Kojima: If I had thought ahead, the story of MGS would have been different

When working on a Metal Gear game, Kojima always considered it to be his last, so he never wrote the story with a sequel in mind. On Twitter, he explained that had he known before that the story would keep continuing, it would have been different in several ways.

If series’ main character has to die, the most effective way is to split the bond b/w couples or parent&child/brothers. But is has to evolve the  story by changes in remaining characters. Maybe splitting them is better than killing.

I was talking about TV series, in case of MGS, I always make this would be the last so I don’t really think ahead. If I thought ahead, I wouldn’t have made the main character be clone, the ending to be hard to continue. & More, I wouldn’t have killed Liquid as being popular.

Every time in MGS, it requires me to postscript the story. What bothers me the most is it requires to postscript the connection b/w future&past.

So Solid Snake would not have been a clone, and Liquid Snake would not have been killed in the first game he appeared in.


Still, looking at his comments you can argue this way of producing the story has given him a lot of freedom, as he did not have to think ahead but instead could write it with only the current story in mind.

Source: Hideo Kojima Twitter

  • Invader_skoodge

    Yeah, It always seemed like he had his hands tied when it came to the MGS games. We kept demanding more and more and MOARRR!!! Every new game changes drastically from the previews one and he’s always coming up with new features, and telling people he won’t make any more games just fuels the fire. People will always want another one because he made some great characters who people love. That might be why he brought back Liquid in spiri…well arm-spirit. Hopefully TPP will prove a definite MGS experience so he can work on other projects. I’ve seen many interviews where it seems like he has so many stories to tell, but we only want to know about Metal Gear. I remember him saying that if he came to Konami with a new game idea, something revolutionary that people haven’t seen before like he did with MGS, they would have their doubts about funding it. But if he told Konami that he wants to make another Metal Gear, they would throw truckloads of money his way to make it happen.

    • Janeo

      I think konami would fund a new game, it obviously wouldn’t be accepted without thought like a metal gear game but he has proven himself enough for konami to trust him so I’m not sure why he thinks that.

      • Invader_skoodge

        Yes, I agree they have confidence in him. But I believe his reason to think that way has to do with the extremely high expectations of the game being a financial success. Triple A or otherwise. I think he wants the freedom to, for example make a game for a niche market and even if does “okay” by Indy standards, he’ll be happy with the product and stay true to his vision. I know there were many things that he wanted to do for MGS but his staff advised him otherwise, so he had to cut lots of things.

  • Janeo

    Well if you need even more evidence Eli is liquid there it is his popular and kojima loves using him so why not bring him back in a prequel I can’t wait to find out what role he will play.

    • SolidKenny87

      Wait, people need more evidence for that?

  • MrVux007

    This is why we have Big Boss 🙂

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    First he regrets MGS4 and now he’s pretty much regretting and denouncing everything that’s happened in the series! When is he gonna stop beating himself up over this? The past is the past; we got something better than nothing-he can’t change it so he ought to accept that like Solid Snake accepted his fate.

    • Janeo

      When did he ever say he regretted mgs4. I don’t get what you mean by we got something better then nothing mgs4 was praised by pretty much every critic I’m surprised that a lot of metal gear fans don’t love the game like I do. I mean I can certainly understand of you didn’t like it as much as others but you have to admit it was an amazing way to end the story of a legend.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        He didn’t have to say it explicitly. That’s basically what his statements imply. He’s complaining that some things could’ve been done better, so basically “we got something better than nothing” because as you say the game was praised by critics and it was great.” He has no reason to be talking this way about his own product and beat himself up. And the contrary to what my statement implies, I love MGS4 as my favorite Metal Gear and also MGS3 so I actually was saying that first statement in that he wishes he had done things differently and not agreeing with him actually. Sorry for the confusion. And tbh, even though I wish he hadn’t died, I wish he had let him live (I think he’s still alive) so that Solid Snake would still be in future games.

        • Janeo

          Oh ok I get what you mean, kojima is just that kind of guy I guess he always thinks he can do better which might be great in the end since he always tries to do better next game. I wonder if in a few years he will be talking about things he would have liked to changed in TPP.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yes exactly. And I don’t doubt you’re right about that last statement, but what matters is that every time he gives it his all. Even if he ends up saying later what he could have done differently, at the time he did what had to be done, he did it with all the passion that drives him and can be seen in the games he made that would’ve never come to be without it.

