Troy Baker on Ocelot and MGSV: The Phantom Pain: ‘It’s going to be really good’

During a BioShock Infinite panel at MomoCon 2014 (May 23rd – 25th), Troy Baker spoke a little bit about his role as Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, comparing it to the role of Booker DeWitt, the protagonist of BioShock Infinite, who he also voiced.

Troy Baker said he learned a lot from doing BioShock Infinite, giving him more tools going into MGS.

‘Tackling a role like that [Ocelot] is huge. You know, you’re not building a character from the ground up, because clearly Ocelot has been in, oh I don’t know, ‘a few games’. But it was great to be able to, again, bring it back, and scale everything down. Because he’s not the same Ocelot that we’ve seen in other games. So, understanding the simplicity that can still come across as complex.’ After this, Troy Baker stopped himself because he was getting into too much detail, and summarized: ‘No, it’s just two totally different experiences [Booker in Bioshock and Ocelot in MGSV], and that’s how I looked at it.’


The actor also expressed his excitement for the project: ‘I’m jazzed. I’m jazzed for that game, it’s going to be really good. Huge, it’s a huge game, like the scope, it’s huge.’

He concluded by speaking Ocelot’s famous line ‘you’re pretty good’.

Source: MomoCon Panel, via MGSF

  • PrinceHeir

    Can’t wait 🙂

    I wonder if he’s gonna sound like Joel here from The Last of Us or a more middle age voice 😀

    Though E3 will just be trailers while TGS will be full gameplay trailers just like what happened last year.

    So i’m more excited for new gameplay improvements for the full game ^^

  • Shalashaska

    Is there a video of this? And when he says “You’re pretty good,” does he use his Ocelot voice? I wanna hear it if he does.

    • Follow the link at the bottom, it links to the right part. He doesn’t really seem to use the Ocelot voice with the quote, he just casually says it at the end.

      • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


      • Shalashaska


        He better say it in the game! :c

        • Janeo

          Come on man we know he will

  • Oscar Zulu

    The Waiting. It is killing me.
    Ever since PAX Prime 2012, I’ve been waiting. I really hope they reveal the exact release date at E3, just so I can know for sure. With all these mediocre releases these past few years (with a few exceptions, I suppose), I have a feeling that MGSV will make massive waves in the gaming industry.

    I wonder what Troy meant by “huge”? Kojima said something similar as well; he even expressed concern that players will never be able to finish it (fine by me!). Yet he also said that GTA V was huge (if not bigger). Was he talking about maps? Storyline? Depth of gameplay? Replayability? Number of missions? Everything altogether?
    I can’t wait to see how MGSV compares to games like Far Cry, Arma, GTA, and Skyrim.

  • Kazuhira Miller

    I quite enjoyed the stealth “You’re pretty good” that no one at the panel picked up on. 🙂

    • Invader_skoodge

      I know right. One of Ocelot’s most famous lines and no reaction. It’s like having David Hayter saying “Kept you waiting, huh?” and people just sitting there and not react.

    • Null

      It’s kinda sad, not even Greg Miller got the reference.
      He’s just sitting there, looking at infinity with his usual derp face. I believe Troy Baker will be a great Ocelot.

      • Janeo

        I really don’t see Greg miller as the huge fan he claims to be whenever he talks about the series he doesn’t seem to really get it. Plus he is always making fun of the story saying it’s a train wreck so if he thinks that he can’t be that big of a fan

        • Null

          I know right. Especially considering the times he interviewed both David Hayter and Debi Mae West. Still, he should at least have the notion of such reference, giving his suposed gaming background. I don’t usually follow IGN even if it was one of my first gaming websites I used to visit, but I don’t get what’s all the fuss around Greg. There’s so much better people there. He just makes fun of everything and laughs really loud, always trying to make an appearance…

          • Janeo

            I use to like him when I use to visit ign daily but I got tired of him after a while you just never know what’s going on with him one minute he is joking around like an idiot then the next he is trying to talk about a certain game and expects to be taken seriously. What website do you visit to get all your gaming news anyway

          • Null

            Nowadays I use Eurogamer and Game Informer. I also use EGM Now sometimes. On Youtube I check Machinima a lot. I like their sillyness, they’re not trying to be serious and arrogant at the same time. IGN speaking, the only one I take seriously is Daemon. He looks way more competent and dedicated and doesn’t try to be an asshole. Which ones do you use ?’

