Memorable Metal Gear Moments: The Microwave Hallway


Metal Gear Solid 4 is a game characterized by a gloomy, bleak mood. Snake, now an old and battered man, realizes the end of his life is approaching. Knowing he has no future, he displays a lack of care for his own life, and his decaying body is a constant reminder of his looming end. Towards the final moments of the game, this feeling of finality culminates in the instantly famous ‘Microwave scene’ – of which Hideo Kojima himself recently said in an interview that it’s one of his favorite Metal Gear moments.


At the start of the game’s final act, Snake has made his way onto Liquid’s warship, and now has to go through a microwave protected corridor in order to reach the server room and upload a virus into the Patriots’ network. Not expecting to return alive, Snake and Meryl say their quick goodbyes, and Snake leaves Raiden to take care of the soldiers, after declining his offer to go in his stead. Snake doesn’t want Raiden to waste his life in the corridor, as he still has a future, and Snake feels it’s his duty to end this.


As soon as Otacon opens the door, an immense blast of heat is hurled towards Snake, taking his breath away. Gasping for air, Snake enters and locks the door behind him, before starting his stumbling course down the hallway.


The screen is split in half horizontally. On the upper half we see Snake’s comrades fighting a hopeless battle on warship USS Missouri and Outer Haven involving unmanned Metal Gear RAYs and FROG Unit members, while others in different locations can only put their faith in this small group of people. Meanwhile, on the lower screen, Snake drags himself towards the end of the hallway. Literally drags, because as the radiation takes Snake’s energy away, he collapses on the ground and forces himself forward, ever slower and more exhausted, while the sound of his heart beat increases in frequency. The player has to keep tapping the triangle button, and Snake is crawling ever more slowly, his health bar dropping by the second. In the background, the melancholic theme of the game (Love Theme) is playing, as if to emphasize there is little hope and no way back.


As the player keep frantically tapping the button, his arm starts to get numb. At the end of the sequence, you feel exhausted. But you’ve made it, barely. And so did Snake, collapsing on the floor inside the server room, where there is an almost serene and peaceful atmosphere compared to the blasting radiation he crawled out of. An unforgettable moment in Metal Gear history.



  • Kaniebas

    That scene was the most emotional one in MGS4 (along with the ending)

  • psychomantis18

    Nice summary. Definitely one of the best moments in any Metal Gear. Up there with the later cutscene in which Snake roars his last and greatest “Liquaaaaaaarrrd”! And of course THE moment with Father and Son.

  • SolidKenny87

    “Snake doesn’t want Raiden to waste his life in the corridor, as he still has a future”

    Thinking about moments like that, as well as the scene where Raiden gets together with Rose and Little John, makes me mad that Rising exists.

    Thank goodness Kojima considers it a “parallel continuation” rather than an actual continuation.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Yeah, I’ve never played Rising but after knowing it was taking place after MGS4 makes me ask, doesn’t that destroy the end of MGS4 and Raiden’s character?

      Yeah thankfully it is not a MGS game but instead is a spin off series which is not directly canon to the main series.

      • SolidKenny87

        I would recommend purchasing a used copy of Rising, purchase the Gray Fox skin on PSN, and then skip the cutscenes. The game becomes so much better like that.

        Though honestly, it’s still not as well made as Bayonetta. Rising felt like Platinum’s imagination was being held back by the fact that they tried to make it a Metal Gear game, to the point where when they DID go really crazy with the final boss, it felt horribly out of place.

        ^The level design oozes cool. There’s nothing cool like this in Rising. All the levels look bland.

        Rising should have been a new IP, so that it wouldn’t have to live up to the standards of a game series that it should never have tried to be a part of. In other words, it should have found its own name, and its own life.

        • Janeo

          Sounds like you never even gave the story a chance it’s a great metal gear story that was better then I thought it would be, it also has lots of codec conversations where you find out a lot about what raidens gone through along with his support team. It doesn’t ruin raidens mgs4 ending because this is metal gear where there are no happy endings raiden can’t just live happily ever after it’s not a fairy tale it’s just like the real world, raiden tried living with his family but he couldn’t find a job to support them the only thing he is good at is fighting not just because he is cyborg but because it’s all he has been doing since he was a kid. It’s not like raiden has left his family he is still with them and visits them whenever he isn’t on a mission so I really don’t see how you think rising ruins mgs4.