          • Janeo

            I have seen a lot of people’s comments around the internet saying that kojima putting himself in GZ was just stroking his ego, I don’t know how they can think that because he doesn’t really have a big ego, I mean he has made so many great games and he would be proud of them I’m sure but he never sees himself as the best at what he does remember the gta5 trailer that made him depressed because he thought it might better then mgs5 what other developer would woudp say things like that. I do believe he is the best developer but I’m glad he always strives to make his games better.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            yeah I’d say he didn’t want people losing interest in the franchise after too long (since Revengeance I guess didn’t do as well to hold off the wait) so instead of releasing it all as one game, in order to hold off fans and keep their attention, he released the GZ portion in order to experiment with fans and see how they’d react to the new approach and whether they’d like it instead of possibly just having an actual game demo. Now he’s paying the price because as you say, people are saying all this nonsense about him when really he put him on the spot so he really had no other choice. And yeah I remember when he said that, I was surprised he’d go that extent. Wouldn’t be surprised if he took any influences from GTA V. Yeah if he weren’t always wanting to best himself every time, we wouldn’t have the great games he made today.

    • When you’re a creator it’s hard to look back at your work and not see what could have been better or different. But I don’t think he has that many regrets, at least he shouldn’t.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        As is true for all creators of their craft. I think does he just expresses them subtly in public with these sorta statements.

  • The Solid Grape

    Im not sure about this. In the end i think some things happened for the better. If what he says is true then the series might not even be as successful as it is story wise with all the intricate plot twists and references to previous games in the series. He says he wanted Solid Snake to be the star of the main series and let it star NO ONE else. So that means we get to stay in the modern times permanently,we never get to have Raiden and everyone associated him(b/c he was originally created as a replacement for Solid Snake and that would mean a drastic change to the ENTIRE plot of MGS2 and thus the whole Solid Snake saga after MGS1 as well), Liquid would be alive(properly) and that means we would have the generic Japanese(no offense to those who come from there) stereotypical Bowser-like villain that comes back in every game to combat Snake in a volcano or something and maybe even Gray Fox survives just b/c he was “popular” and worse of ALL Big Boss would of remained the stereotypical villain he was originally shown to be in the Solid Snake games b/c remember we’ll ONLY be playing Solid Snake and he wouldn’t be a clone so that would also kill off Solidus and all the other clones there as well. So Snake Eater along with Volgin,The Boss,Sokolov,The Cobras,Eva,Zero,Paramedic,SIGNIT,young Ocelot and the Shagohod,Portable Ops along with Gene,FOX,Ursula/Elisa,Young Campbell,Peace Walker along with Kazuhira(Not McDonald b/c he would be in the Solid Snake games),Paz,Huey,Strangelove,Chico,Amanda,Cecile,Coldman,Zardonov and TPP with Skull Face,Diamond Dogs,Quiet,XOF and the rest ALL WOULDNT HAPPEN b/c we’ll be the with Solid Snake 24/7. Dont get me wrong I LOVE Solid Snake but if it was like that instead i don’t think i personally would of liked Metal Gear as much(Hell i might not even be here in the first place) b/c the story and games they’ve crafted now are phenomenal and i think he should either just end Metal Gear entirely or start a new sub-series altogether. I for one am thankful it turned out like this b/c sometimes the smallest mistakes can create the greatest masterpieces. Weren’t some of the greatest scientific discoveries produced from mistakes.
    PS-I LOVED MGS4 and sorry for the essay

  • LukesAlike

    Wow. Didn’t expect that.

  • Anonymous GX

    You could always tell he regretted killing Liquid. Coming up with that bullshit arm possession made it obvious. I get that he wanted to be original about it, but I think Liquid just surviving would have been more realistic.

    • Actually I think that was Shinkawa’s idea, not 100% sure about that though.

      • Anonymous GX

        I think I heard that too, but the point is that Kojima accepted it, you know?

        • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

          now that we mention Ocelot getting Liquid’s arm in MGS2, could you give me a thorough yet concise summary of what the game is about again, like what happens, because the first time I played through a couple years ago, I was very confused as to what just happened, and after looking up info on the synopsis, I see that it was actually supposed to be a reenactment of Shadow Moses or something, like what was the point of that and why did they test that on Raiden and let Snake tag with him?

