima Productions in order to provide the scratch to that itch.

          • Spunge Munger

            Thats the genius of it and in a way the nostalgic nature of it. We’re so used to ridiculously long demoes that give too much away and trailers that spoil surprises that nowadays GZ seems so small, when in reality it is exactly whats needed as a “teaser” for TPP. I never agreed that it should have been €20 on ps3 and €30 on ps4, with the MGS1 demo you only had to buy a €4 PS magazine to get it, but I think this Prologue is a step in the right direction, length wise, for what future teasers need to be. If they get the pricing right itd be perfect.

          • SolidKenny87

            Actually, TPP was always intended to be a PS3/XBox 360 game. The next-gen just snuck up on Kojima Productions.


            “We’re using the current-generation as a [guideline]. While we were developing on current-gen, next-gen came long. We’re really trying to reach the peak of the current generation right now — 360, PS3 — and then see how much we can take it up for the next-generation.” – Hideo Kojima

    • ASA

      DECEMBER 31 2014… BAM!

      • Punished Snake

        Hahaha, but I really do believe that kojima will release the phantom pain this fall. But if the fans are right about the game being release early next year, it won’t hurt my feeling, in fact, it will give me a good chance to start saving up money from now to next year for my ps4 and the phantom pain. I’ve already brought ground zeroes for the ps4, but I’ve still haven’t got the system tho due to my curtain situation I’m going threw right now. But hopefully by next year I will have enough money saved up to get my ps4 and the phantom pain, I can’t wait to play this game.

  • Lets hope his hints aren’t more like fiddles being played!!

  • Invader_skoodge

    I wonder who handles Kojima’s English Twitter. Can they give it to Sean Eyestone or Ken Mendoza so they aren’t so cryptic and mysteriously vague. What I’m trying to say is……….stop playing us like a damn fiddle!!!

    • His personal assistant (Ayako) translates all his tweets.

      • Risev

        I think Google translate would do a better job.

  • SolidKenny87

    I hope Kojima either moderates his spoilers (ie not like the trailers MGS4 and PW, which went batshit insane with showing nearly everything) or someone edits together a gameplay-only trailer.

    In an interview with GameInformer, when asked if MGSV will bridge the gap between Big Boss and Solid Snake, Kojima had this huge smile and told the interviewer not to look at him out of fear or giving something away. He’s keeping that particular card to his chest. I hope he takes the same approach with the trailers.

    One thing I really like is (GROUND ZEROES SPOILERS) how the one thing we thought we knew about the oh-so-mysterious Skullface (that he’s simply following orders from Major Zero) was proven completely wrong by Chico’s tapes. Everything in the trailers (like Kaz saying “Cipher sent us to hell”) pointed toward Skullface being Zero’s muscle. But now we’re back to knowing next to nothing about his motivations. I hope Kojima saves that surprise for the final game.

  • ObsessedGeorge

    I’m very excited about the new trailer, l hope we won’t get the best parts of the game spoiled just because of their marketing strategies.

  • PrinceHeir

    I just hope he doesn’t pull a MGS4 Trailer style. Now that was pretty much every main part of the game is spoiled.

    Why not subtle trailers like the first trailer of Ground Zeroes and make some gamplay scenes out of that. No need to show who the boss characters are or anything like that.

    He even spoiled that you’ll be using a miniature machine that can rival a Metal Gear. Would have been cool if he keep a tight lit on that and surprise the players.

    In any case, just like Ground Zeroes. i’ll probably watch this trailer and one more and call it a day.

    I can’t even imagine if he put up a Launch trailer like he did with MGS4 and Peace Walker and even Rising.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      The Rising trailer that was cut by Kojima, has been renamed to MGR: The game’s best cutscenes. Seriously, a 10 minute trailer that consists of more than 50% of the game’s cutscenes.

  • Datguy8923

    So Kojima said less Michael Bay explosions in new trailer?

    Damn the Patriots!

  • Big Boss

    Kojima has a trailer-making fetish.

  • Glasscut

    If you bought MGS4 Limited Edition and Bought peace walker and followed the story.. in the MGS4LE version it included “The MGS Saga DVD” So i would recommend you guys go back to those then play MGSV:GZ..

  • Olof Sweden

    If i look on the trailer i will cook all the dinners and fix the dishes for a week i told my girlfriend. So hopefully i can resist but the pain too get everything, or at least too much spoiled is more worse. I love Ground Zeroes and understand way, but the fact is i wrote down what i thought should happen in the game and how it would end and it was almost anything new because the bastards spoiled it all. Seriously YOU guys on Konami are destroying my superhype with this shit. And seriously what u mean show hints? We gonna understand everything even without hints we´re not stupid!!!!

  • Brandon

    this is a bit off topic, but am I the only one that finds it a little annoying how Snake always puts his weapon back to his hip or his back when not aiming? it just looks unnatural to me. especially if you’re caught in a firefight, doesn’t make much sense to constantly reholster your weapon whenever you’re not aiming. I just think it’d look better if an equipped weapon appeared in Snake’s hands like previous games, even if you’re not aiming.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      It’s holstered for better sneaking. Have you ever been in the army? I’ve been and l can say that holding a 4 kilos rifle while crawling in prone position destroys your elbows and it’s harder to move since holding the rifle limits the distance your arms can cover. About the combat/alert phase, l feel you, it’d be better if he had the rifle ready at all times. I don’t mind though with what it’s like now.

      • Brandon

        definitely understand not having a rifle equipped while sneaking, though I will say it’d be cool to at least be able to sneak around with a handgun and knife at the ready, like in MGS3. but for rifles and such, just thought it’d look more fluid and realistic if they were automatically in snake’s hands in a combat scenario. it’s nothing major, just a small thing that bugged me a little bit lol.

  • Joseph

    I really REALLY enjoyed the Red Band trailer from the Xbox E3 Conference last year, can’t wait for this year

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