          • SolidKenny87

            I actually spent the past two nights writing a script for a Mr.Plinkett style video review of Metal Gear Rising. Conveniently, it already addresses all of your points.

            1.) I listened to the Codec in Rising. Very frequently, in fact. The Codec in past MG games was best used to provide supplementary information to the plot, *not vital information about our characters.*

            2.) Erm, every other character got a happy ending (Meryl, Campbell, Johnny, Otacon, Sunny, and even Solid Snake. Naomi found peace before her death and even Big Boss was dug up to be given a happy ending.)

            3.) Solid Snake: “You can stop being part of a mistake, starting now.” “You still have your youth. Don’t waste it. You can start over.” Metal Gear was never fatalist or defeatist. It acknowledged that the world sucks, but you can make it better, starting with yourself, and by setting a good example for others.

            Snake didn’t let the fact that he was born with Big Boss’ inferior genes stop him from defeating Liquid, the genetically superior clone, atop REX. Big Boss didn’t let the fact that he was raised to love America and its government (the SCENE of the country and era he lived in) stop him from later forsaking his country and finding his own path. Why should Raiden let the memes of his childhood haunt him for the rest of his life?

            4.) Rose and Little John are treated as footnotes. They are barely mentioned at all, despite being the two most important people in Raiden’s life. He resigns from Maverick midway through the game, so he’s no longer going to be able to support them (so that excuse is gone. He actually turns down Boris’ offer to work for Maverick again after the credits.) We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen to them after Rising, because the game doesn’t say, and it doesn’t say because it doesn’t care.

            Not even Kojima can find a good excuse for Raiden’s behavior after MGS4.


            TAG: Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 4 was sort of a family man, he was mainly fighting for Rose and his son. Yet in the latest Metal Gear Rising trailer you see him killing people relentlessly like a mad dog, what happened?

            HK: [laughs] Well originally I had planned a story for Raiden. It would take place before the events of MGS4 and would explain a lot of his story and how he became a cyborg. Then the project was taken over by Platinum Games who then became in charge of Raiden’s character. They wanted to create a story after the events of MGS4.

            TAG: Ah, so they basically made him the crazy Jack we saw in the trailer.

            HK: Yea, they wanted to take that direction.
            He just goes “idk” and points his finger at Platinum.

            I hope you watched the video I posted where Kojima said that Rising doesn’t really reflect his idea of what happens after MGS4, and is therefore a “parallel game.” If the creator of the series is iffy about how Rising handled events post-MGS4, you should be too.

          • Janeo

            First of all I don’t think raiden should let his past haunt him forever but his story isn’t over yet like solid snake and big boss. What I got from the video is that kojima was saying it’s not a solid game, the story won’t be important to future solid games. He did say he has a different story in mind but rising is considered canon it’s just a different story in the metal gear universe the first canon game that has nothing to do with big boss.

            I was satisfied with how many times raidens family were mentioned, they were mentioned enough to see that raiden was thinking about them often. A lot of the character development is in the codec calls which is the same thing peace walker did with the tapes there is no information in the calls you need to understand the story.

            A lot of the character endings in mgs4 were happy but many weren’t perfect like solid snake is still going to die in a few months otacon will lose his best friend sunny will lose the guy that helped raise her. Raiden gets a happy ending fir that particular story but I’m satisfied with the reasons in rising as to why raiden is fighting again

          • Janeo

            Sorry it wouldn’t let me finish my first post I will just finish here. To me rising doesn’t feel like it’s getting raiden back into action just fir another game it feels like a great next step to raidens story. He isn’t the best husband or father in the world and on top of that he is hardly even human anymore so he still has to fight. I agree with you about raiden just quitting maverick that does seem weird since the whole point of him working there is for his family I guess he just felt he had to stop desperado he himself said that rose would understand, maybe he told Boris to look after his family at the end of the game or maybe sunny since she would be pretty rich. Anyway I really love rising I wasn’t sure about it at first because I’m not into hack in slash games but this is a different type you don’t need to know all the combos it’s more about timing so I really liked it, raiden is crazy at the end of the game but there will most likely be another game I’m hoping for two more so raidens story isn’t finished who knows there might be a debut trailer for rising 2 at e3

          • SolidKenny87

            “His story isn’t over yet”
            It WAS over, in MGS4. Rising undid his ending and now we’re unsure if Etsu Tamari will reinstate his ending (on one hand, it’s the only right thing to do, but on the other hand, it would be boring to give him the exact same ending for the third time, which wouldn’t fit the unpredictable nature of the Rising series.)