          • Anonymous GX

            Way too many twists in SoL, but the gist was:

            >Raiden is sent into a Shadow Moses recreation, the Big Shell incident

            >Everything from the appearance of ninja Olga, Solidus in place of Liquid, Dead Cell in place of Foxhound all part of the Patriot’s S3 simulation (initially thought to be “Solid Snake Simulation”)

            >Anomaly occurs, the real Solid Snake unexpectedly appears and aids Raiden, though it doesn’t change the outcome

            >Patriots reveal that the S3 plan actually stands for “Selection for Societal Sanity”, a Patriot program still in testing used to manipulate the flow of information and memetic trends

            >After Raiden kills Solidus the program is successful, the Patriot AI remains shrouded and in power until MGS4

            Long story short: The entirety of MGS2 was a Patriot experiment to control information, which was successful.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            OK now the story makes much more sense. my mind was very cloudy when playing through this, I honestly don’t know how I managed to go through all this, especially playing the 360 version LOL. But now I have The Legacy Collection and plan to go through Peace Walker, as I never finished that game. Then sometime later I hope to go through SoL again. I suppose that also means that the fake AI Colonel was supposed to be somewhat like the original Colonel AND Miller as Raiden finds out he’s actually an AI being controlled by the Patriots and the real Campbell is somewhere else? Thanks again for the explanation.

          • Anonymous GX

            Well the Colonel AI did reprise the role of the commander of the operation like in MGS1, but Miller was more of a survival and reconnaissance part of the intel team (which was left out in MGS2).

            Also, no problem. Glad we aren’t on nasty terms anymore haha.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Oh yeah that’s right. I guess Solid Snake could possibly be the place of Miller then in that he had intel for Raiden throughout the game? And yeah, that’s a relief-friends are a great thing to have 🙂

          • Anonymous GX

            Agreed 🙂

            Also it’s true that Pliskin resembles Miller in that military scout sort of way, never thought of that

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            looks like with Kojima, you never stop learning something new and his games always reward you haha, that just might be his legacy.

          • Anonymous GX

            See that’s what I love about franchises like MGS. The military and historical aspects reminds me of a classic Isaac Asimov or Tom Clancy novel with real war allusions in a high-tension setting. Even with GZ you have Miller’s discussion of the camp as a gift to the U.S. from Spain (before the fall of the Batista regime), or fictionalized accounts of Glaz and Palitz, outlawed Vietnam War criminals.

            I’m sure it’s boring to the mass populace, but I want to keep sophisticated military stories alive in fiction. You can appreciate the deeper threading in reality.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            I’ve sadly never read any of those novels but my aunt has books for the former author so I may start with that; and I do find those aspects interesting also as it fascinates me. I enjoy history so yeah for me too it’s exhilarating learning all this and having tie into the game while playing. Yeah, I find it to pique my interest so I hope they continue beyond the legacy of MGS. And yeah, it makes us appreciate video games more and also better understand the intricacies of our world. There is nothing quite like MGS and there may never be ever 🙂

    • Crimsonbagel

      That wasn’t really Liquid though, and it wasn’t bullshit. It was Ocelot pretending to be Liquid, so much so that he actually thought he was Liquid, to trick the patriots and erase them.

      • Janeo

        I like to think that was a little of both he had liquids voice in mgs2 so they way I see it is in the early stages or the first 5 years he had the arm liquid actually did take control of his body sometimes then in between mgs2 and 4 it drove ocelot crazy and he ended up believing he was liquid.

        • Crimsonbagel

          If you notice during the fight with him on the Outer Haven roof in MGS4, his arm was prosthetic, so, that would mean he had it removed. He had to drug himself and use nanomachines to make him really believe he was Liquid entirely.

      • Anonymous GX

        I prefer not to remember MGS4 lol, though you’re technically right. Kojima himself probably realized MGS2’s explanation was too over the top though, which is why he tried to bring it to a down-to-earth level (rubbing salt on a wound in my opinion).

        • Crimsonbagel

          “Prefer not to remember MGS4”? Why? It was a phenomenal conclusion to the series. It’s a shame you couldn’t enjoy it like a majority of the fans of this series. Pity..

  • Panda’s Gaming

    Just remake every MGS game from MGS1 to MGS4. I’d play them and love them just as much haha

  • SolidKenny87

    I don’t get Kojima’s recent case of clone-phobia. I think it was a great idea to make Solid Snake a clone, for the reasons he himself already explained.