          • Janeo

            I use to just use gametrailers and ign but I have really gotten sick of them both right now I’m really only excited for mgs5 batman and super smash brothers so I just come to this site and watch yongs YouTube videos

          • Null

            I use GameTrailers but only around E3 time, for the coverage and the streams. Yongs videos are pretty good! I watched all of the ones related to MGSV theories, pretty decent channel.
            Geoff is also a nice person, he gets along with Kojima pretty well and he really knows his stuff around the saga. His interviews are also very decent and professional. I use Spike TV also during E3 time and for the VGAs. 4 days left!!

        • Aggrobiscuit

          Greg is a huge phony when it comes to being a MGS fan. The guy did a piece talking about how Peace Walker was his favourite of the series. Yeah. No disrespect if you like that game, I mean it’s Metal Gear so it’s good. But best in the series? no.

          Just like all the other guys at IGN, all he exists for is pretend to be excited about games he doesn’t care about to promote them.

  • Anonymous GX

    If he’s aware of the pretty good line, that confirms it’s coming back.

    10/10 GOTY

  • Zero

    What’s up with his right hand?

    • He’s wearing gloves.

  • benbenkr

    People wonder why it is fine for Troy Baker to take on one of the main roles in MGS5 but it isn’t okay for Kiefer Sutherland to take on Snake.

    It’s simple really, Troy has an established track record. He’s a proper voice actor.
    Kiefer isn’t.

    • The Solid Grape

      Being established and not just sounds like another way of hating on Keifer from the closet to me….
      PS- I think Troy Baker is THE BEST voice actor at the moment and no one is better right now. Not even Nolan North(IMHO Nolan sounds like Desmond Miles/Nathan Drake in most games he’s in except for a few roles he has like being The Penguin in the Arkham series) can touch him right now.

      • Janeo

        I agree with you there nolon North is very talented but I can always tell it’s him, if someone told me that Yamato from naruto was the same guy that voiced Joel in the last of us I wouldn’t believe them because the two characters sound completely different not once does Joel sound like Yamato it’s really amazing.

        • The Solid Grape

          Yeah i know right. In Naruto he’s Yamato and he’s also Pain(His 6 paths) as well. The main reason i like him a little more nowadays is because his voice varies in most/all of the roles he’s in and the two roles that i know of that sound the most similar thats he’s done are Booker in Bioshock and Joel in TLOU and they dont even sound too similar!

      • benbenkr

        Credit where credit is due but, did you realize it was Nolan who was voicing David in TLoU the first time you met him in the game? This is before the credits rolled or before you hopped onto the internet.

        I’m willing to bet, you didn’t. Otherwise, hats off to you.

        • The Solid Grape

          Well im sorry to say that i havent played TLOU and so i wouldnt know…..*single tear rolls down face*

      • Aggrobiscuit

        The term hating on is so lame. It implies the person you disagree with has no experience or reasons for thinking they way they do. The term hater is really dumb and lazy, please stop using it.

  • Ikhsanul

    Sorry if i am being out of topic, but i want to say what a great community you have here, and a nice, simple website too, just discovered this site a few days back and i’d say i’ll enjoy my readings here. Looking forward for more of your articles.

    Okay, Troy Baker is definitely one of my favourite VA, i like him more than Nolan North now. Such a huge range of voice, i mean he actually nailed that Joker role, i know not as perfect as Mark Hamill, but seriously I really want too look at him in the face and say “You’re pretty good”. He’s the perfect cast for Ocelot, can’t wait for E3!

    • Thanks! Glad you like it, and welcome.

      • Schmojima

        don’t be so humble, nyxus! 😀
        this page is THE source for everything mgs related, you can be damn proud.

        jus’ sayin’

  • Machine Gun Kid


  • Alexander Rehbinder

    Realy Naked Snake was the one to say “You´re pretty good” first, said it to Ocelot and beacme a line of Ocelot all the way to MGS4.

    • That is true, but the phrase is now commonly associated with Ocelot, he sort of made it his own like you said. Just like it was actually Naked Snake’s suggestion that he’d use revolvers.

  • Ricardo Oe

    Whata !?

  • Guest


  • Guest

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