            Kojima said it’s a “parallel game”, specifically because it contradicts his idea of what happens after MGS4. How can it be canon if it takes place in a parallel universe?

            It’s only a “continuation” in the same way that the Thrawn Trilogy and the New Jedi Order books continued the Star Wars Saga after Return of the Jedi. None of them are true continuations. George Lucas has frequently denounced those books, and Disney recently announced that Episode VII will not be held back by the Expanded Universe.

            When asked about whether or not MPO is canon, Kojima didn’t give a clear “yes” or “no” answer. Rather than saying if it’s officially part of the main Metal Gear Saga or not, he explains how, inside him, he makes a difference between games titled “A Hideo Kojima Game” and games where Kojima wasn’t directly involved with. This is exactly the same position George Lucas has always had; he’s always seen it as two universes, one with only the most recent versions of the six films, and the CGI Clone Wars series, while everything else (books, comics etc.) is in a “parallel universe.” When Disney purchased Lucasfilm, they respected Lucas’ stance and discarded all previous EU material (the sequel trilogy is based on outlines written by George before the Disney buyout.) Everything from now on will be managed by Lucasfilm’s Story Group.

            And while the question was primarily in regards to MPO, the fact that Rising, too, isn’t “A Hideo Kojima Game” means that Kojima’s division answer applies to Rising as well.

            I get that not everyone in the game had a perfectly happy ending, but still, Solid Snake finally found peace of mind, and Big Boss finally realized what The Boss’ will really was. It was melancholic, but still very cheerful. Everyone atoned for their sins, including Otacon (for creating REX.) And Sunny was able to be outside (I actually really liked her character evolution in Rising. Too bad she’s little more than a cameo. One final tease for people holding onto hope of Rising being a worthy Metal Gear game, before slapping us in the face with Senator Armstrong.)

            I actually did bring up a comparison to Peace Walker’s briefing tapes in my review. I felt that the organized, accessible nature of the Briefing Files made them much more excusable than Rising sticking to the seemingly random, easily miss-able Codec conversations of past games. Again, this method worked well before because all the optional Codec conversations in previous games did was provide information that was supplementary to the plot, *not hugely important information about our character’s motivations.”

            Why is the scene of Raiden rejecting his ideals for justice (“besides, this isn’t my sword!” :holds up Sam’s sword:) a cutscene (before the final fight with Armstrong), while this optional Codec conversation isn’t? (10:29 Takes place right when the fight with Armstrong begins)

            The latter perfectly fits the spirit of the series, and is exactly the kind of attitude I expected from Raiden in this game. So why the hell is it relegated to an optional Codec conversation? This proves how screwed up the game’s priorities are. If the game wanted to be about the duality between Raiden and Jack the Ripper (like the final cutscene with Sunny implied), it should have given both personalities equal screen time, rather than have the heroic Raiden persona exist only in optional Codec convos.

            If Etsu Tamari wanted to prove that Rose wasn’t just a footnote, he would have her be one of Raidens’ contacts throughout the game, like how soldiers overseas have video chats with their families. That COULD have made for some interesting moments, actually. Observe, what Rose tells Raiden in MGS2 (03:34);

            But we get nothing of that. And we hear nothing about Raiden telling anyone to look after his family (not even in an optional Codec conversation!) Again, we don’t know, because the game doesn’t say, and it doesn’t say because it doesn’t care.

            If Rose and Sunny are Raiden’s Codec contacts in his personal war against World Marshall, MAYBE Tamari can salvage Rising’s story and turn it into something decent. But frankly, I don’t need to wait for a Rising sequel to see if Raiden gets his happy ending back. I’m going to do exactly what Kojima does; inside him, he separates “A Hideo Kojima Games” from games other people made. As far as he’s concerned, and as far as I’m concerned, Raiden’s story ends with him hugging his family in a hospital room.