    “Every hero from any animation and cartoon during my childhood bore sorrow. They were monsters which were created and raised by “evil side.” The stories were about their lonely battle. “Kamen Rider(masked rider)”, Tiger Mask”, The Legend of Kamui” and “Devil Man.” Snake from MGS is also the hero from Showa era who stands at the same position.”

    ^I was the fat kid Kojima talks about here. I didn’t think there was any hope for me, but I started working out and I ended up losing 45 lbs. I didn’t let myself be a prisoner to fate, just like how Snake didn’t let his inferior genes stop him from defeating Liquid atop REX.

    Frankly, I’m glad he didn’t plan the series. It would have been much less interesting.

    • Yeah, like I said at the end of the post, the fact that he made every game thinking it was his last was probably a good thing in the end.

      • SolidKenny87

        It’s like a beautiful accident baby. Yeah, it wasn’t planned, but it’s adorable! But now Kojima’s saying he wished he had an abortion. 🙁

        One reason for why I really like Project Itoh’s novelization of MGS4 is because of how well it weaves the Saga together. I feel that Itoh is one of the few people who truly understands Solid Snake (most people just write him off as “emotionless”, when there’s so much more to him than his stoic exterior.) It’s the best character/story analysis of the series I’ve ever read. Every fan should read it!

        • Eric Otness

          “most people just write him off as “emotionless””

          Can’t say I blame them for thinking that, as even Kojima inferred as much in his director’s commentary regarding why he decided to create Naked Snake. I believe his exact words about Solid Snake was that he was a “created monster” and that “Feelings are against his [Solid Snake’s] character and personality. He just follows orders.” And this is the guy who was responsible for the franchise.

          • SolidKenny87

            That’s why I referenced Solid Snake’s “stoic exterior.” I know Big Boss is more open about showing his feelings (he’s shown crying several times, while Snake doesn’t have “any more tears to shed”), but that doesn’t mean Snake doesn’t have any internal feelings at all (which is something I’m happy Project Itoh highlighted several times in his novel. Even Kojima praised Itoh’s ability to “read between the lines.”)

      • SlayeCohenX

        Exactly, that is awesome! But still has a lot of plot holes and inconsistencies. However no one can deny that MGS is one of the most beloved and awesome franshises ever made, that lived every generation since the PS1, for me it died on MGS4 though, 5 is a good game but the plot is a “rip off”, just a money grab for Konami IMHO.

        PS i know this is 3yo but i couldn’t resist on commenting on my second most beloved franshise, only behind DK, and alongside with Mass effect.

    • The Solid Grape

      My point exactly!

    • PrinceHeir

      It’s awesome he made a Kamen Rider reference XD

      Though i think a little bit of plan is needed.

      I have a feeling after MGS2 he had no clue where to go first. Plus with everyone complaining and bitching about him that Snake wasn’t the main character(even though it was actually nice to play someone other than him for once).

      He tried to pull a Zeta Gundam on MGS2. Main character get’s in the sidelines and helps the new main character(giving advices, tips and all).

      He even said he didn’t want to make a sequel on MGS2 just yet, so that’s why he made MGS3. But then people keep complaining it’s not Solid Snake and asks what happens after MGS2.

      I think it’s the fans that probably made his plans more complicated than it is.

      I was even shock to learn that MGS4 will tie every game in the series in just one game. That’s a signal that he was force to do it. You don’t tie everything in just one game/, that’s just not possible.

      In any case, i do hope he learned quite lesson here and maybe not make the same mistake if he makes a new IP in the future(hopefully)

      • If the Metal Gear games are his ‘mistakes’, he can make as many as he wants as far as I’m concerned. 😛

        • PrinceHeir

          Lol i did not say Metal Gear games are mistakes(why would i be?) 😛

          I’m just saying when you read his interviews before each main entry’s release. There’s always something he left out or forgot to put and wishes he could go back in time to correct it.

          Of course it could mean that the team didn’t have enough time to implement it during development stages or they tried to cram as many ideas as possible, but realizes there were too many things that couldn’t fit in one game. And by that time of development, it was already too late.

          Well to be honest with the way things were and already he’s planning ideas for the next MGS(hopefully remakes of MSX games) i probably should just give it on him making new IPs.

          Though i do hope since he is influential at Konami Japan, he could convince the top brass there that he could greenlight a new Zone of the Enders game with him only supervising or at least monitoring how things are going.