            “Rose… I’m done running… I’ll never leave you alone again…”

          • Janeo

            Hideo may have said he separates games he made from others but he still said portable ops is canon or at least the main part of it is I’m guessing that’s the same as rising, for me I consider rising fully canon until a game that is made that proves otherwise. Yes it would have been great to have rose as a codec contact and sunny to be in the game a bit more she’s a really interesting character who could have some really interesting conversations with raiden, the conversations they have at the end of rising on codec is my favourite of the game you can really see another side to raiden when he is with sunny she’s like a daughter to him although she is otacons adopted daughter. Anyway I really loved rising and I can’t wait for more sequels sure it wasn’t all perfect but as far as I’m concerned they did the world justice and I can’t wait get another rising where I’m hoping rose is back as a codec contact. Well this was fun it’s nice to have an argument where we don’t insult eachother

          • No Place For Hayter

            Well to be fair Metal Gear Rising is as spinoff as you can get, Portable Ops is canon because it is a titled “MGS” game Rising is not a title “MGS” game it’s a “MGR, AKA Metal Gear Rising” game it is connected to the story it is just an off shoot and would not be considered “Canon” to the story of the “MGS” series.

            The reason I think Rising Broke Raiden’s ending in MGS4 is because it practically negated the whole thing, Raiden finally got over his past and started moving on with his family and his kid he just found out is his, and he got his battle body replaced with a normal humanoid one, and then Rising comes along gives him his battle body back, and his past starts haunting him again, and he is evil “Jack The Ripper” again, he moved on in MGS4 and found reasons to live, I mean having a kid and his love back would really help him even if he had problems left.

            Just figured I’d throw my take out there 🙂

          • Janeo

            Yes it’s a spin off but I still see it as canon just not connected to the main story. It’s like Hercules and xena though I never watched xena, everything that happens in Hercules also happened in xena but most of the time what happened in Hercules doesn’t effect xena. In the game raiden talks about time with his family he says his body looked human from far away but when he got close up people could tell and he felt really uncomfortable like that. I really like how he doesn’t just get over his past i mean he has had a really messed up life so maybe having a family isn’t enough to help him get over his past

          • No Place For Hayter

            Yeah I see that. I felt like he got over all his problems in MGS4 so it felt really odd for me that he had huge problems again in Rising, but that is just what I got from MGS4.

          • SolidKenny87

            There’s also Metal Gear SOLID: Social Ops, which was a Japan-only iOS card game, and is another game Kaz doesn’t remember in the Deja Vu mission. “Solid” doesn’t matter. Only “A Hideo Kojima Game” matters. Read my reply to Janeo.

          • No Place For Hayter

            Darn you got me, I would probably try to defend it by saying it is a social game and those don’t matter, or that it has no story (or does it? lol) but to be honest you are right lol, only “A Hideo Kojima Game” matters, Kojima has always been very ify about portable ops and even then he said only a just the main events are canon.

            I read your reply to Janeo, and I totally agree.

          • SolidKenny87

            He started out by saying “the main story of MPO is canon, while other parts aren’t”, but then he probably realized how stupid that answer was, so he said “so, RATHER than saying if it’s officially part of the main Metal Gear Saga or not, inside me I do make a difference.” The translator goofed up a little bit. He said “more than saying” rather than “rather than saying.” I made a note of this in an annotation of the video, and provided a URL of my translation source.

            (Marc Laidlaw of JUNKER HQ worked on the English patch for POLICENAUTS, and also worked on the localization for Ground Zeroes. So he knows what he’s doing.)

            Ken Imaizumi of Kojima Productions also approved of this retranslation.

            With this retranslation in mind, the meaning of Kojima’s answer changes. He didn’t say MPO is canon. He didn’t say MPO isn’t canon. He said, rather than say if it’s officially part of the main Metal Gear Saga or not, inside him, he separates games as “A Hideo Kojima Games” and games he didn’t direct.

            Kojima doesn’t think in terms of canon. In fact, he’s gone on record saying that he doesn’t mind retconing a few things so he can convey the story he currently wants to tell. The only line he draws is in terms of whether or not he directed the game (see; how in the Deja Vu mission, Kaz gives trivia for the 8 games Kojima directed, but doesn’t remember games like MPO, AC!D2, Rising, Ghost Babel, Social Ops etc.) That, above all else, is what we should take away from Kojima’s answer on twitch. If we want the purest, most accurate SENSE of the Metal Gear Saga, we should only look at the games he himself directed.
            The same applies to Rising. By ignoring Rising, I am doing exactly what Kojima does; separating “A Hideo Kojima Game” from games Hideo Kojima didn’t direct.
            And I don’t know how you can continue to think Rising is worthy of the Metal Gear name after everything I’ve explained. It should have been a new IP without any connection to the Metal Gear IP whatsoever, and star Jetstream Sam.

          • SolidKenny87

            Crap. For the first tweet, you’ll have to press the date and time for JUNKERHQnet’s response.

          • Janeo

            In my mind and many others rising is worthy of metal gear I love the game and see it as canon. Hideo kojima has avoided saying certain games are canon but he has never outright said they are not, just because he separates games he made from games he didn’t doesn’t mean they don’t exist in the metal gear universe it’s not like he completely ignores them he produced rising and I think he produced PO he was also supervising director for rising so why would he supervise the whole game making sure platinum didn’t go to far if the game wasn’t canon. It’s up to you whether you wanna see rising as canon or not but I will see it as canon until kojima says it isn’t. It’s the same with dragon ball gt a lot of fans don’t see it as canon but others do. What about when kojima moves on from metal gear to make other games then another team makes a new metal gear with a completely new protagonist but set in the same universe are you going to say that isn’t canon because kojima isn’t making it, not saying this will happen but if it did would you say it isn’t canon

          • SolidKenny87

            Rising completely goes against everything Metal Gear stands for. I don’t know how I can explain that any better than I already have.

            Well, in Rising’s case, Kojima DID call it a parallel game (because it goes against his idea of what happened after MGS4), so if anything it’s at least more non-canon than MPO. You say “I’ll believe Rising is canon until Kojima says it isn’t canon” as if I never showed you that video (which you then tried to twist the meaning of by saying things that Kojima never said in that video.)

            And so what with Kojima produced MPO and Rising? He still called Rising a “parallel game”, and he still said he separates “A Hideo Kojima Games” from games he didn’t direct. He also produced both AC!D games, and was a supvervising director for Ghost Babel. His non-directorial involvement in those games means nothing, because *he didn’t direct them.* They are not “A Hideo Kojima Games” and therefore should not be grouped together with “A Hideo Kojima Games.”

            Again, Kojima doesn’t think in terms of canon. It’s all fiction, so bickering over whether or not things did or didn’t happen is pointless. “There’s no such thing in the world as absolute reality.” “Listen, don’t obsess over words so much. Find the meaning behind the words, then decide.” Kojima, the creator of the series, emphasized his authorship over something as petty as “official canon.” Even if Rising and MPO is “officially canon”, that does not change the fact that, inside Kojima, he separates those games from the games he directed. Not whatsoever. I value the thoughts and feelings of the creator of the series much more than the “official truth” of a fictional story. Art is a means of expression for the creator. Anything that isn’t the creator’s work has no bearing on the creator’s work. I don’t spend all day on the Metal Gear wiki because I have more meaningful things to think about than collecting worthless trivia like how Solid Snake knows six different languages.

            Personally? When Kojima leaves, I hope Metal Gear either gets a new canon, or ends completely. At this rate, seeing how pathetic Kojima’s younger staff is at creating Metal Gear games without Kojima’s guidance (watch “The Truth Behind Rising” for proof of this), I plan on quitting the series when Kojima leaves. I don’t need an endless stream of games to continue to enjoy Metal Gear. People around the world don’t need to continually add parts to the Bible to continue to learn from and enjoy the Bible. Or Hamlet. Or 1984. I’m actually wary of Star Wars’ future after Episode VII (once the shock of a new Star Wars film wears off, and we start getting them every year like Disney plans, will we eventually be burnt out by it all?) And frankly, Metal Gear isn’t the kind of series you can milk indefinitely like CoD or Mario. It’s a very specific story about a very specific collection of characters. The characters actually age, and die. It’s about a father and his son, and once their stories are done, there’s nothing left to tell.
            When Kojima leaves Metal Gear, I’ll be looking forward to his next game more than the next Metal Gear. I want Kojima to start making new IPs again. I loved Policenauts.