          Similar on what Kenji Inafune did with Ono with Street Fighter iV(it finally happened after 10 years since 3rd strike)

          • Eric Otness

            Nyxus was actually referring to Kojima when he said it was his “mistakes,” not to you.

          • PrinceHeir

            But i never said the games are mistakes, but rather the process on making them where he made a lot of them. I probably should edit it and emphasize on process.

      • SolidKenny87

        Oh, I’m well aware that the lack of a concrete plan has caused a few screw ups as the series progressed. But, going by what Kojima is saying here (about how the series would have been different if he did plan everything), I feel maintaining the clone storyline is worth suffering a few retcons here or there.
        It’s the message and SENSE of the series that should matter the most, not petty canonical “facts” (which is why I cringe every time someone cites the Metal Gear Wiki like a gospel.)

      • psychomantis18

        Disagree. Kojima did manage to tie everything together in a way that I (and many others) felt was totally satisfying with MGS4. Sometimes things turn out best when under limitations.

  • Datguy8923

    Kojima not planning out the plot is still better than any David Cage game.

    • psychomantis18

      Hilariously correct!!

  • No Place For Hayter

    Yeah, it is definitely a good thing that he created his games in that way, one of the things I have always loved about MGS is the self contained games and stories, they are all connected over all but you can pick up and play any of them without knowledge of the rest and still greatly enjoy the game (I think the only game that you would miss out on content and emotion is MGS4, even then it would still be a great game……..oh and GZ but really that game only exists to keep the FANS happy until MGSV comes out, and anybody who is not a huge MGS fan should not go near it), Kojima’s way of self containing his stories is one of the reasons why the MSG is such a masterpiece, it’s not some ongoing saga that you need to play from start to finish and that you have to play 6 games just to get a resolution, and instead of having one set of important themes and messages, there is a different point to each game and each seperate game has its own story and its own message and themes, also his way of self containing the stories allows for the story to be a lot more creative and open which allows for games you would never see if he had planned out a series of games, this way MGS does not suffer from any of its prequels or sequels because it is a new game with new ideas and is not designed by past games and is not designed on what it should be compared to the past games, instead it is only worried about making a new game and a new experience.

    I think Kojima’s biggest problem is when he starts thinking about what he wants to redo and what he wants to change from his past games, I mean he realized that killing liquid was a bad idea from a series stand point but a great idea from a single game stand point, and from this series stand point thinking we got one of the weakest plot devices in the MGS universe, ocelot being taken over by liquids arm, I mean liquid died, I know Kojima thought it was a bad idea and decided to bring him back through liquids arm, but what is done is done, he should just worry about the next game and not how he can fix his past mistakes with the story of the new game. I liked that Liquid died in the first MGS and it has always bugged that he showed up again as Ocelots arm transplant, Kojima is better when not trying to make a none completely connected series of games into a completely connected series of games, Koojima needs to maintain the self contained aspect of MGS, if that is changed then nobody new would play MGS because they would have to have played the past games, it is hard enough for new people to play MGS because of what surrounds it, but it is not all it is popularly said to be, but if it is turned into a series of connected games then it will turn it into what new comers fear from MGS.

  • Sledge

    heres an idea for thought comic books once in a whyll start there universe’s over again like DC comic’s new 52. they use the same characters just different stories. if kojima wanted he could make a new series separate from the first with a new story where snake is not a clone and liquid is alive

    • Nekkedsnake

      Agreed. Just like MGS Ghost Babel. Kojima can do alternate universes and start from scratch. I know I’d play them!

  • misnomer

    retranslation: “I will retcon cloning so Eli was actually Solid Snake and David was actually Liquid Snake with Eli taking David’s name at the end.”

  • Well at least we know the story has an end and hes just working backwards. I think its better this way, yeah sure things could’ve been done different if he had thought this series was going to be super-successful but honestly things turned out great for what they were.

    • SolidKenny87

      Yeah, I’m glad Kojima only considers Rising to be a “parallel continuation” rather than a proper continuation.

      I enjoyed PW, and I’m looking forward to MGSV, but after that, the current storyline needs to end. Solid Snake’s story ended with MGS4 (Raiden’s too. Kojima said Rising doesn’t really reflect how he views events after MGS4), and in all likelihood, Big Boss’ story will end with MGSV. Maybe they can make a few games about The Boss, but eventually, the series needs a reboot.
      That way, the core story (MG1, MG2, MGS1-4. PW. GZ/TPP) can remain intact, but the series can still continue.