          • Janeo

            That’s the thing you see metal gear as just one very big story but there is so much more to it, it’s a very big universe and not every story has to involve big boss. Sure metal gear can’t have very frequent releases like Mario but I think the series can go for a while there is so much to explore in the world as long as it’s done right the series could last for another 25 years. Look at rising for example it’s a completely different story still set in the same universe but retains that metal gear feel at least for me. I know it’s not kojima but etsu tamari did confirm the game was canon and he was working closely with kojima. There is no point arguing about this any further neither of us will change our minds but I had a lot of fun with this

  • Oscar Zulu

    Oh man, where’s the screenshot of GW’s actual server room? Those tombstone-like nodes were haunting and were part of the game’s usage of cemeteries that kept with its recurring theme of death.
    For me, MGS4 was equal parts sad and epic, while Peace Walker had an emotional tone of hope and a longing for peace and love. One of the greatest moments of Metal Gear for me was the scene where Peace Walker (The Boss AI) drowned herself in the lake while singing that “Sing” song. I nearly cried.
    Then came Ground Zeroes, a harsh reminder of grim reality that crushed all hope and peace out of existence. (It helps that the graphical fidelity of the Fox Engine serves as a contrast with Peace Walker’s more “cartoonish” look.) I can only imagine The Phantom Pain being just one long and massive cry of anguish and rage, in retaliation against the punishing, indiscriminate unfairness of life and war.
    I can’t wait to see that new trailer.

    • Added an image of the server room. 🙂

      • Oscar Zulu

        Perfect! It’s a fitting end to a long struggle towards death.

  • LukesAlike

    I never was concerned for a character’s being in real-time as much as Snake during this scene.

  • No Place For Hayter

    My hand still hurts from this part :'(

    My only problem with that part in the game is that while you are risking your life to go through it, Otacon’s droid goes through it easily and just waits for you, in addition to this when you get to the other side Snake doesn’t really do anything, you would think he would protect the MKII but he can’t even protect himself after going through that hallway; because of these elements going through the hallway feels kinda pointless and you could have just sent the MKII in and waited outside.

    • The MKIII wouldn’t have stood a chance without Snake. There are tons of FROG soldiers, Gekkos and Dwarf Gekkos on the ship. The only reason Otacon had enough time to hack into The System was because Snake was keeping the Dwarf Gekkos away from him, just barely. Besides, they really wouldn’t have risked the fate of the world by sending the device into the ship on his own. The mission was too important, and Snake had no regard for his own life anyway.

      • stop it


        • No Place For Hayter

          Invisibility does not stop the MKII from giving off a heat signature, it only hides its visual presence, and Dwarf Gekkos are machines they are built with more detection methods other than sight, even the in game reward item stealth camouflage does not hide you from Gekkos and Dwarf Gekkos..

      • No Place For Hayter

        Though because snake couldn’t do anything, the Drawf Gekkos could have just gone straight to attacking the MKII, Snake didn’t do anything other than somehow attract all of the Drawf Gekkos in the room, for some reason the Dwarf Gekkos attacked Snake first which does not make a whole lot of sense because nothing was stopping them from attacking the MKII.

        Snake definitely needed to get the MKII to the microwave hallway, I was specifically referring to the microwave hallway only, there was no practical reason shown or told as to why snake had to go through the microwave hallway when the MKII was there.

        • But after the hallway, when in the server room, the Gekkos come swarming in as well. They probably would have attacked the MKIII right away if Snake wasn’t there.

          • No Place For Hayter

            That is the part I was talking about when I said they could have just attacked the MKII, I mean there was like a million dancing all over the room and only about one third of them was attacking Snake and the rest was doing nothing but jumping and rolling around, they even roll past the MKII, If the Dwarf Gekkos ignore/can’t see/can’t sense the MKII for some reason then sending Snake in will only stir up unnecessary attention, the only thing Snake does in the server room is keep the first four Dwarf Gekkkos away from the MKII, which is pointless because about a hundred more roll into the room which quickly cover the room and roll past him really quickly.

    • ObsessedGeorge

      Maybe Metal Gear Awesome 4 Guns of the awesome has affected you dude! 🙂

  • cbf

    we want this game for xbox 360 or pc or xbox one at least ! wolfenstein the new order is around 33 gigs 4 dvd dual layers for xbox 360 so i think mgs4 can easily fit on 3 or 4 dvds ! but only mgs4 not the Legacy collection they could also compress the cutscenes like they did with rising if u see the size on the ps3 version is 22 gb and on 360 is 8 gb around so it easily fits .!!! anyway this scene was awesome i had played the game around 2010 on a friends PS3 and finished it on extreme with no alerts and kills 😀

  • ObsessedGeorge

    The microwave scene is my favorite. When l first played the game, l thought, this is the end for Snake. That scene was so emotional for me. It swallowed me, and as you said, after the Δ button mashing, l was exhausted just as Snake was. He is a true hero.

    • Jason Mounce

      Our thumbs struggled to save Snake – but we all had practice from MGS1, 2 and 3 😛

      Am sure there were many fans who replayed some of the older games to prepare for MGS4 – and that many exercised their thumbs to prepare for the IMMENSE THUMB-BATTLE AHEAD!

      Wonder if MGS5 would have such a moment….Peacewalker did. Though they are aiming for more ‘realism’…..I bet any money Kojima will make us do the Button-mashing…..but it’ll be with torturing someone – not us being tortured…

  • Golgari

    Personally I have mixed reactions to this scene. First time when I played MGS4 I was amazed to everything so I was a total fanboy of everything that was in MGS4. First impression was important and it was amazing. With the second playthrough I did not like that part because I could barely see what was happening in the second screen especially when I tried to smash that triangle button but I liked the atmosphere and idea behind it. It was very creative. Today with my “Other” playthroughs of MGS4 I always try to remember my childhood with this scene when I played old Metal gear games. This scene to me is a Snake’s journey from Original Metal Gear to Metal Gear Solid 4:GoTP. Good stuff Nyxus, I hope you can write some more in the future. “Naked Raiden” so far is still my favourite article. Thank you.

  • Dont be mad

    What I always laugh about is how the MK2 came along with snake and basically did everything. So why have snake go thru microwave when the mk2 can open door and does the programing anyway? Anybody willing to trying and make themselves look stupid and explain? lmao.

    P.S. Im a huge MGS fan. No other game director compares to hideo’s greatness but every writer has a brain fart that causes brilliant cinematic.

    • This is already discussed above. It’s very simple: the MKIII needs to be protected from enemy attacks (and there are lots of enemies on the ship). Snake and his team absolutely wouldn’t take the huge risk of sending out the MKIII on its own, while the fate of the world depends on its success. We also know the MKIII is defenseless when it’s hacking into something. Otacon literally says this in Act 4, when he uses the device to open the door and Snake has to protect it in the meantime.

  • Guest

    I added this picture in an app to identify the gender of the face,that’s what I’ve got….
    Now I’m confused. LOL

    • SolidKenny87

      Still better than any PythonSelkanHD video.

    • No Place For Hayter

      Faces can be very deceiving, that is why cross dressing exist, because a lot of people can look both genders (Of course I’m just talking face here), and it is just some app, I personally have never seen Quiet and thought she looked male, But I have seen people in real life and really questioned what gender they were, lol.

      Though I like how it’s practically in the middle, lol.

    • Zlatan

      uh…. stefanie will not like this…

  • MrVux007

    GAWD this fkn room!i strained a muscle 😀 anyway i think BB and SS crawling (one in the hospital scene in TPP) and SS one in the microwace corridor have somewhat similar but different meaning …..try to think about this and say your opinion in a reply….im wondering if people noticed one thing 🙂

    • Alex

      Superhero will-power within normal men, basically. Things like that DO happen sometimes in the real world; their have been accounts of people doing ridiculous things when push came to shove. Its rare of course, but not completely implausible like, say, Big Boss stopping Zeke’s foot from stomping on him in PW.

  • PrinceHeir

    One of the great scenes in the game, but it does feel they over dramatic it too much.

  • Rikimaru

    Great article, what an amazing experience and journey MGS4 has been. Ending to it was so satisfying, you really did feel that they took their time to fulfill all of our wishes and deliver THE ending. As I shed a couple of tears on the epilogues, there’s nothing better to just enjoy and reminisce all thats happened.

    • Agreed, glad they didn’t rush through the ending and gave us something great.

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