  • HarveyDent

    Hideo Kojima is the Christopher Nolan of the video game industry.

  • Solid Snakes Revenge

    If he didn’t have a sequel in mind after the first one or any of them why would he make conversations at the end of the game that open it up for another. Like when ocelot was talking to solidus at the end of mgs1. That conversation made me believe there was goin to be a sequel.

  • PrinceHeir

    It would be good if he took breaks between main games.

    After MGS2, continue on working in other franchises like Zone of the Enders or Snatcher/Policenauts.

    Then when he learns something new in those projects, he can implement those new ideas on the next MGS as well.

    I don’t know why he just keep making MGS games none stop. Sure some of the gaps are wide(can’t believed Peace Walker is almost 4 years now), but you need to take a break from time to time.

    He’s probably experiencing franchise fatigue and he may have realized some of the new things and ideas they created on MGSV could be made on a new IP.

    They already made a new engine for next-gen. Please don’t let it waste on just MGS games.

    • I don’t know, the way he approaches each new Metal Gear game seems like there is plenty he can do with it (which is proven by the fact that he dares to take risks with the franchise). Whereas Zone of the Enders (regardless what you think of the series) seems like something that you can’t innovate much with, it’s already a very specific genre. I’d rather have someone else work on Zone of the Enders so Kojima can focus on either Metal Gear or other projects.

      • PrinceHeir

        There’s a lot of things they can do to that world.

        It doesn’t need to be just mech fighting games

        Why not pull a JRPG style Xenosaga where you explore the world and immerse yourself. There’s also mech battles and world to discover.

        I’m dying to see what Kojima can do in a game like this. He could help bring characters to life and write their stories and backgrounds while others can concentrate on making the gameplay system and the world and story to tell.

        He doesn’t really need to work on it full time. Just write the background stories since it’s one of the strengths i like about him in the series.

        It’s been a long time since i played a Sci-fi JRPG game. X is coming out by Nintendo, but i doubt the game will be just as dark as the Xenosaga series or even Zone of the Enders.

        • Yeah personally I’d rather see Kojima work on other stuff. Someone else could do ZoE, because it’s not really Kojima’s series anyway (not as much as Metal Gear is at least). But I guess if he could work partially on it, it wouldn’t matter so much.

          • Janeo

            I’m with you there people seem to think kojima is involved in the ZOE games like he is with metal gear but isn’t his role in those games more like what his role in rising was. I don’t know why some people are so desperate for him to work on another metal gear is such a big series and the way it’s changed but still stayed the same is amazing and he has proved he is legend with this series.

    • Anonymous GX

      I’m on your side with this. All the batshit insane things Kojima’s pulled with the series is because he ties himself down to it, instead of taking them to new and nonrestrictive franchises. Snatcher is nice, but I want to see something really new with him. It would be interesting to see what the mind of a Generation X can produce from the films and culture of his childhood.

  • RoderickThe13

    I don’t understand how he didn’t plan to make more games, yet he added that conversation after the credits.

    • Anonymous GX

      The Ocelot phone call was added with the North American version of the game, which by then KCE had already been greenlit for a sequel.

      • RoderickThe13

        I didn’t know that, thanks.

        • SolidKenny87
          • Anonymous GX

            Are you seriously asking a fansite?

          • SolidKenny87

            A fan-site that specializes in Japanese translations (such as the English patch for POLICENAUTS), whose owner (Marc Laidlaw) helped with Ground Zeroes’ localization (his name is in the credits), and has actually played the Japanese version of MGS1?
            Yeah, I am.

            Erm, your source doesn’t say that Ocelot’s monologue was absent from the Japanese version but then added to the North American version. All it says is that, “DURING Ocelot’s radio monologue”, the screen was black, rather than having the words “METAL GEAR SOLID” during the monologue.

      • SolidKenny87

        Source? I’ve never heard of that before.

  • Jonny2x4

    If Kojima had written Metal Gear with sequels in mind, he probably wouldn’t had called the series “Metal Gear” to begin with. The mechas themselves haven’t been relevant to the plot since MGS1.

  • MGS:Retro-Fan

    Tomokazu Fukushima, the TRUE writer of MGS story, is gone.

    So, it seems that Kojima doesn’t know what to do with the story anymore!

  • realdomdom

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